Porno Young Adult fiction

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Re: Porno Young Adult fiction

Postby Dren Bernard » Thu Sep 11, 2014 9:56 am

I wish for teenagers to fall hopelessly in love, so that you can't eat or sleep. The anticipatory unease of yes or no. Two young sets of minds meeting. Emotions in overflow. I prefer stealthy awkward kisses anytime over porn-videos-gained sexpertise.

Sex will last but that soul drenching in-love feeling won't. Priorities people. Be informed, have safe sex if you feel like it, but first, just suffer a little being in love. It is far more precious and never will cut as deliciously alive deep as later in life.
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Re: Porno Young Adult fiction

Postby Glaucon » Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:02 pm

All that is really nice, but... ah, we have to think of the children, people.

And our return on investment. Why waste all that time and effort if they are going to fall in love, watch porn screw around, maybe even get knocked up, rather than finish medical school or getting their law degree so we can boast about them?

This is a modern age. I am sure that we can do something about it. Or have our scientist do something about it, at least.

Let's go for temporary sterilization of teenagers! We already pump our kids full of pills, these days. Let's go a step further and force pills down their throat that completely block their sex-drive, until they are 'emotionally ready' for it. And more importantly, until they are economically 'ready'. Until they got their degree and completed that internship. No running around, no sin, no abortions or adoptions, no sudden grandchildren. We do it to our cats, why not our kids?

Do it not for yourself, do it for them! They will thank you later, when they are finally ready to have a relationship at 27 and kids at 33. :thumbup:

Just feed them a little pill each night, when they reach 11. Call it the 'Jesus Loves You' pill. And just think of all the heartache and anxiety you will be saving them from.

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