Tor- Jewel of the Tahari

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Tor- Jewel of the Tahari

Postby Ashir » Sat Nov 04, 2017 1:46 pm

Hello fellow Goreans, not sure if this is the right index to post to but here goes.

The City of Tor jewel of the Tahari is actively seeking new citizens in SL.

Looking for individuals seeking a place to enjoy their virtual experience alongside others sharing similar community interests. Especially friendly to those fairly new to Gor.

All castes and roles are welcome.

For more information contact Khalid ibn Tariq ibn Saleh (ReefChristianson) or infi (Infinatedepths) inworld.
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Re: Tor- Jewel of the Tahari

Postby Tamar Luminos » Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:04 am

Ooh, a Tahari sim! Got a SLurL you can post so folks can visit?
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Re: Tor- Jewel of the Tahari

Postby Vector » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:55 pm

Would you like your own City board? We do love a good Tahari sim. Best of luck!
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Re: Tor- Jewel of the Tahari

Postby Sasi » Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:28 am

I visited and since I'm one of those weird people who take time to read the rules, Tor is definitely not a place for me...

There are annoying differences regarding the OOC treatment following you play a free or a slave. I noticed, too, a few details which make me think that the owners are not so well familiarized with the Taharian environment as described in Tribesmen of Gor.

"ALL NEW SLAVES, PLEASE BE AWARE: THERE IS A 30 DAY PROBATION PERIOD IN THE CITY OF TOR. If within the 30 days you find Tor is not what you wish please see the Vizier to have your collar removed and have yourself removed from the City Roles. "

Let's take a look at the applications

Free person character's application form:

► Show Spoiler

Now, application for slave characters:

► Show Spoiler

Clearly, if you play a slave in Tor, your backstory, RP experience, commitment etc, don't interest much the sim admins... It's so more important to know if you are submissive enough to serve the free....! (anyway, if you're not a sub, why do you role-play a slave, hmmm...?)

And my favorite: Do you know the slave paces, hmmm? 34 books read, I still don't know the slave paces. Must be because they are movements and expressions a slave perform under the instructions of a man and not sentences to know by heart...? How hard is it, to stop confusing slave paces and litanies, in 2017...?

I love too, when you're taught your role in slave rules. Because of course, when you play a slave, you always need that kind of reminder (which I didn't find in the application form for free persons characters).

The requirement to visit the vizier to get your avatar's collar removed is interesting... I suppose that slave players will be deemed rude, if they just detach their collar from their avi instead of asking the vizier to do it?

And I loved this, in the visitor rules:
"BARBARIANS FROM EARTH AND IN EARTH CLOSING ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE CITY. If you want to visit, take one of the free outfits given at the landing area and use it. Search for the outfit giver at the landing area and there you have clothes and rules to read. We do not accept barbarians “observers” in the city. They have to be dressed as Goreans. The only allowance here is that they do not have to RP so they are not allowed to interrupt RP unless spoken to."

"Barbarians observers" haha!

The dress code is not bad, too.. So, in the slave rules, slave players must not dress their avatar with a camisk. Which makes sense, as in the books, in the Tahari, in public, slave girls wear a haik, (the heat, the sun..). Only the bells they wear identify them as slaves. But in the general rules, FW can bare their face, the veil is not a mandatory.. Seriously, in the Tahari...? See, I'm all in favor for a dress code OOCly enforced, but the same BTB standards should be applied for all roles, no?

And there, we have a nice BTB scene, with two unveiled FW (one is obviously of the green caste), who sit in a public space (cafe, bakery...?) and beside them (serving? Not sure, her tag said she was the Sultan's pleasure slave), a topless, pierced breasts slave girl, kneeling in nadu.... (Sultan? Not a big deal, but why not pasha, the title used in Tribesmen...?)

Else, a herlit, a butterfly and 2 geckos support the traffic...
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Re: Tor- Jewel of the Tahari

Postby Adlai » Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:23 pm

The applications do read like roleplaying-lifestylers tbh
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Fortunes Cookie
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Re: Tor- Jewel of the Tahari

Postby Fortunes Cookie » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:33 pm

I bumped heads with the owner/founder in the past, but I respected him for having the wherewithal to put his money where his mouth is, day in and day out for years. No one sim is going to have the perfect setup or agree with everyone. But you know what is good for roleplayers? Consistency and reliability. Tor has been around for a long time and continues to drive on without folding due to drama, short attention spans, shallow pockets, and fad-seeking players.

I respect that. Hell, I can admire that.

This is their recruiting thread. The least anyone can do is abide by the common rules of etiquette that our mothers taught us, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I call shame on those that shit-talk on Tor, especially since they're rebuilding, reinventing, and recruiting after the loss of their founder. Most importantly those of you that did so are picking on an application. Did you actually go there to try and roleplay? I have. It may not have been my preferred tastes, but I *went* there and I gave them a chance. I still visit sometimes even.

If you haven't played there, haven't explored their new build, and haven't actually given them a chance,and yet you're talking smack, then you're part of the reason SL Gor is shrinking and has the negative reputation that it does. :-P
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Re: Tor- Jewel of the Tahari

Postby Sasi » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:18 pm

Tor has been around for years, yes. Before the change of owner, it was even worse, slave players could be disciplined if they removed their collar off sim and the slave form required RL infos. The rules were 100% lifestyle.

What is good for role players? A place where they will be treated like role players, where there is no difference of OOC treatment and rules following the role you play.

It doesn't matter how long a Gor sim stays on the grid. I prefer a short life sim with decent rules than a long life sim which continues to mix IC and OOC year after year. Because I know that in the second, I will find just some inconsistent, mundane and boring RP.

And yes, I visited, I guess it was obvious in my previous post.

Part of the reason why Gor has this bad reputation (and it has been debated a few times on this forum) is because of the IC/OOC mixing, the lack of respect of the RP etiquette, the common ignorance of some RP tools (like the NPCs).

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