Lady Holes

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Lady Holes

Postby DarbyDollinger » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:14 am

ღ Holes ღ was stretching her legs after a long day. Most of the city was sleeping and Holes, well, she was restless. The girl was struggling with her new Freedom and things were not going as well as planned. As she neared the tavern, troubled by the fact she could no longer go in, she was taken by surprise by the appearance of a stranger. A polite smile was given to him, not that he would see through that veil, "Tal Sir, can I help you with anything?"

Darby Dollinger had been rubbing his eyes sleepily and staring blankly into the tavern when he heard someone approach. He glanced over and the hint of a smile - what sort of smile was it? - flickered on his lips. He looked the girl over, noting in particular the book she was writing on. 'I'm not in some sort of trouble am I?' he asked, 'It looks like you're writing a ticket. I'm sure I parked my tarn correctly.'

ღ Holes ღ: So, there was Holes. It was night time, and under the lighting she really was not doing anything with her book. The daft creature had just 'decided' that she were a scribe after she received her manumission papers. One could do that right? no? Well the poor girl thought so.. never mind the fact that she were completely illiterate. As she stood there, book in one hand, pen type thing in the other, she was merely scribbling, but trying to look important. The book she was holding wasn't even the correct way up. It was back to front and not any kind of decent literature. It was literally, a manual. A user manual of instructions that detailed how to use a goad. Daft woman. "I.. do not think so Sir, do you think that you should be in trouble for something? You are out late at night." There was a pause, before she decided to introduce herself, "I am Holes, Lady Holes. I am a scribe," that was how one greeted right?

Darby Dollinger rubbed his earlobe speculatively, as if he was pondering a problem. He looked up to the sky. It didn't look dark. He looked over to the rounded hills on the other side of the river. They didn't look dark either. The book the girl was writing in was upside down. Perhaps she'd escaped from an insane asylum. 'I... erm.. enjoy walking during the night,' he said. 'It's quiet and cool. The scent of the flowers seem stronger.' He regarded her a moment. 'So, Lady Holes, eh? Holes as in...?'

ღ Holes ღ: For Holes she was -sure- it was dark, completely. What a dilemma. A small sigh was given as she swept a few loose strands from her cheek, "well I do have to agree with you there.. in the peace and quiet everything seems so much more alive, yet still strangely calm." A quick glance was cast over her shoulder and then back to the man, "well... they call me Holes because I am deep.." it was not true, but she were no longer a slave and did not bother about telling the truth to the Free anymore. "A honorable man, the most wondrous man, once gave me such a name.. and I shall honor it always." There was a hint of sadness in her eyes, but it did not linger for too long, she had resigned herself to not dwell on the situations that had caused her great pain. Death was never something to dwell on. "You still have not told me who you are Sir, who are you? what do you do?"

Darby Dollinger smiled his mysterious smile. What it meant was again not clear. 'I'm a trader,' he said, stepping closer to her and looking down towards her book with mild interest. 'I'm in Lara looking for some merchandise to take north.' His eyes lingered on her scribbles. 'Interest style of writing you have,' he said, rubbing the back of his neck lazily. 'What language is that you're writing in?'

ღ Holes ღ took one step back as the man advance, by the priest kings he was tall. Holes peered up at him, curiously, studying his features. "You do not look like a northerner Sir," He had not stated as much, but well, Holes often would make assumptions. She bristled again, an intense dislike for northern folk after what had happened to her former Master. It felt as if the words had been choked from her throat in that moment, another step taken backwards and the book was closed suddenly, "It is secret Scribe business.. I can not reveal such things. What sort of merchandise do you seek? Perhaps I can help."

Darby Dollinger looked up at her, raising his eyebrows. 'Perhaps you can,' he said, his deep voice seemingly holding a hint of playfulness. 'I'm not of the north, no. I'm from Ko-ro-ba originally, but left after the city was destroyed and spent most of my life in the Tahari and Schendi. But business opportunities have opened recently in the north. You see, what they lack up there is females that can write ...' With that the big slaver simply walked up to the girl and took her by the chin, tilting it up to look into her eyes, ' ... but still have the sensuous walk of a trained slut ... a bit like yours.'

ღ Holes ღ: Holes had never felt so small before, not as small as she did in front of this man. As he stepped closer again she would move to take another step back, but his stride was longer than her own, his hand already upon her chin as he tipped it. In that moment there was a slight panic that gripped her. Nervous energy that pulled into a knot within her stomach. She were daft, and didn't quite understand the way of things, but, she had a funny feeling the man may have possibly meant her harm. "Ko-Ro-Ba hmm?" she would try to divert the topic, "We.. we have a lovely wine shop just over there," turning slightly as she indicated it, an attempt to take another step back were made, "I really can not write that well, and.. and I am a Free Lady, not a slut. I have the papers and everything.. I could take you to my protectors home?"

Darby Dollinger laughed and let her go. 'Something tells me that at least a part of you is disappointed that you're not a slut anymore,' he mused, turning back to face the rounded hills again. Absently he pulled the kalika that had been hanging over his shoulder and began tuning it. 'No woman walks like that unless she very much feels herself a slave. You'll have to learn to walk like a stiff, frigid free woman if you want to avoid the attention of a slaver's eye.'

ღ Holes ღ: Her heart was racing, in fact it was thumping so hard she was sure that it was able to be heard. His words stung, and while he took out his kalika she would stand there in silence for several moments, finally, she spoke, "it was my Master's wish for me to be free, it was in his will." That in itself might have indicated the situation, though she had been a mere slave, her loyalty to her owner had been developed in such a rich flavorful way that the girl felt like a ship without a captain, aimless as she wandered through the seas of life. A heavy sigh escaped her, "I will never serve another. It was his dying wish.. never again." The man's comments on being stiff and frigid like a free woman irritated her, a small frown marred her features and she finally snapped at him, "look.. I ate the bloody scones and drink the tea. I am a free woman.." In her eyes that is all free women did, eat scones and drink tea.. she cared for neither.

Darby Dollinger began to play as he stared off into the green hills, his eyes distant, 'Your former Master must have really hated you,' he said. 'What a revenge. Forcing the girl that adored him to live a lifeless, sexless, barren existence .... Even I ...' he mused, almost in reverence, 'could never be that brutal.' The burly slaver paused in his playing and threw the kalika back over his shoulder. He looked back with a grin, 'Have a good life ... Lady,' he said, and he headed into the tavern.

ღ Holes ღ: Oh the man infuriated her, she picked up the chair that was seated outside the tavern and with the loudest angry scream she would toss it at the man. Whether she had good aim or not was uncertain, and she didn't wait to see! She tossed it angrily at him, and then ran off in a fit of tears.
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Re: Lady Holes

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