RP Terms and Misconceptions

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Re: RP Terms and Misconceptions

Postby Qingwen » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:03 am

Tantus wrote:Given that she was a triple-paragraph roleplayer, from SL's society of good roleplaying.

That is not good roleplaying. It's fanfiction that is only of interest to the person writing it.
Especially if the word 'orbs' appears somewhere in those paras.

Adlai wrote:I'm with you, the future looks bleak. I've moved on to another genre.

same.. when I can find any not having admin squabbles and closing down :P
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Re: RP Terms and Misconceptions

Postby Adlai » Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:25 pm

Qingwen wrote:That is not good roleplaying. It's fanfiction that is only of interest to the person writing it.
Especially if the word 'orbs' appears somewhere in those paras.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: RP Terms and Misconceptions

Postby Lacey » Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:30 pm

I cannot find a replacement and cannot find happiness with what Gor I am able to muster up. I hardly login anymore. I sort of figure I would have fun in game of thrones but I have read none of the books nor watched any of the shows. I also doubt I can have HBO and internet right now in my budget. Oh well.

I don't even think it is a thing with people not liking conflict. I think it ends up being a thing that people grow tired of because they simply do not have the numbers to deal with the conflict that goes their way. It gets exhausting after a while of having someone come mess up every single little thing. I had this trouble with a group I had before. Everyone was having fun except we didn't have the men to let us win at least a few. NPCs would fix this but again, such an advanced tool is not for SL Gor. When they are allowed, they lose because "oh my! You cannot have something fake take precedence over a real live person!" I literally just had this discussion in a group. The reason NPCs are bad is because "people abuse them and do what they want with them because their mighty NPC will save them." So there you have it folks. Ban the NPC instead of just banning people who have a sore time losing. Well it was fun while I still thought it was fun. I'll continue trying to find people from time to time because Gor is like that. It sucks you in and then even a year worth of breaking will not even save you.
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Re: RP Terms and Misconceptions

Postby Tantus » Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:49 pm

Perma-Death Limits

The Perma-Death movement likely began with good intentions, when a person would state their character could not be killed without several days of roleplaying and a solid IC reason. Because they were a Perma-Death character.

This was in contrast to the tradition of people being killed/mutilated, and recovering 24 hours later. The only real rule was, after being killed you couldn't take part in the follow-up raids or roleplay relating to your death. And once you were avenged, that chapter was closed. The following week, the cycle of murder and vengeance began anew, as your group killed someone, or a rival group killed one of yours. Etc.

It sounds ridiculous, right? But it delivered the thrill pre-BTB Gor thrived on. The themes of murder, torture, mutilation, rape and planning revenge must have filled around 80% of my roleplay. The other 20% was downtime roleplay.

I would even be content to say my recent forays into Gor, were 80% downtime and 20% of the rest. But the danger of being killed isn't there any longer. I can't recall that I've been killed since 2008, but roleplaying out deaths and torture before then was just a routine part of Gorean living.

A large part of the change was the Perma-Death movement, which a whole lot of people jumped on to, saying "I'm a serious roleplayer, I won't be killed unless you roleplay with me for 7 days straight".

The other consequence was, once the cycle of violence came to an end, people didn't know how to die any longer. In the rare instance someone is now killed, they don't know if it should be a perma-death, or a 24 Hour death. Because the latter feels like an easy way out, even cheating, they take Perma-Death. Then they realize the impracticalities of ending their character, so we've seen instances of beheaded characters having their heads surgically attached and surviving. Others have been mysteriously revived by the Priest Kings, there was even a heart transplant after one was ripped out. And so these ridiculous scenarios come about, because the Perma-Death is seen as the superior route.

The historical fact is, the 24 Hour death timer gave a better experience and the deceased generally handled their deaths without much of a fuss.

Storyline Roleplay

Just as above, it probably started with good intentions, of a person conveying they're open to longer-term interaction. But it became a buzzword and suddenly everyone was a 'Paragraph, Storyline Roleplayer'. To myself, it translates as the person expecting a commitment, it's a red flag.

There was a larger shift occurring too, away from roleplaying an experience and towards roleplaying a relationship. Everything that you would never do in RL(Because you are sane and sensible!), were the experiences you could roleplay in SL. Then there was a transition towards /storyline/ roleplay, until the main theme of today is the relationship. Gor wasn't alone in this, I've browsed other genres where a partnership/marriage is the End Game, for a character.

There's an Earth sim, where the theme revolves around abducted women forced into prostitution. At the modern incarnations of these sims, I've seen IC relationships forming, until being partnered up seems to have become the theme. That's in contrast to the original sim I roleplayed on back in 2007, when there wasn't even a question of one of the 'prostitutes' falling in love with a client. No one questions it now as this is what SL has become.

Gor has suffered the worst. It's mostly relationship and family roleplay now. A decade ago, men typically owned slaves, and free women were few, fewer of them were companioned. Now you're looking at a reverse, with family-roleplay forming the foundation of any city. It's shifted away from roleplaying a character you wouldn't be in RL(Because, laws), to roleplaying everything you want to be in RL.
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Re: RP Terms and Misconceptions

Postby Qingwen » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:32 am

Yeah SL Gor RP is a mess. Try Conan Exiles - shoot, loot, kidnap, and build with no prim limits.
I'm enjoying it more than is probably healthy :D
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Re: RP Terms and Misconceptions

Postby Manon Seid » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:49 am

SL Gor rp has always been a mess.

The reason we moan and complain now is because there has also been awesome roleplay we were part of over the years. Roleplay that gave us a glimpse of a dream of "What it could be like if just everybody else didn't xxx (Insert your own pet peeve here)." That is only a dream though and if you think you can ever get there when roleplaying you are kidding yourself. Because nobody else will have that exact same dream and nobody else will be working actively to get there. If you want it you become a writer and create that world all by yourself.

In roleplay where you interact with people you will have to lower your expectations a tad and let yourself be entertained by the little fun things that do still happen even in SL Gor. Or as many of you express is the case for you - leave and go find your fun somewhere else. I bet that somewhere else wont hold your interest longer than SL Gor did. It's a journey from the initial thrill of a new shiny thing to eventually being bored/frustrated enough to leave it all.

Many complain it's SL Gor that's flawed when its just a natural progression. SL Gor is not perfect because its real people playing it. Some are idiots and some are brilliant. And then there's the rest of us who occasionally wander the setting to find something that catches our interest to pursue to have a bit of downtime fun when real life is not tearing at us. We all have different motives for roleplay so its a matter of finding a scenario and some people compatible with your own desires. That might take some ooc/ic cross over to find. So be it. Its a game, nothing more nothing less.

I have come to the realization that i am responsible for my own entertainment. If i want to be entertained i will have to ignore the little things that might kill my immersion and i will have to actively work to move my rp where i want it to go somehow - preferably within the lore and the rp rules and while keeping my rp opponents entertained somewhat too. And at times i will have to just accept that now it all went south and the rp is ruined. The trick is to make sure you have fun while it last and to not go overly frustrated when it ends, often before you were ready for it to end. So someone went to cook dinner or had a childish tantrum bringing the rp to a screeching halt? it is my opportunity to tp out to find another roleplay scenario id like to pursue, or to get up and go for a walk or do a drawing or create something in blender or nerd with some scripting or kiss my hubby or help my kid with home work.

It's not the end of the world and it's probably not the end of SL Gor either.

I'll be back to find me some fun another day.
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Re: RP Terms and Misconceptions

Postby Sasi » Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:47 am

I don't see any thrill in being killed if you can resurrect after 24 h with the same character... It's not what I call a consequence, actually. It's like gaming.
Of course, I can understand when you are randomly killed by some imbecile who tends to slay people who don't bow at him, for example. In this case, just pretend that some (NPC) fellow got killed.

Many people are willing to take a permanent death in the context of a good storyline. It's just role-play. The risk is still there and it will be permanent. These people don't act in a suicidal silly way neither. Also, they are not prone to kill or send you an assassin and end a good story after 3 days because they absolutely want to win. It doesn't mean they won't expose their character to the risk of being killed neither...

But, if you don't want you character being killed, there is another solution, a very Gorean one: The collar. No death, your story continues. For both men and women. I would love if this solution were be more frequently used... I'm not speaking of a temp slavery, but one where you would have to work hard on your story to get your character free, some day. Of course, the princesses of Gor (M & F) with these silly "non forced collar" limits, would probably oppose... But that would be for sim owners to enforce this consequence.

Now, for those who act silly, in a suicidal way and then, refuse you kill their character in arguing they are perm death blah blah blah, you have to ask yourself a question: Are these people worth your time...? Why waste your RP time in dealing with people who have limits which give themselves a total impunity? Ignore, mute...
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Re: RP Terms and Misconceptions

Postby Leah » Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:09 pm

Qingwen wrote:Yeah SL Gor RP is a mess. Try Conan Exiles - shoot, loot, kidnap, and build with no prim limits.
I'm enjoying it more than is probably healthy :D

Having everything you build have a countdown script is turning the servers into jelly, though. xD
This isn't fucking Survivor. We aren't a tribe.

If I won't put up with an in-character owner trying to control my OOC life, what makes you think I'll put up with you trying to do that?

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Re: RP Terms and Misconceptions

Postby Tamar Luminos » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:15 am

OMG Conan Exiles is fun. Haven't played it much since right after it came out, though- now I wanna pick it up again.
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Re: RP Terms and Misconceptions

Postby Qingwen » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:18 pm

Leah wrote:
Qingwen wrote:Yeah SL Gor RP is a mess. Try Conan Exiles - shoot, loot, kidnap, and build with no prim limits.
I'm enjoying it more than is probably healthy :D

Having everything you build have a countdown script is turning the servers into jelly, though. xD

I usually play on a friend's server and he has buildings set as permanent. Official server's worked smooth for me too so far. I think everything set down there is wiped weekly.
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