The Jewell Theatre presents new play "Plain"

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The Jewell Theatre presents new play "Plain"

Postby Sas » Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:15 pm

The Jewell Theatre is back on tour in 2017, our 10th anniversary year of performing, with our latest Gorean theatre production, "Plain"! Performances begin Saturday, January 28th 2017.

See all tour dates for our play "Plain" & our upcoming special performances of our sci-fi play "The Lucid Journey" for RFL at: For more info, contact Sas Shi.

"In a world where everyone is beautiful, what defines us? It's a question that occupies the mind of Tatrix Isobelle. Her strength and leadership threaten the sleep of her enemies, and provides security and hope for all of her Home Stone. For the Slaver Travis Horned Hith it is his pride in his caste, and his confidence in his craft. The same pride that drives him to accept the challenge of seducing the most powerful virgin in Gor."


For more info, contact Sas Shi or visit

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