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Re: Why Do (or Did) You Play a Slave Character?

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:59 pm
by Double Aa
Tamar Luminos wrote:Aashe, lawls. Do any of them still DO that??? I think I'd hurt myself laughing if I heard that shit. :lol:

Yes, adjective avalanches are alive and well- BtB, GE, 3TB and all different types of Gorean sims.

Then again, I think so much of Gorean roleplay is inherently comedic (especially the self-professed "realistic BtB" sims). I really do think slaves get the best roleplay because they have so many more interesting ways to play with the weird pedagogy of Gorean roleplay.

Re: Why Do (or Did) You Play a Slave Character?

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:51 am
by Eve Cartier
creative RP...

You're still thinking of the chocolate milk slave girl aren't you?

Re: Why Do (or Did) You Play a Slave Character?

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:49 am
by Arella
I chose other.

Boredom: Playing a FW was getting tedious.
Vanity: I wanted to have long hair and show off my awesome boobehs.
An Ad: Someone placed an ad for a slave. When I approached her about wanting the role, she brushed me off and sent me to another person who turned out to be a friend of mine on an alt that needed a slave for his business.

Re: Why Do (or Did) You Play a Slave Character?

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:00 pm
by Manon Seid
Snuck into gor some time around early fall 2007. Never heard about Gor before and never heard about BDSM before - a total noob. but i was curious and i had heard the baaad rumors of Gor too. Went to some sim and stood at the landing point reading rules. Got so scared when a big tough gorean man approached i tp'ed out ímmidiately without a word and did not dare return lol.

A few weeks later i found Midgaard and went again - found the courage to actually enter the city and was approached by a guy who wanted to enslave me...sooo i very very curiously went with that. And absolutely hated it. Two days later i was gone again. The poor guy...seen in restropective... was being nice and just wanted to teach me Gor and include a noob in his family. I found the idea of being slave thrilling...and at the same time absolutely appaling. But i had had a glimpse of the panther girls in the sim by then too and found them stunningly cool.

A month later a friend introduced me to Essex - in particular the panthers. I joined the newly founded Damu Kabila panthers there - a tiny group of friends that turned out to stick together through thick and thin for years. I never looked back. Stayed in the same group and in the same role ever since.

This spring things changed and i needed a break badly. An old friend offered to enslave my character for me to get out and actually meet some people and roleplay. I grabbed the chance and went with being his slave in Hochburg. So i guess i ended up being slave after all. Initially i tried out the role for the kink. I still like the kink despite me being appaled lol!, but thats not why i went slave now - now its the logical thing to happen to my character following a storyline. Quite fitting that the guy enslaving her in the end is one of the original warriors from Essex.

My roleplay is more or less non excistent now though, i bury myself in building instead and on rare occasions i slip into the sirik and go play. I am still hoping i will get back to it at some point though. Who knows if i can actually make my "Night" adjust to being slave in Gor after all those years of avoiding the role. Its hard and way out of my comfort zone, but at the same time - that old thrill is still there. Being ooc collared recently adds to the experience. The feel of entering into forbidden, scary, exciting lands is back from my noob days o.0

My answer in the poll: For the kink :shifty:

Re: Why Do (or Did) You Play a Slave Character?

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:17 am
by Torrid Streeter
Actually I feel I could check several of them but the primary reason is because it's the way my storyline went.I could answer this question for each female role with the character Torrid. She started as a FW, then panther, Panther Chieftess, slave then submitted slave.

Its an ongoing story, who knows what she will be a few months from now? Admittedly one has to have fun and enjoy the role they play. At each juncture of Torr's life I have enjoyed each and every role.

Re: Why Do (or Did) You Play a Slave Character?

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:12 pm
by lil.niosaki
I started with playing free women in one avatar and panther in another after I RPed with some amazing panther RPers. Panther soon became an outlaw free woman... who became enslaved by my partner. It was suppose to be a punishment collar but I submitted soon after. I freed myself in my partner's absence since I feel more at home playing a free woman... But he collared me again when he returned. I am not RPing or with any group at the moment but I still wear his collar. OOCly we do not have M/S relationship.. only in RP.

I love being his slave but probably would not be happy with another owner. We have an understanding that it's purely RP. I have yet to meet another person who can differentiate IC/OOC relationship.. or maybe I am just biased. But I got so many IMs when I first became collared.. "You are a slave now!??! Want me to come free you!?!??!" It was pretty comical. I had to explain that it was IC only. There seems to be a fine line between FW and Slave and it's not to be crossed. I even get treated differently even in IMs when I am a slave. From strangers.. those who know me well know that I am really a fw pretending to be a slave.

I find playing a fw easier than playing a slave. I do like the kink with my partner. M/S relationships are intense and that was very surprising to me.. but I get a sense that it is because of him.. I would probably never be a slave again if my partner and I stop RPing with each other. Well never say never.. as I would honor any RP within a storyline.. but I would really try my best to get myself freed again. I wouldn't willingly submit to anyone. I enjoy playing a fw but I do agree.. playing a slave is a harder role..hard to get past the whole, serve, fuck, hmmm what else is there? I love being my partner's slave but I don't really enjoy being a slave if that makes sense. I would probably be a panther again if I could choose a different role ;)