Rules for 59L Group

Get Fantastic items for only 59 Lindens for 59 hours! Starting Friday Noon SLT and Ending Sunday 11pm SLT!
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Rules for 59L Group

Postby Ceri the Urt » Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:18 pm

If you are interested in the 59L group, here are the rules that you agree to.

1. The Remote Kiosks are the key to our combined success. Customers can join from any participating store, which in turns grows the advertising database for all of us. The kiosks must be rezzed and clearly visible at all times, even if you didn't make the list for the week. Failure to have the Kiosk out and clearly visible will remove you from the group permanently.

2. During the 59L sales event, the kiosk must be within 10 m of the item you have on special for the 59 hours of the sale.

3. Vendors agree to have the kiosk visible at all times and keep the kiosk updated to the latest version provided.

4. The item you sell must be worth more than the 59L item. This is a teaser sale to get customers in your door. If you put out cheap goods, or items that you sell for less than 100L normally, customers won't bother coming for your specials. Today's customers are very savvy and seek a bargain. Be fair with your specials and you will earn their loyalty.

5. Max number of items you can submit for the list is 3 per week. There will be no descriptions put in the list so any information you want your customers to know should be placed on the pictures you submit. Only landmarks and pictures will be on the list. Please quality items only, this sale is a representation of your store, make it count.

6. 59 linden arrows must point the way from the landing point to your special sale item. Customers don't want to have to search for your sale. Laggy sims, time to rezz and load will turn off many customers so let's do all we can to make it easier on them. Failure to place the arrows will result in ejection from the group.

7. All Vendors must have an application on file, completely filled out and deposited in Flier Straaf's mailbox on Simply Shila sim.


Each week we will take a maximum of 20 additional vendors (2 Admins have a spot reserved). The first 20 to submit their correctly filled out notecard to the mailbox, located at Simply Shila's, will be on the list.

The Mailbox will be available to accept entries every Sunday at noon slt, for the upcoming weekend event.

Like all of you, I have a business to run, so to be part of this group you must take personal responsibility to make sure your notecard meets the following criteria, and is in on time:
The notecard description must start with 59l (date) (your store name). Example 59L, June 15th, 2012, Simply Shila's. Inside the notecard must be the picture of the item(s) maximum of 3, and your lm. If this is not done, your item will not be advertised that week.

We will try our best to make sure the list goes out correctly, however, should a mistake happen, please realize we are human and instead of yelling at us a simple request will ensure its fixed. Treat us as you wish to be treated.

10. It is up to you to stay current on new rules, notices, and events. Again personal responsibility to promote and advertise your store takes a bit of work. Is your store worth the effort?

11. We reserve the right to refuse a vendor for any reason. Generally this comes down to not reading notices, kiosks not visible, or less than desirable quality of items, but this covers any unforeseen circumstances.

12. When advertising your 59L item in other groups, the entire list of 59L items must be included. This will help all of our customer bases grow exponentially. A kiosk must also be located at every location you have a 59L item advertised via this group.
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