What made you Unhappy today?

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Re: What made you Unhappy today?

Postby Ceri the Urt » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:09 pm

Mal and I had to move due to a work relocation. We bought our house at the height of the market, and had to sell just as the market was starting to recover...needless to say, we couldn't sell the darn house and we couldn't pay a mortgage on one and rent on another. We had to short sale or foreclose. Mal is an honorable man. He HATES screwing anyone, including the bank, so we decided to try and short sale so the bank could at least make some money off that pit of a house. Did I mention it was 60 years old and had an inground oil tank that leaked? When we finally did manage to sell it, we had to pay the buyers to take it because we had to pay for soil testing to make sure it was safe...sigh....

Anyway, we moved. Offered my parents the Master bedroom in our house so they could retire (which they could never do where they lived, and my dad is sick, so to help out my mom....here they are.) They have been a blessing. I went back to school, got a new career, got my eyes fixed, then saved my dads life...(he collapsed and I gave him CPR and brought him back). I thought....finally, our luck has changed. Shit was sort of getting back together...we were going to buy a brand new house in this beautiful new development. Fanny Mae had changed the rules so it was only a 2 year penalty for a short sale if you have an exemption. We found the Perfect house for all of us...

Then we get told that if we had FORECLOSED we could have gotten a loan no problem, but because we short saled, and because it was for a job relo, we had to wait 4 years or pay 100,000 down for the house.

This is not fair, we did everything right...we can afford the damn house...we just don't have 100,000 to put down dangit. ARGHHHH

Anyone want to donate $100,000? LOL {Points to the paypal button} hehehe *sigh*
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