Gor always draws you back...

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Re: Gor always draws you back...

Postby FeorieFrimon » Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:54 pm

Well said, Tamar.

But it just takes so looooong to get anything going. So. Much. Time.

And while I certainly don't mind putting in the time for good story, it's hard to find people that have the same time expectations as you do.

When I stepped back from Gor (and SL really...) I had people tell me they like to make stories with people who put in at least 5 hours of rp a day.

Holy moley, dude. I love me some Gor and want to make epic stories, too, but I can't give 30 hours a week!

So yeah...Gor draws me back. But then I remember the -time- and I never log in.
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Re: Gor always draws you back...

Postby Tamar Luminos » Tue Apr 12, 2016 6:40 pm

LOL I'm in the same boat, Fe. I've got, at best an hour or two a night, usually more realistically 3-5 hours a WEEK. I used to be one of those people who spend hours and hours online roleplaying and yeah, you do get more and better roleplay because you do have so much more damned time to wander around, get to know people, and waste time and it's no big. Me, these days- I'm lucky if I can scrape together the brain power, energy, and free time to toss on an outfit, get some sort of idea for roleplay, and hit a sim to try to find people to roleplay with. When I had all the time in the world, I didn't mind the organic, wandering around, "let's just wait and see what happens" approach. But these days, it just doesn't work for me. I spend 15-20 mins getting "dressed", getting to the sim, finding someone to play with, and then I've got maybe an hour or so to play, and you add in wait times for posting, greetings, small talk, and if there's more than 3-4 people I'm lucky if I can get in 2-3 posts before I have to log. :facepalm:

So I've had to adjust my approach. Try to find people I want to play with, IM them, hit them up pleasantly and politely for a scene "Hiya! Sorry to bother you, and please feel free to say no- but I've got an hour or so and would love to get to roleplay a bit with you about "X" if you're free and up for it?" And sometimes I get a decent scene, and sometimes it's just more small talk. But I've found that if I don't try to coordinate things OOC ahead of time, I waste what little time I have to play doing pretty much nothing, which still happens a lot. LOL But eh, c'est la guerre.

Edits to add- and YOU, woman (Fe)- are on my list of "people I'd always love to RP with", so if you do ever hit that log in button and need someone to play with, feel free to hit me up. :D
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Re: Gor always draws you back...

Postby Dyce » Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:29 pm

Harlequin wrote:Those rules, are you fucking kidding me?

That sim needs to be flamethrowered to ash, that's the worst set of rules I've ever seen.

And anyone who would literally agree to having their SL controlled based entirely on choosing to play a specific role in a specific sim needs to have their head examined.


No matter how many times you :fryingpan: people, they still won't get it.
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Re: Gor always draws you back...

Postby Harlequin » Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:34 pm

There used to be a gif here. It was awesome. But it's gone now.
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Re: Gor always draws you back...

Postby Sasi » Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:17 pm

-Scar- wrote:See, that’s pretty much the same general thing that I went through, except that I sort of think that I’ve come out the other side of it with a different notion. I mean, you could just decide, yeah, okay, not playing this game anymore, because it’s not giving me quite what I want. Or you might decide, well, I’m not going to be able to globally change any of this stuff but I can faithfully represent my kind of Gor while wandering about in other people’s Gor and not let the disappointment be a bother. Because, you know what? Even in the most perfect situation, with the most perfect players, something is still going to be off at some point, and I’m long enough in the tooth to spot the onset of disaster a mile off, so I’ve usually walked away long before it arrives.

For example, a few days ago, I’m in some southern city of SL Gor and a couple of guardsmen elect to depart from my Gor by deciding that Assassins can’t be in their city unless marked or in disguise, and try to roleplay with me for 30 minutes so they can legally kill my guy according to their Gor’s daft sim rules. So, I gave them 20 minutes of roleplay to see if sanity might prevail, then walked off. I get followed by one of them, who tries to close the gate on me, but because he can’t accelerate past me without running, my head start has me pass through the gate so it closes behind me on him instead. By the time he’s fathomed all that out, I’ve left the sim via the entry point and I’m up in the OOC skybox market, looking through landmarks for somewhere else. What I’m not doing is letting that bother me. I’m not IMing everyone, telling them how daft they’re being. I’m simply leaving for new pastures. The next day, in the exact same city, I might meet some other players who are not so daft. Those people might get a longer play time. But, you know what? SL Gor has always been like this, a thing that fails to measure up but can sometimes hit the mark. It’s up to the individual player to decide for themselves if it’s worth wading through the mud to find that spark of brilliance. Currently, for the moment, I’m not minding the mud, because sometimes that mud can be amusing enough that I can enjoy spending 10 minutes of my life waxing lyrical about it on a forum.

Yes, I know this feeling, yes, it may even be entertaining. Sometimes, I have fun myself when I feel that just in playing an authentic character, one fitting perfectly the theme, I'm in fact, trolling these kind of people who make you wonder if they read the same books than you. If I play a slave girl in a state kennel, I may even have fun just in rezzing on the ground the collar that the slaver gave me to remove the scripts and refuse to add his name as owner on my collar, knowing that the guy will have a few difficulties to argue. Yes it's fun. But it's not a fun RP, at the end, you know that you will not stay with these people. You may too, just shrug when giving some crap RP, be tolerant, and inwardly laugh about the situation. It's fun, but not a fun RP... It's not for these scenes you keep coming to Gor RP...

Like Tamar, when I set a foot on a sim, I have always the hope to find some decent RPers who will entertain me with their creativity and will put the same effort that I do myself. It doesn't happen often but Gor always draws me back, weirdly enough. It's not for the male dominance environment, I don't give a fuck. It's because I know the theme perfectly (read the 33 books, now), it's adult themed, it's harsh, violent, multi cultural, has a nice potential for political intrigues, an environment which is close to the Ancient worlds and cultures and in playing a female character (mostly FW), the limitations imposed on my character challenge my creativity. Although, if tomorrow, a promising Roman sim opened, with a decent traffic, I would join and forget Gor.
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Re: Gor always draws you back...

Postby Qingwen » Wed Apr 13, 2016 4:33 am

Although, if tomorrow, a promising Roman sim opened, with a decent traffic, I would join and forget Gor.

I second that. I had such fun on Rome sims, and some really memorable storylines... the sims eventually fall, but that's what Rome does.. rise n fall.
There's one still around called Capua, but I haven't given it a try yet. It's rather quiet my online times.
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Re: Gor always draws you back...

Postby Aphris » Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:00 am

Being refered to Iaomai is indeed funny. Even years later you could hear when a girl was trained there "Soft paths". My standard answer always was "F* girl, you just wished me to walk though mud, or soft beach sand" :lol:
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Re: Gor always draws you back...

Postby FeorieFrimon » Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:20 pm

I got suckered in.

A friend invited me to check out this awesome little northern village.
I don't want to curse it, but I have done about 10 scenes and they have all been good. Some pretty intense. And with girls, too! (I love a sim where the chicks will RP with each other.)

Tamar...I think I just a might hit you up. :)
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Re: Gor always draws you back...

Postby Kiana Kuhr » Sat May 28, 2016 4:44 am

Hey Cortez!!! Long time no see/talk!
This post is exactly similar to one I was just about to post. I have just spent the last two years or so not being in SL and getting my Master's degree. No time at all for much of anything, but hopefully that will change this summer. Yay!

I really miss RP, but I don't miss the "standing around talking" stuff aka cantina RP lol. I miss the deep storylines, the firm separation of IC and OOC, and the risky stuff that I used to have a lot of fun doing. I don't know any sims anymore and in recent years, I abandoned playing a slave because of the utter BS at every corner. It's just not that fun when you have 2 hours to RP and 1.75 are spent with people being idiots and wasting your time by asking you to kneel and fetch them drinks from the middle of the street.

Anyway, I would love any pointers to semi-decent Gorean RP sims that exist now!

Hi to everyone else I haven't seen or talked to in awhile! :)
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Re: Gor always draws you back...

Postby Leah » Sat May 28, 2016 3:47 pm

Grats on your Master's Degree, Kiana! :)
This isn't fucking Survivor. We aren't a tribe.

If I won't put up with an in-character owner trying to control my OOC life, what makes you think I'll put up with you trying to do that?

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