Thinking of coming back

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Thinking of coming back

Postby Belinda » Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:36 pm

I am finding myself as everyone seems to do at one point in their SL drawn back towards Gor but it has been a very very long time since I last even roleplayed never mind in a Gorean setting. My brief moments standing around the Hub never count lol.

So as you can imagine I'm feeling a bit lost and wary as well as out of my depth as it has been such a long time, it's that bad I have no clue where to even shop for Gorean clothing anymore, never mind looking for a place to try my hand at roleplaying lol.

As I wish to roleplay as a slave role again where might be best to get my toes wet, baring in mind that I'm from England so I tend to be online till only 2pm SLT, the bloody awful thing called RL makes me sleep early for work lol.

Cheers in advance for any tips :)
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Tamar Luminos
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Re: Thinking of coming back

Postby Tamar Luminos » Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:59 pm

Hiya, and welcome back! :wave:

This thread might help you out- we've been discussing active sims we've been playing on:

I will say, if you're more into roleplay than lifestyler, check Illyros out, they're most busy on Euro time, too.

As for shopping- what type of style are you wanting to go for? Standard camisks? Chains/jewelry? Tahari? Scraps of fabric? Fancy high-slave finery? I can think of a few decent outfits for each.

Soedara has some nice stuff

as does On a Lark

and Lua's

If you're on a budget, check out the 25L Tuesday Sale, sometimes you can luck out and find some nice stuff

Or, the We <3 RP sale always has some good stuff

And if you're needing to update to mesh (def update to mesh, it's so much better!) the Maitreya mesh bod is the one that's most supported, followed by SLink (the Physique is sleeker, more model-like and their Hourglass is more curvy/Jessica Rabbit looking), with Belleza, TMP, and others being lesser supported. But try demos if you need to and see what you like.

Likewise, for mesh heads- CATWA and Lelutka seem to be the most supported, with Genesis Labs coming up third, I believe, and Fiore and others lagging behind. The newest thing is Bento supported mesh heads- which will respond to more of the head sliders for more personalization but they are very expensive right now (3-5k Lindens).

Check that Seraphim page for more sales to hit if you want, I get good stuff at Collabor88, The Arcade, Fantasy Collective, the Fantasy Gatcha, Epiphany, Uber and more.

Have fun updating your av- and checking out new sims! :D
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