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The present lack of raiding is perfect
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Feminisation of SL Gor

Postby Chron » Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:52 pm

I may be the only one feeling this, though it appears 'Combat' and 'Raiding' have become dirty words in SL Gor. If you want to raid, you belong in GE with the aggressive rabble of teenagers with no better understanding of Gor than waving their bows around.

"Real" Gor is where people respect one another and .......... "RP".
RP combat, RP captures, RP consequences.

Every other profile I read now is focused on "RP". And you'd better not even glance in their direction without "Para RP", because "Para RP" is all the rage now.

So, "Real" Gor is where people respect one another and .......... "Para RP".

I don't RP with someone who's profile expects me to "Para RP". It's a ridiculous limit and the common culprit is female. So I'm expected to type a load of crap about the atmosphere, her appearence, my situation, the wildlife beyond the walls, with a mix of seasons and astronomy thrown in to fill a paragraph just to say "Tal".

Otherwise this person is going to say, 'fuck this one-lining noob' and saunter on her way to find someone who can RP, who's probably a RL female with virtual cock....... Because, "female masters" are in fashion. If I pretended to be a RL female, I'd probably get hit on in 30 seconds!

And where does this all leave the men....? Yeah. What men?
Sim after sim is deserted, you don't see warriors or scribes or slavers.... you'll find some FW milling around and slaves, who's profiles state they're "Para-roleplayers". Are you going to approach them and say "Tal"? Not if there's a danger of her hitting you with TWO paragraphs in response.

Maybe I'm the only one who see's a paragraph of RP posted with an internal response of "Oh fuck".
Or it may be, the hundreds of guys who've dissapeared from SL Gor just wanted to experince something more than RP.

RP is good, when your mind is into it, RP is fantastic. But Gor has two sides, there's the interaction between men and women and between men and men. The second is lacking because city warriors are now afraid to raid. Are the FW and slaves holding them back, instructing them to RP over raiding? People don't like a challenge anymore, unless it's how many words you can spit out in five minutes of Para RP?

The situation reminds me of a quote from when naval fleets were first constructed of iron, and without any rigging to manage, the sailors spent their days keeping the ships cleaned. The old admirality did not approve and the saying came about, when the ships were of wood, the men were of iron. Now the ships are iron and the men are wood.

Raiding is restricted in Gor because men fear consequences of being raided back. Everyone sits in a stalemate of peace, and the women keep them held back for "Para RP"

Wars and combat are a part of Gor as much as PARA RP or furring some ridiculous slave with PARA RP limits. Get out there, fight, take people with you and raid! Then see the effect it has on your roleplay.

We've lost in three raids this week on our city, but I'm not bitter about it. It's just a start for 2010.
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Re: Feminisation of SL Gor

Postby Sidney » Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:08 pm

LOL. That was a para RP post! (joke). I know not aimed at me, but I think women would like a little more too, not just men. Anyway, I didn't vote, I don't want to curve your results, but I HAVE seen every single one of the problems you mention and had basically the same reactions too them.

I am curious why you chose that title for the thread, however. Both sexes are guilty of the atrocities you listed by my experience.
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Re: Feminisation of SL Gor

Postby Aphris » Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:11 pm

Is this a tirade against para emoters or do you think there is not enough fighting. I read you had 3 raids this week, is that not enough, you want daily raids? Then you indeed have a conflict with role players. Cities in Gor were not raided daily, not even weekly or monthly.
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Re: Feminisation of SL Gor

Postby CuteGorBunneh » Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:11 pm

oh I only expect 2 sentences for most things. Hello is not one of the things. just saying "Tal" or /me nods and says "Tal/hello/Greetings/whutevah" works fine by me.

BUT, yes there is always a but, If I am in your bed and I give you a 3-4 sentence post, don't you dare give me "/me moans." I will FTB your horny ass
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Re: Feminisation of SL Gor

Postby Jason Susenko » Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:27 pm

Chron, I feel your pain. I even made this thread in the FM section for the same frustration. Then I got to thinking, and after a few months of endlessly searching for men, I just thought "Screw it", and proceeded to just be one.

Here's my thought about raids: Frankly, they're bull. The idea of 3 men attacking a (ideally) well defended city with the intention of conquering it is ludicrous. I think at some point, that mentality spread. Tampica had a great idea way back in the day with requiring raiders to submit the reason for their raid; that is, doing it for a reason and just cause they're bored. Now I love waging wars, and damn, if we can get a good one going, I'm all over that like no one's business. For something more casual, how about hit and run attacks? Or an enemy incursion party hitting a night patrol? No reinforcements, no retreat, no hiding spots... far more tense than just a war band. Shiefo made a thread on something similar. In fact, this is giving me ideas. Let's discuss in another thread if you're interested.
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Re: Feminisation of SL Gor

Postby Sasi » Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:31 pm

I am currently rping at Midas since 3 days (prisonner cause bad behavior, being enslaved by decision of the magistrate). We didn't para emote and it was an alive, intensive and great RP. It's not the number of lines which make the quality of a RP. The peoples who played with me, at Midas, are great rpers and they didn't para emote.

Para-emote is the fashion on SL Gor, you don't para emote, you are for many peoples a poor rper. It's now a dictatorship. And the non para-emotes are forced to wait patiently during many minutes, each emote. RP is low, less active. There are actions which need to be described with a lot of details, in a paragraph, sure. But when the para emote is systematic, it's ridiculous. And when you play a slave, I don't care about the description of your hair cascading on your shoulders and how it cascades, how your hair shines under the sun, how you pass your small hand with thiny fingers through your hair when I greet you.... For example :mrgreen: Same with other rpers.

I saw peoples (panthers, free men especially) writing on their profile that they refuse all combat without RP before. We walk on the head, there. If you are a panther, you can be attacked without to be informed by your adversary. If you are a man walking alone in the woods, you can be attacked without getting a visiting card before, saying "hello, I am a panther, I am currently drawing my bow and I will attack you".

Now, combat = pew pew, but many peoples forget that a raid, a combat, can bring a lot of intensive RP after if they accept to RP the consequences without stupid limits.
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Re: Feminisation of SL Gor

Postby Sempati » Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:37 pm

I play a warrior because I enjoy the thrill of combat, the dangers of defending against a raid, but that does not mean I want a constant sword out experience during my time in Gor. If I wanted to only do combat during my available time I will go play a game on my PS since I do not have to worry about whining and bullshit invalid calls. I do not come to Gor for just combat but also the roleplaying out the life of my character and experiencing all aspects of Gorean world outside of fighting. For me there should be a balance between combat and RP, there should be that element of danger, that threat looming to add a little excitement.

I agree there is some fear of consequences of a raid, its been common theme lately that a city wants a strong Scarlet however they do not want them to fight or cause a war. I think many people ONLY think of pew-pew when they hear the word raid and forget all the potential RP scenarios that can and do spring up from an unscripted raid. some do not like their storylines interrupted for some reason as they prefer a more static text only RP approach instead of a dynamic, and IMO, more realistic approach where wrenches get thrown into the mix.

As for the para/one liner RP styles, to me it does not matter. I either do a combination or neither, instead of pigeon holing myself into a misnomer of the 'best rp style' I will just roleplay out my character how I feel is best for the situation at hand. For the elitists out there that won't play with someone that won't do it their way...I think need to take blinders off and stop looking down your nose at people.
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Re: Feminisation of SL Gor

Postby Idunn Sabra » Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:43 pm

i dont know too much about men
not about raids

but i found silly telling that men dont do raids becouse women dont let them

I was living at Ivars, where were periods with 2-3 raids DAILY.
After some days all roleplay was turned in waiting:
waiting at hour when our leader said men go raid
waiting at men come back from raid
waiting for raid of our enemies
waiting at trade for captives
waiting at Mods becouse most raids were claimed invalid
waiting when all bad emotions calm down

After weeks such mixture you can have it enough, not mather you play woman or man.

Lets go further. Some people who have accounts in SL and playing in Gor, some of them have RL , some of this ppl work, have family and duties. (even if its sound soo odd)
Lets say random dude comes back from work after 10 fight with boss/customer/whatever and after 2 hours in jam trafic.
He eat, take a shower, kiss wife. kids, dog and then opens his computer. There he finds 10 groups mesages from his city leader that he should be online at 10 am SL time becouse there will be meeting before raid or some other combat things.
Dude sighs. One day perhaps he would like go and react his rl stress in some pew pew (no offence Chron). But there are days (and i belive its related with rl age of that random dude) where he wants having some peacefull rp with his slave or companion, even if for some men it seems sooo odd and not enough masculine.

I dont belive that all men at gor who prefer choice role of scribe or slaver or healer and in the same way put more attention at roleplay than at combat, i dont belive they do it becouse their women wants them to do so.

From my obserwations i can say that combat is enjoyable most for men in age from range from 20 to 30+ y,o,
40+, 50+ or more put more attention at interaction in roleplay.

Dont forget also about technical limitations. 40 y.o man will not spend his salary for buy supper-duper-game-PC-machine.
Many of us suffer lag and poor internet conections which makes any combat event just frustrating and waste of time waiting when raided sim will rez or we will able to take a single step over there.

And for end. This topic i dont see big difference than for example if someone here would make a topic: " Erectile dysfunction of SL Gor" giving there rant that men are impotents becouse they not fur enough.

People coming to SL for their joy. Some of them want shoot pixel arrows from pixel big chicken, some prefer sailing at pixel seas in pixel boat, some wants cuddle in their pixel hands some pretty bouncing pixel breasts.
You can not force people to do what YOU THINK they should to do.
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Re: Feminisation of SL Gor

Postby SlaverSlav » Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:50 pm

Yeah, the women and the aliens took over and brainwashed me. That's why I've no longer got any interest in buttonmashing within a poorly designed combat system in an unoptimized engine that wasn't designed for it. It's a conspiracy I tell you, a conspiracy.

Oh, wait. Xbox Live did that, along with being bored with the repetitive outcomes of raids, not women, aliens, or Satan. If dude's don't want to raid, it's because they don't want to raid. Just because he doesn't fit into some classic machismo stereotype of wanting to clobber everyone in the head every chance he gets, it doesn't mean there's some horned woman behind playing him like a puppeteer. Things change, people's interests fluctuate. C'est la vie.

Re: Feminisation of SL Gor

Postby ... » Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:56 pm

Well it seemed like a complaint about 2 things. One being para roleplay - or rather the requirement for it - and the other lack of combat.

As for the first - I have a pick on most of my AVs that goes along the lines of:
RP - I emote long, mostly. I can and will try to shorten it, but shotgun oneliner roleplay intimidates me and ceases any fun I may be having in the game. It's not about being elitist, it's about being unable to adapt adequately to very very short emoting. Apologies.

And that's pretty much how I feel about it. If someone comes up to me and fires post after post after post at me, with zero narrative, then 1: I get intimidated by the speed of it and my inability to keep up, and 2: I don't consider it to be RP. It's just chat. It's not fun for me. Give me a structured sentence with a little narrative and wait your turn and we'll have fun. Requiring paragraph RP as a premise to engaging with someone is a little silly though. I'll still play with people who fire one word after another at me - as long as they don't metagame/godmode - but chances are I'll be looking for a fast out. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

No doubt there will be a string of entirely unecessary "para" v "oneline" posts here. Personally, I don't really care if you're interested in the descriptions I write... because here's the thing: If you don't like how I play, you can move along to the next person, whose style you might like. People are so busy defending their own style these days they seem to forget that there's a very high chance that if you don't like the RP of the person you're playing with - chances are they don't like yours, either.

Every now and then - usually when I've been roleplaying for a couple of months too many without taking the obligatory couple-months-break - I get impatient, intolerant and judgemental. Then it dawns on me that it's just a game, that there's no point standing about with someone whose rp you don't enjoy, locked at the antlers trying to prove who is having their fun spoiled most, when you could just be doing something... fun... and separating ways with a friendly gesture and some best wishes. None of us hold a monopoly on fun. No one way of roleplaying is right. Some people you will enjoy playing with, and others you won't. BUT THAT'S OK!

As for the combat thing, I don't think enough RP comes from it. And it definitely could. If people went on their raids and roleplayed out consequences and future conflict beyond return-raids and cap/collar/rape/release then raiding would (and should IMO) be more popular (I know some places definitely do this already). I'm not saying every day, but maybe once a week. Thing is, saying raids didn't happen once a week is pointless. Seeing as babies aren't born in a week either. I'm not sure anyone sticks rigidly to realtime in RP... do they?

"3 men shouldn't be attacking a well defended city" - well if there's nobody in that city bar a couple of guards I presume those defending so well it are being NPC'd - like... the rest of the army that's stampeding along behind the three?

Then again, I always did enjoy roleplaying at home with the people that live there. It's nice to have relationships and friendships and reasons why you would want to defend the people of your home I guess. Maybe try that?

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