Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

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Re: Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

Postby Glaucon » Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:29 pm

I read that the guy in the lead on the deformer mesh project was actually pretty gracious. He said that fitted mesh was a good solution. Simpler than his solution from a development point of view. Harder for clothing creators (more rigging to do), but otherwise not a bad way to go.

He also said that Linden Labs didn't want to use the code he and the deformer mesh people created because it was him (because he expressed himself strongly about that big ToS change, I am guessing). So, yes, politics.

I am not a clothing creator. That avastar blender thing takes care of the rigging for most of them?
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Re: Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

Postby Cassie » Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:59 pm

There is a tutorial for a blender plug in called Rising Star that I saw at the moment. I have used Blender for poses... tried but I gave up and moved to DAZ when I am really into.

I have seen a few designers post it but as you said very few so I suppose it is more complicated for the major brands after all.
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Re: Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

Postby Manon Seid » Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:21 pm

In Avastar rigging is pretty much a matter of pushing a button. But after that you still need to fine tune the weighting. Its difficult to get skirts and pants to move just right with the avatar and this is where the work comes in transforming a clothes model into something useable for SL.

Avastar takes care of a few steps that regular Blender with no addons dont have automatically regarding transferring from blenders format to collada format, thats useable in SL. It breaks down the workflow to something thats a lot easier to deal with when designing for SL specifically. It IS possible to design clothes - possibly even fitted mesh clothes for SL in Blender without Avastar. But i for one have no clue how.

Too bad its still buggy or we would see an explosion in fitted mesh by now. But soon...
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Re: Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

Postby Caranda » Sat May 24, 2014 8:04 pm

I just invested in a headless mesh body called "wowmeh".

Basically it makes your linden body invisible (except for your head) and adds a fitted mesh body. The great thing is that the fitted mesh body changes shape as you change the linden sliders so you can make it completely individual and also reproduce generally the shape of your linden body. The shape is much nicer than the regular linden body and it doesn't seem to distort like the linden body does in some poses.

So far I am very impressed. Will post some pics when I get myself looking a bit better.
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Re: Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

Postby Oor » Sun May 25, 2014 1:01 am

I like the Wowmeh body, but I haven't bought it because I really don't have any characters active right now that would be naked often enough to warrant the spent. It's great for players that do though, I think.

I'm still in two minds about the heads. Some of them can look great, and while I've seen some amazing avatars that use them, I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of making my own faces and using tattoo layers now that I finally seem to be not-so-terrible at doing it. I think for some people who struggle with sliders or don't want to put in the time it takes to not look like a freak with no chin, or like Desperate Dan, they're a good, quick fix that will always look at least passable. As long as you don't make your body way too big like I've seen a few times with that creepy kid-looking mesh head.

I own the creepy-kid-looking mesh head and the LOGO one, but I use neither.

I also own Lolas but don't use them. I think they look a bit silly on thinner avatars, and I generally like to make my avatars on the thinner side because I seem to have a preference for 'agile' characters. On that note though, there are boobs called "perkies" that are shapes as a smaller breast. They work with lolas appliers, but unfortunately the shading is all off (obviously) for the shape. I'd like to see these developed a bit more (they're difficult to fit) and more skin-makers making appliers for them.

Hands and feet are basically a 'must have' at this point I think, almost as much as mesh hair is. Suddenly the sausage fingers I grew to love are an abomination and walking on planks is no longer acceptable. But the slink ones are best - for female avatars anyway. The hands that come free with "TheShops" skins are so bad i just bought Slink and tinted them. Saying that, there's a whole load of issues with The Shops business model - I can't see myself going for a skin from there again unless they start making appliers.

I like the ears - on men though, usually. I've seen them on a couple of chicks and they look good, but mostly they look good on dudes. The Skinnery ones are the best from what I can tell.

Despite mesh eyes being higher resolution in terms of textures, I still find myself using system eyes. Mesh is handy for the multitudes of people afflicted with heterochromia around SL though I guess. I think this is just laziness on my part too. I did play a one-eyes character and used a mesh eye and a sclera base, so again it opens up options for character customisation.

Phat azz - no.

Mesh lashes - no. Probably an issue with my viewer but they always look like my 13 y/o little sister when she puts on six layers of four different mascaras over three hours. I like redgrave's lashes too much anyways.

Mesh nipples - what I use instead of Lolas, because I want fancy tatas too. I love the ones from lotus. They drip and squirt milk - praise the kink community for our role play props.

Mesh pubes - because I like pubes.

PENIS! - good lord there are too many controls on that Aeros HUD. But Aeros is the way to go I think.

Did I miss anything out?

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Re: Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

Postby Cassie » Sun May 25, 2014 1:25 am


Yeah I agree on your choices.

I bought the wowmeh cause they told me I could modify my shape with it and it's true.
Indeed the real helpful thing is making your boobs biggers does not make them square anymore and you get natural nipples (and the option to detach them for clothing) with finally a none pixelated butt crack. Not even phatazz and associates managed that.

Mesh clothing fits if you are sizes to one of the standard sizes, you can Alpha any part of the body to fit clothing and comes with hands and feet (slink looks better but a nice option).

I am waiting for Slink to come out with hers so my Slink attachments fit better since even the mesh hands look better. Wowmeh has too tiny wrists and I like my avatar a little bulky.

Mesh heads? No, no point on them. The fact that people state shadows look better makes no sense to prefer them to making your own head. Same as mesh eyes and mesh lashes (I like modifing my prim lashes).

Maybe they can make fit mesh heads and add some cute roman noses or arab noses... now that would be helpful. :hrm:

But please someone tell me, why are men using the mesh mouth! They look like retard rabbits! :covereyes:
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Re: Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

Postby Tamar Luminos » Sun May 25, 2014 3:21 pm

Woo, I can weigh in on a few of these.

Mesh head- I bought the Logo one and it's pretty enough. I like it for certain avatars but also still tend to use my own shapes or premade shapes when I want more diversity. Here's how I styled it:


Mesh boobs- I like my Lola's, but I shrank them down quite a bit. I wasn't sure about them till I started finding skin appliers for my favorite skins and I like them quite a bit now:


Mesh hands and feet- yeah, so much better than system. They pretty much are a Must Have at this point and while I adore Gos's feet, Slink has won me over with the abundance of appliers and shoe add-ons now. Slink for hands and feet.

Mesh eyes- I'm a fan. They just seem to hold their textures better and look clearer, brighter, sharper to me. I like IKON or Mayfly for the eyes, myself.

Mesh bootay- haven't tried yet. I've seen it done well, and I've seen it done...really badly. I'm on the fence, may give it a try.

Mesh lips- kill it with fire. I've never seen these done well.

Mesh lashes- can be done well, but are a PIDA to get adjusted and fitted. I tend to stick with system for this, AL VULO has a nice "doll lashes" that I love.

Mesh body- I'm curious. Gonna give the Wowmeh a try and see how I like it. I do know the new mesh system av's are pretty scary- esp. the female shapes/skins are really badly done.

Mesh hair/clothes/accessories- should be a staple at this point. I rarely wear anything but these days.
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Re: Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

Postby Frevet » Sun May 25, 2014 5:55 pm

Meshheads: Nope. The Logo head is SO damn overused, it's like a clonearmy, no matter the make up/rest of the shape. Plus, a terribly strange sideview in my book. I am truly waiting for more Vive9/SLINk and The Shop heads, they are much more refined and the applier system seems soo soo neat. Once there is a myriad of meshheads, maybe I will be convicned. Until then, I like MY face better.

Hands and Feet: Must have. I love Slink for the versatility with shoes but if I am just barefoot, I use Just Design's feet, they are prettier and more detailed in my book. However, Slink is really a must have with all the shoes.

Meshbooty: I got the cute ass and I love it. It is way different from the phat ass and whenever my avi is nekkid, I quite like it. The phat ass looks ridiculous though.

Meshbody: Wowmeh, nope. Isn't compatible with SLINK hands and the boobies look way, way off to me. I am looking forward though to the soon to come SLINK body and Belleza Body!

Mesheyes: YES! Love how clear they are. There IS a very visible difference. Dead Apples, Buzzeri, The Skinnery, Mayfly and Ikon.

Meshboobs: I love my Lolas. I sized them decently and don't look like a dumb bimbo with them.

Meshlashes: There are two types of meshlashes: A meshprim with drawn on lashes (texture) and actual meshlashes (like Maitreyas). The latter almost always look like shit on pics and even inworld. I use my meshlashes by Snowrabbit and I LOVE them.

I don't think I need to mention that meshclothes/accessories/decorating/hair is pretty much standard nowadays. :P

Also, guys. Aeros cocks. No others are valid. Please leave your ugly ass Xcites at home. :P
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Re: Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

Postby DarbyDollinger » Mon May 26, 2014 1:00 am

I've decided not to wear the mesh ass. I like my own one.
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Re: Mesh What?!!?? Hands, Heads &

Postby Harlequin » Mon May 26, 2014 1:25 am

Since I wear a physics ass at all times to keep my foes mesmerized, I cannot wear a prim ass. it ruins the effect of my Battle Ass.
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