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On IC communications being "physically" (virtually?) created:

Anything that is not a direct, face-to-face scene is bad.
Some OOC time spent creating IC communications/papers is fine, but doesn't enhance RP.
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Some OOC time spent creating IC communications/papers is fine, and enhances RP, but should not be compulsory for everyone.
IC communications/papers are vital to role play, and unless a contract or letter is written out on a notecard, it does not exits.
Other (explained below)
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Re: IC Paperwork

Postby Adoveea Rau » Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:32 am

LOL Serene, I remember that roleplay in dictating/writing the letter, it was great. Everyone played it so well!!! And you ate some of my chocolates too you thief!!

If notecarding serves a purpose, used in roleplay for players to work from IN roleplay as tools AND communication-its grand.

No one has the right to demand ooc from a roleplayer.
IF they want to do it then it's roleplay fun for them and others.


I hate doing any type of notecarding, no room in my overwhelming inventory as a builder thankyouvery much.

So I did roleplay. I always was deliberately illiterate for a long time, hired scribes and always dictated letters and business contracts to those scribes as part of my roleplay and let them do all that ooc work.
Good roleplay from that as well, I also had the letters read back by another scribe to me.

One Free Woman was collared by that fact I miswrote (ha) a date in a business debt contract and it was used in court to prove a point, another had her *debt note* sold to an Ubar and found herself washing out his nasty very used furs. See why scribes are so important? I was infamous for those..cough..clerical errors..*evil grin*...

Another roleplay I recall is that some outlaws stole my one of my FW merchants, and they left a ransom note. Picture me ordering a slave to read it, she can't, and the both of us going around a village trying to find someone to read this piece of paper with "inky worm tracks " on it.

We had great ooc amusement over that, the high caste woman can't read, but outlaws can and write.

As a physician I hated that junk as well, fostering the job off to apprentices, or having a literate writing slave nearby taking notes as I commented aloud.

Notecarded ooc chores, I had one slave wash my all my robes. I got a notecard when I got back online. Short and to the point -not a long log- stating that all my robes, and underneath dainties normally unseen were washed and were hung up to dry in the paga tavern
Yah, that slave got a serious very public whipping.(laughed her head off the whole time in IM too)
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Re: IC Paperwork

Postby Lacey » Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:23 pm

I like writing letters. Sometimes I wish there was a live player to take them to someone but there is not. I NPC one. I tried role playing a business that would carry notes but I didn't find anyone interested in the same goal of having their notes delivered.

I don't like the fill in the blank note cards or most applications. Out of all the castes, my favorite is just saying the character belongs to caste X but she doesn't participate in any work. I tried participating in scribes, physicians, and even warriors (warrior clerks, what is that?). So now I am the "lazy" person who doesn't participate. I am in school and I write enough essays.
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