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Re: When you perv cam...

Postby Oor » Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:21 am

Manon Seid wrote:So question: Is there any scenario in Gor you can see, where a mamba (or anyone really) had the tech to attach a cock to a woman and actually succeed in making it a working part of her anatomy AND have a plausible reason for doing so?

Mambas? No. Anyone? Maybe. Intersex is a thing, and Gorean medicine does seem to fuck around with genetics a lot. I wouldn't consider it entirely outside the bounds of possibility for a person who appears female to have male genitalia (it happens in RL, after all).

As to what I'd do - it would depend on how it was being played. Is there a lot of depth to the character, some well-presented internal conflict about having both male and female biological sex presentation in a society that has such strict gender roles? If so, I'd probably roll with it. If it was someone just trying to get their futa freak on, probably not.
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