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Mic check part trois

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:12 am
by Kharas
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So, as my time has been freed up a little bit more lately, I've been looking around Gor again on an alt. Haven't decided yet whether to bring Kharas out of retirement or start fresh with aforementioned alt, figures looking around different sims might help that decision. But I dunno. Would love to bring Kharas back as he was such a fun character back in the day but I dunno where he'd fit in now. I made him so loyal to his previous homes (Fina and later Port Cos) that it just doesn't make sense for him to pledge allegiance to another city. Not to mention his avi is seriously out of date and I'd have to upgrade his look, which would also involve a whole new wardrobe, etc. So far I've found no mesh shape/skin combos that come anywhere near to the look I had in mind for him. So yeah, might be best to start fresh.

Anyways, some questions/observations:

1. Is it just me or is the overall number of English city-sims down from what it was? I dunno... so far in my wanderings I haven't seen anything that just took my breath away the way sims like Port Cos, Hochburg, Morihokubu no Yaeichi, Oasis of the Red Scimitar, Ironhall, etc. did back in the day. My mind demands to be much more thoroughly blown.


On the other hand I see more BTB northern and Tahari sims than I remember, and I haven't made my rounds in all of those yet. Maybe I'll come across a gem at one of those. Actually, since Kharas is a Torvie of sorts, if I find a good northern sim, I could do a "Kharas returns north with southern sensibilities" angle which could be fun, and would take him full circle as that would be the exact opposite of how he started back in the day. STILL sad that Morihokubu no Yaeichi closed years ago. Someone needs to make another real pretty pani sim dammit. Anyways, any recommendations/suggestions would be welcome.

2. Noticed there's a new meter, the zCZ or something like that? What's different about it from GM? Anything particular about it that I need to be aware of, especially from the combat perspective? I recall one of the biggest complaints about GM was that it was script-heavy, causing lots of lag. I'm guessing this new meter addresses that on some level.

3. Speaking of combat, I've noticed Primus weapons are banned from many sims now. I know Thord's not been on and therefore his weapons have not been updated, but what exactly is the problem with them that they're no longer compatible with updated meters? Please keep in mind I have zero knowledge of coding or scripting, so put your response in as laymanish of terms as you can muster. Has there been any discussion on the possibility of someone continuing his work? Is that even possible?

4. There are some cities STILL doing the whole "check your bow at the gate" thing!!!! Weren't there like dozens of discussions back in the day that explained how absurd this practice is? Why??? WHY???????

5. I recognized almost no names while I wandered. Makes me wonder if everyone started over on alts, or do we have a new generation of Goreans who took over?

/rant off

Re: Mic check part trois

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:10 am
by Manon Seid
Hey Kharas - Welcome back to SL Gor roleplay.

1) I think the overall number of sims are down in SL compared to a few years back before Lindens started working on that new project of theirs, plus it's summertime and usually a bad time to start new story-lines and new sims since overall activity is down for a few months. But I don't really know anything about English city-sims, as I still play my ancient panther woman role in the wilds somewhere. I have seen a few stunningly beautiful and pretty active northern BTB sims so that might be a way to go.

2) I have no clue about meters. If it were up to me I'd never wear them. Now I wear the GM because sim rules where I stay at the moment says I have to. On my own sim I made meters optional. I don't remember when I drew my bow and actually shot at someone using the meter. I did notice a stand with that other meter, but have to admit I was completely uninterested and just moved on without investigating.

3) Primus Weapons: No clue, sorry. I don't even remember what brand my current bow is, who knows perhaps it's banned now too. :shifty:

4) Yea its lame. You will find plenty of that as you wander. When I asked in groups where the hell the Gorean Forums went a few months back I was met with "Pftttt! EVERYONE knows forums are SO last decade!" So my guess is no one read those discussions or everyone just don't give a fuck if they play Gor or Starwars or some weird combination of whatever tickles peoples kinks. BUT don't get discouraged. There are still great roleplayers out there to play with and great story-lines if you have the resolve to make them happen. I still manage to have fun on occasion.

5) I think everyone started over on alts and some simply disappeared. Sometimes it feels like I am the only one left from back in the day. I miss my mentors. It's weird meeting someone getting that feeling you know them from somewhere and they don't tell you. But I ended up concluding if they are old friends on alts not wanting to tell me, it's their headache not mine. And also if they do tell me I will greet them and be happy to have "found them" again. But two days later I forget their alt name and they are back to being strangers to me. Chances are they will be gone not logging in again in that time span anyway. I refuse dealing with the hazzle of remembering ten names for each old friend I have. To each their own, I am fairly comfortable with my Manon avi and I haven't had the need for creating a brand new character for roleplay with an entirely new avatar in years and years.

Re: Mic check part trois

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:50 am
by DarbyDollinger
I think the current population is a mix of alts and a new generation, most of whom seem to be GEers or ex GEers.

What do people do instead of forums? Spam screenshots of themselves in Instagram?

Re: Mic check part trois

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:46 pm
by Manon Seid
DarbyDollinger: What do people do instead of forums? Spam screenshots of themselves in Instagram?

No clue, I did not feel inclined to ask the kind lady who answered me like that that day :pft:
I share my own storyline plus snapshots from it with my rp-partner in a shared dropbox, but that's probably totally outdated and completely out of fashion too. I don't care though, it works, same as this forum...mostly lol

Re: Mic check part trois

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:28 pm
by Kharas
Yeah right now I'm thinking I'll keep my appearance as it is, as archaic as it may look, as I just can't seem to find mesh stuff that fits what I'm looking for. I will however update my outfit.

Discovered Runefell, LOVE the build. When I went by there the traffic was sparse so I have no idea how the RP is but it's a beautiful sim. Ah well the exploration continues for now.

Re: Mic check part trois

Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:31 pm
by eligiblejam
I tried Runefalls a couple of times. Yes, great build and some good RPers.

The only weird thing was the 4 larls who were roaming around freely (like nice, domesticated little cats ... four of them!) and came to RP with me, constantly referring to me as "beast" in their emotes. *shakes head*.