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Re: Europe - One day only

Postby Cassie » Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:32 am

Escapee wrote:Well, it went from very good to maybe! If I do go, I am looking at cities with layovers en route to Germany. London, Amsterdam, and Paris. I threw Rome in, just because. London is the more expensive of the three for out of pocket expenses.

But you all have given me much to consider. thank you !

Of all the European cities I visited the most expensive was Barcelona, yes even more than UK considering they asked for 20Euro to visit one of the Gaudi houses :problem: London food and hotels are expensive cause of the coin but museums and many places are cheap in comparison or just free.

Rome's best place for me what this church built on top of a pagan temple. If you go undeground its very cold and damp... was the coolest thing for me there.
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