BTB Legal Roleplay 2017

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Re: BTB Legal Roleplay 2017

Postby Lacey » Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:07 pm

Glaucon wrote:
Lacey wrote:If there was anything I learned OOC admining a sim, it is that you can say you are IC/OOC separated RP sim until you are blue in the face and you will still have some idiot changing that vibe for you. You say something and chaos begins. People do not respect the rules and you learn to pick your battles. Torcadino was a dice option first sim and there was people who left upon being told that that were there for months prior. They didn't even bother to read the rules, had fun on that sim, and still left upon the rule being enforced.

People take their way of doing things with them. And some of them make a point of not taking in the general idea, rules and vibe of a sim. "Oh, yes, this is a role-play sim? Cool. But I am Lord Whatsabubble, hard as steel, but a lover, not a fighter, strict but protective and I always make sure that my lil' ones get all the latest RLV collars my 50 lindens can buy and that all wear my personal brand. I know all the important brand makers!"

And then they become entrenched in a sim, maybe take the spot left by another person that understood the vision of the sim owner, because he had to spend less time in SL. Which makes the owner or remaining admin careful, 'picking their battles'. And soon, the people that came for the original vision shake their head and leave for greener pastures. And when that happens, the sim owner/admin will finally feel compelled to enforce the sim's rules and vision, and confront this type of player. Who will then get all upset and mad (rejection! Baaah!) and take his ball and go home, after setting off a drama bomb, followed by some friend/slaves/companions, one of whom will also try to detonate another drama bomb. After that, some people will leave because of all the drama. And then you have to pick up again, hoping the remainder won't leave because there are too few people left. The way of SL.

It is a tricky thing, I guess. On the one hand, as a sim owner/admin, you want people. Including people that are active, do things, make a mark, and you don't want to push them away for small things, because they don't really play 100% nice with the theme, idea of the sim, the rules and such. And you don't want to make them feel like you are always telling them how to play. They are adults, after all. On the other hand, if you want something for your sim and you don't start out by enforcing it consistently, even if that means confronting the ones that will not take kindly to you doing so, you are going to have a mess like that on your hand, quickly. I have seen it before. I am sure many here have.

Right. It used to be that mods would walk around with Green "OOC text" and would correct people whenever they messed up. Whether if it was calling each other wizards because Goreans did not know what that was or whenever someone was caught not playing fairly. These days, the general rule seems to be not to get involved until someone is called. On one hand problems might not occur or be a big deal if not brought to people's' attention and on the other hand without the mods people just keep doing what they think is okay.

To be fair, problems did not arise about the dice first until someone wanted to use dice instead of meters for role play. Then the meter people were very upset whenever their way was not given. Mostly you end up with a group of people that see that you want IC/OOC separation and then a couple comes in and from there everyone sort of follows suit. Honestly you should experiment with it.

The most annoying thing for me in Gor is slaves who talk in third person speech (the "this girl" kind not the "Lacey begs.." kind with the name). The reason is not even that they may not find enough evidence in the books to do so, it is that it is really really annoying seeing "this girl," "this one," or "this this this...". I actually banned it in rules before and people criticized that as telling people how to play. You could have a beautiful sim with no one going "This this this...," logout for the day, and return the next day to a sim filled with the annoyance, complete with free people busting heads for "not doing slave speech." True story. It only takes one. You should see how many people you could get to do something! There is an entire psychology behind it, being of the herd and sheep and all.

Far as cliques or families go, I see pros and cons. People go nuts wanting major roles. I don't see anything not BTB about a family having the major power in a caste. You guys used to fuss about mix caste families and now all the sudden, having a scribe family or whatnot is killing sims. If people want power then they should role play going after it. That sounds more fun than pretending to have it to me. That is OOC aside, you cannot do much about a sim owner choosing their friends or whatever over you. Else if you cannot be online for all that stuff be an innkeeper. That is what I do. I work a lot and do school too. Life is not fair.
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Re: BTB Legal Roleplay 2017

Postby Tamar Luminos » Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:45 pm

I don't think the problem is family or group RP per se, but instead when you get a group in that ignores the sim's genre, rules, and vision and starts playing in a fashion that is counter to what the sim's owner/s professed to want in their sim. But then they're stuck, because either they don't want to deal with the drama, or they don't want to lose players en masse, or they don't want to upset their staff who might be buddies with the toxic group. That's the key word, there, "toxic". They drive off players who otherwise support the sim owner/s' vision for the sim and leave the toxic group in charge. I think most of us have seen this, in pretty much every genre, and it always leads to the sim's closing. There's a sense of entitlement, I think, with some players, in which they feel they don't have to play by the rules and don't have to fit into a sim's setting, and they get aggressively rude and insulting when called on their bullshit and that's usually how they get away with it, people get tired of dealing with them so let them be and then wonder how their sim got away from them.

So family roleplay, while not my thing at all (I find it trite, tedious, and slightly creepy at times), isn't really the problem inherently. It's the types of 'families' or groups that get entrenched in a sim, run off all the other players, and detonate an OOC drama bomb of epic proportions if anything goes against them IC or OOC. It's hard to root those types out because these days it's so hard to get traffic in most sims, especially new ones, so it's hard for owners/staff to know when to pull the trigger and boot someone out, esp. if they threaten to take a large chunk of a valuable player base with them.
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Re: BTB Legal Roleplay 2017

Postby Qingwen » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:58 pm

Aye, like Tamar said.

I'll abide by sim rules set by the sim owner, no problem. He or she is footing the bill.
But I won't abide by Self-appointed Chief <Insert caste here> of Gor and his/her Family of Minions subset of rules. That's poor... game design.

Like a guild in a MMORPG - just because your guild is big doesn't mean you get to dictate the solo quests and loot drops.

If a group wants their own personal group/family game, they can pay for their own personal sim and set access to group only. Easy fix.
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