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Re: Real Life example of how I imagine FW's lives to be

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:35 am
by BlueConover
I am all for equal pay for doing an EQUAL job. I'm all for equal rights. Just as long as they are completely equal.

MY experience of equality is,
I was always chosen by management over a women to do any job requiring heavy lifting, even if i wasn't 100% Physically fit, I was informed i had to do it because the women werent strong enough to do so.

but we both earned the same hourly rate, my job scope contained all the jobs she would do, plus extra.

I see athletes campaigning for equal pay.
It usually comes up in Golf and Tennis. I am all for it.

Female Tennis stars play a maximum of 3 sets. men Five.
Gold Stars play off different tees.

women are more able to get housing in the uk, Single white males have the lowest chance of getting any form of housing.
But, we are the privileged.
We have Women only groups / days/ political and financial rewards.
Men do the same it's sexist.

I remember the big debate on allowing girls into the scouts / cubs and because of equality these institutions had to start allowing such..

But i've yet to see those championing equal rights push boys into Brownies.