Hedon - Adult Public RP Playhouse

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Hedon - Adult Public RP Playhouse

Postby Syndel » Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:48 pm

Tried to post under the Non-Gorean Sims thread but it keeps logging me off from the forum: must be some glitch. :(

Anyways, everybody is welcome to visit Hedon.


°.•°•.★* *★ .•°•.° HEDON °.•°•.★* *★ .•°•.°

♠ Hedon is a tasteful adult public roleplay playground.

♠ It's a place that you visit with company or to find new company of interest. Good to play random scenes or to incorporate as part of your storylines.

♠ It's located in The Keys (USA), but it can be anywhere your heart desires that will suit your roleplay: around the corner, through a portal, between dimensions, in your dreams, you decide how you came here, what part you play and why you're around.

[-----> QUICK RULES <-----]

Breaking the following rules will cause instant ejection and possible banning:

• No soliciting or begging.
• Escorts are welcome to bring their clients here and use the facilities but we ask that a donation is left.
• No bling, no flexible clothes or hair (animated mesh hair is ok).
• 18+ appearance (we reserve the right to eject any avatar that resembles minor aged).
• No combat or scripted weapons.
• No Bloodlines.
• No spamming gestures.
• No voice chat.

[-----> DRESS CODE <-----]

There isn't one. It's alright to be naked or dressed as it would make sense to your character in this sort of environment.
We accept all species and sexual orientations.

[-----> RULES <-----]

♠ If you're here, you're looking to meet people and sex is an obvious possibility. Of course, nobody is forced to go through with it when there's no attraction: in this case, how you handle each flirty approach is your own business, but polite interaction is encouraged.

♠ Absolutely no OOC. This includes OOC questions regarding gender, age etc and invasive OOC requests (cam, photo etc). If the person wishes to provide such sort of information, we're sure that they will of their own accord but, otherwise, assume it's invasive and uncomfortable.

♠ It's a writer's place. Unless you're afk, you're expected to roleplay in one of the three modalities:
• Short lines (1-2 lines, turn-based)
• Semi-paragraph (between 3-5 lines, turn-based)
• Paragraph (as many lines as you wish, turn-based)
Some people will adapt to another's roleplay style and some might just not be the ideal match. Please, be reasonable and understand if it doesn't work out.

♠ Approach people in IMs with a roleplay line or random conversation and go from there. Due to the possibility of storylines being in a different vibe, we encourage all interactions to happen in IMs to avoid disruption in open.

♠ If you have a certain scene in mind, ideally you should hang out in the area of the house that allures to that and likeminded individuals may find you.

♠ Going AFK:
• Always mark yourself Away or AFK somehow if you're not present as to not leave people writing to you without answer.
• Some people have the fetish to be used while AFK. If that's your case, mark yourself Away or AFK and log into a rose (tip jar) to signal that you're ok to have your avatar manipulated into sexual situations. Of course, in this case, roleplay or writing of any form isn't expected: by taking the mentioned steps, you're giving full consent to be simply a doll-like sex toy.

♠ Keep it fun and don't disturb the enjoyment of others. If you wish to voyeur, it's ok. If you wish to participate, IM the couple in order to make a conference chat.

♠ It's absolutely ok to roleplay as if you live or work at Hedon. Suggested ideas are maintenance employees (grounds keeper, maid, cook, janitor etc), prostitutes hired by the house and available for new arrivals, bartender and whatever else your heart desires. No need permission for that.

♠ Make sure your profile contains your limits and make sure to peruse the profile of your interest to see if it's a match. If during the course of interaction something crosses the line, it's (of course!) ok to fade it all to black and interrupt the roleplay.

♠ It's totally fine to be a different character every time you come here as well as it is to maintain the same one. Just have fun!

[-----> TIP JARS <-----]

♠ There are red and white roses scattered around that function as tip jars. Anyone in the Hedon group can log into them. They are set to give 10% of the donation towards the maintenance of our grounds. They are as optional as it's optional for anyone to donate into them (no escorting) but we strongly encourage appreciation for a fellow roleplayer who might have entertained you so they might keep on improving their looks etc.

♠ If you log on a tip jar, do it for sport and because you'd like to help the house: don't expect a donation and don't ever ask for one (no escorting).

[-----> HEDON GROUP <-----]

♠ Copy this link and post in open chat to join group.

[-----> PRIVACY <-----]

♠ Hedon isn't a place to be shy at but if you're looking for privacy, we have thematic skyboxes available for rental and use. Just pay the teleport pad for the amount of time you desire to stay and have fun.

[-----> HEDON'S MAINTENANCE <-----]

♠ Hedon has, as only source of maintenance, the 10% of the tip jars, the rental of the skyboxes and the kind donations of who appreciates the place. So, if you like Hedon and feel inclined, leave us some love in the Donations box by the entrance. Thank you in advance! <3

♠ Many people have the habit of tipping directly and not in the tip jar. That's sad because they are removing the opportunity of helping Hedon improve and continue. If that happens, we politely ask you to leave us a donation.

[-----> ADMINS <-----]

♠ We won't moderate interpersonal grievance that doesn't break our rules. If you feel that they've been violated, mute the individual and put a notecard in the suggestions box by the skyboxes teleport pads and we'll analyze the situation.

♠ If the sim is being grieved, please inform in group chat.

Thank you for stopping by!
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Re: Hedon - Adult Public RP Playhouse

Postby FeorieFrimon » Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:05 pm

Cool idea! can't wait to check it out! :)

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