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Re: SL 2.0

Postby Mehrunes Unsworth » Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:30 am

I'm looking forward to it, especially if it can be done with less lag, better visuals, and maps that aren't all so tiny and square shaped. I was really excited about cloud party until Yahoo bought it out and killed it, that was the thing that lit the fire under LL's ass to finally implement materials, it also had custom skeletons for animating.

Maybe this time around we'll have better camera angles, less ridiculous texture lag, more responsive sensors. Really there is all sorts of stuff one can list as lessons learned from the current iteration of SL that could make a new one quite awesome.
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Eve Cartier
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Re: SL 2.0

Postby Eve Cartier » Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:28 am

I've had some times to think about it. Here are my thoughts.

First, I agree with the idea that SL needs a restart. It is SO different from what it was when it began and over the years the amount of patching and upgrades is staggering. I can't help but think the game is more duct tape than game at this point. I look forward to them using the experience of SL to start new and make something better.

SL really stands at the top of the pack when it comes to customer content creation so they would be foolish to rest on their laurels and lose that spot to another. The technology has drastically advanced, I look forward to seeing what they manage to do with it.

Also, I think SL has always been a lame duck when it comes to marketing. It has always just spread by word of mouth which worked for awhile but hasn't worked well since. On top of that they tried to bring in a lot of companies, in the beginning, to try and become virtual. Remember you used to be able to "test drive" audis? Remember the clothing store you could try on clothes at, then, using Lindens, order the same shirt for yourself that would be sent to your home? All of these fell by the wayside because they never got any further support from the Lindens and there was no way to spread the news about these, and other events, to the entire grid. Instead we had people coming to try the game for the first time, end up on newbie island with a really crappy and difficult start up tutorial only to get dumped on some random sim between a newbie looking woman immediately asking for your Lindens, a Furry cat with a kiss exploder and a giant dancing penis with a sound loop... WELCOME TO SECONDLIFE! No wonder so few actually stayed around.

That said, I do have concerns;
- My name! I want to keep my freaking name! I will be throwing a full on kindergarten tantrum if I can't keep my name.
- I hope they don't forget their base customers. My fear is they will assume everyone from SL will just follow, no matter what, so their focus will be on pleasing the newcomers instead of keeping the loyal followers. Specifically when it comes to building. SL has not been the most "noob" friendly when it comes to the building tools. It takes serious work and effort to get to use and understand all the nuances of the tool set. Hell, I just learned something new today myself and I've been doing it for awhile. I really... really hope they don't dumb down the tool set in order to make it friendly for everyone. I'd be fine if they had a basic tool set and a more advanced tool set, but I just don't want them to take out advanced capabilities.
- I hope they don't get greedy. I have heard they already announced they will be taking out a larger percentage on things sold in the new marketplace (don't ask me where I heard that) and I am okay with a slightly higher percentage. I just hope they don't take so much that it kills creativity.

In the end, I just hope they have learned from past mistakes and it really does end up all for the better.
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Re: SL 2.0

Postby Glaucon » Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:29 pm

Pretty good analysis of why SL didn't become the huge success it seemed set to become during the hype in 2006/2007.

I think that one thing we need not worry about is our names. Most likely, they will reserve them for 6 months or something.
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Re: SL 2.0

Postby Mynerva » Sun Jul 13, 2014 7:30 am

I would love to check out a SL 2.0. Maybe it would inspire me to explore again and spend some time in the game. I have gotten tired of sl - with all the people looking so similar and the emphasis on the mesh tits and mesh asses and in the end everyone looks like a clone of everyone else.

I have spent very little time inworld because I have serious issues with my shoulder. I sit down and start typing and the pain begins immediately. So every time I logged in - I am fighting the pain and it become an unpleasant experience. Maybe that is why the mesh asses have been even harder on my eyes :shock:
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Re: SL 2.0

Postby DarbyDollinger » Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:41 am

I tried roleplaying with voice recognition software a few years back, but unfortunately it wasn't supported and I spent more time correcting the mistakes than I would have saved using it.

But if SL 2 has voice recognition support, roleplay could become a lot faster and more free flowing.

Then you could add Oculus Rift and roleplay while you're sitting on the couch or laying by the pool.

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