New Gorum Ban Rules EVERYONE READ!

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Re: New Gorum Ban Rules EVERYONE READ!

Postby Ceri the Urt » Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:38 pm

I think the sticking point for me is that there is no clear list of guidelines (at least that I'm aware), and they are cited as intuitive or common sense, when I believe they really are not all that intuitive or common sense, for some people.

For instance, I know that we have, forever, posted logs and chats with people in world for critique or as examples of dissatisfaction to give a more concrete view of a situation and let the jury decide (sort of). So, while on one hand, I was told that examples, or even anything hinting at an example, of past issues should not be cited, they are cited all over the boards constantly with no consequence unless another person flags them and makes it a personal thing. Do you see how this kind of thing is really not an objective way to moderate?

In cases that an example may be seen to be alluding to a prior issue on the forums and may be seen as an effort to be inflammatory, I really think a simple PM to the poster to clarify would be most appopriate instead of the flat out assumption that it's meant to inflame, particularly when the example is completely relevant to the topic at hand. I feel that this would prevent a lot of miscommunication and also deter people from flagging everytime they assume something is personal.

Alright since you couldn't wait until after I was out of the hospital I will give you an answer(again) to the question I can just see you dieing to ask... just not directly.

"Why were you warned and banned for a post that alluded to another post, but in your opinion had nothing to do with the other post while other people on the boards can give examples and post logs without getting a look there way. "

Here is the answer, listen close cause I am on morphine typing on a really small keyboard and I am not entirely sure how this is going to come out.

People post logs and examples on the boards all the time. Those examples are sometimes flagged and the people who flagged it (usually complaining that the example was about them, and thinking that they are "sure" everyone knows it and that the person giving the example is in the wrong and telling the story from their eyes and that it is all a lie) are....wait for it....told to LET IT GO. That they may think everyone knows it is about them, but more then likely until they out themselves, no one really knows...and more one Cares. We also tell them that there is nothing we can do because the other person did not mention names.


This all Changes when the person outs themself in a post and THEN the other person who gave the example (seeing the person they gave it about out themselves) goes on to defend their side and a fight ensues between the two people over what is no longer a fake story, but a very real one, that is usually stated in vast details both sides telling their stories and fighting about who was right and who is wrong.

Now, this is where your issue comes in. You had a problem with some of the posters. They outed themselves, fight ensues, both sides told, Admin steps in and says "since this has been hashed out here I don't want to see or hear of it in another thread again". Perhaps this is where my mistake came in...I Assumed both parties would understand that and not mentioning it would mean not alluding to it, not giving an example using what happened in the story no matter how common it was. One side got this point, but I guess you missed that memo and needed it spelled out in a bit more detail. So there you have it. When an admin/mod says they do not want to see a situation rehashed again, that includes alluding to that situation, giving a summarized version of that TYPE of situation, or just saying "that happened to me". In other words...Don't Mention It Here Again. Pick another example there are certainly plenty out there to do it from.

Now, that should clear up the question for you.
I expect this issue is finished yes?

Have a nice day!
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Re: New Gorum Ban Rules EVERYONE READ!

Postby TrollinWitMyHomies » Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:54 pm

It's actually not, but I'm dealing with Garrgon in PMs. I have told him that he is welcome to share them with you and I was trying to not involve you in this right (given that you are in the hospital) and trying to keep this generic by the way, as I think it's not just a thing for me, but something that coud improve the experience here in general.
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Re: New Gorum Ban Rules EVERYONE READ!

Postby Cortez » Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:33 am

Dude, Ceri. Aren't you in the hospital? All this stress isn't helping you. Get off the forums and get some rest!

"Paranoids are not paranoid because they're paranoid, but because they keep putting themselves, fucking idiots, deliberately into paranoid situations." — Thomas Pynchon
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Ceri the Urt
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Re: New Gorum Ban Rules EVERYONE READ!

Postby Ceri the Urt » Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:00 am

having a lot of trouble sleeping. The morphine helps, but these people think that morning starts at like 4am. The doctors keep coming me in and waking me up. My heart rate was high last night and to low this morning...blah...This is distracting me from the bad. Wish I could get SL on an ipad...though explaining why a bunch of naked girls are running around my screen may be hard to explain.
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Re: New Gorum Ban Rules EVERYONE READ!

Postby Glaucon » Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:46 am

@ Ceri: as Cortez said. Or as far as this never-ending saga is concerned, at least.

@ Kiana: You speak well enough, and so if you keep on making this a 'topic of debate', you will probably get some supporters for your vindication fight, especially when you spin and spin. But I am pretty sure that to most who followed this, things are pretty clear. And this is how it went down.

- You brought up an 'example' involving events in SL involving another poster (which may or may not have been a personal attack, but which certainly came across as 'attackish').
- A flamewar ensued.
- The forum mods allowed this one to rage for a while, both sides having their say, in one or two threads, but when the 'example' kept being brought up in still other threads, they ruled that it should no longer be brought up by the participants (or rather, you).
- You brought it up again and the forum mods moderated.
- You started a thread about how you felt this was bad modding. They answered, closed the thread and asked you to stop bringing it up & starting new threads about it.
- Repeat.
- You were banned for a week.

Clearly, this was entirely normal and acceptable forum modding, of the patient and tolerant kind. On most forums, you would have been perm-banned, and earlier into this process.


- During all of this, you were asked to take it to PM's, but declined, publicly.
- During all of this, you were adequately and clearly informed of the mod's wishes and decisions.
- During all of this, you were talking about this on your own forum, including saying you would not be coming back here, after the ban and saying negative things about this forum in general.
- During this, you changed your name and avi into that of a troll.

And now you have come back and ... once again, you seek vindication on this issue. :shock: :confuzed:

This sort of thing is what the word drama-queen was invented for. Now, I am not sure what motivates you. It would be logical to assume that you seek to drown this place in drama so everyone will go and join your competing forum. But you say that isn't it, and I think that is probably true. I think it is just you being on a 'I am right, they are wrong'-trip, that you need to snap out of. I know that can happen to people, even bright ones. I have seen very good posters fall into this sort of trap here (you know the example I am thinking of, her name is even a 'noun' of sorts on your forum). It comes from the feeling of being injustly treated and publicly humiliated, having a group of people 'judging you' unfairly (or feeling that way). This stuff happens in SL-gor a lot as well. I have seen you claim many times that you are above such human emotions, but it is evident you are not.

Now, unlike some, I do not judge you for this, because I know that this sort of drama can just happen to some people (it does seem to happen disproportionally often to intelligent and highly opinionated women that like to be appreciated, because I suspect they find it a bit harder to shrug-off a 'loss of face' in a public forum than, say, most guys do, excuse the generalization). But bringing this up again and again is really quite counter-productive.

So, please, go back to being yourself, being cool and witty, maybe even with the snarky with a pinch of bitch and bully... fine with me. I almost want to slap your cheeks and go "SNAP OUT OF IT!", like in the movies (but that would be domestic violence plus it is hard over the internet). All I can do is this:

SNAP THE :fryingpan: FUCK :fryingpan: OUT OF :fryingpan: IT!
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Re: New Gorum Ban Rules EVERYONE READ!

Postby Garrgon » Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:44 am

I'd like to reassure everyone that this has been handled in PMs with Trollin' and this topic should now be dropped. I'm sure you're all equally sick of hearing about it.

Nothing to see here folks. Move along now...
Nope. Nope. Nevermind.

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