Losing on Purpose

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Have you lost on purpose?

Panther: I've lost because I wanted to be capped and RP with someone or even become a slave.
Panther: I would never lose on purpose even if I wanted to OOC I wouldn't do that to my character.
Man: I've lost on purpose because I thought it would be fun to be capped by panthers for a few days or to start a bigger RP between two sims.
Man: I've never lost on purpose and never would even if it meant more RP for me and the sim.
Total votes: 22
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Re: Losing on Purpose

Postby Tashiana » Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:30 am

I don't like RPing....warriors.

I never have liked RPing warriors.

There are very few cites that I would go to, only to speak with them knowing they're geared on RP.

Many warriors go on the "I shoot first and ask questions later" and I don't enjoy that RP. RP started by combat is rarely good. And when it is, the RP is a happy accident at best.

I've also had bad experiences with those who aren't playing a warriors, but are stuck in a slasher movie.

I personally didn't have to vote on this topic, because I never put myself in a position to think of it anymore. I just avoid warriors...as my history is plagued with horrible RP from that role in particular.

.. ehm naah thats just silly.. i better change just scrap that.. I like roleplay with warriors even if I had my share of shoot first talk later, and horrible roleplay.

So I think I better stop regarding warriors as one unit... ;)

/Hugs Tash
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