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Re: Svago

Postby Tamar Luminos » Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:15 pm

Had a surprisingly pleasant experience in Svago last night. My bar for Gorean sims is set pretty low, so I didn't really expect much when I tp'ed in, fully expected to do my usual: wander aimlessly for an hour or so till I get bored and tp out. Instead, I speak briefly to one of the Admins, Nikki, due to having to revamp my character from slave to FW (recycled slaver caste character) and she was pleasant, professional, and efficient- letting me know that was fine, I didn't have to re-app, and also fixing my role in the group quickly.

She was very nice to speak to in IM's, and I let her know I appreciated her help and we chatted briefly about our respective experiences in old sims before I tp'ed down to see about possibly getting into some roleplay. It's always hardest for me to take that first step when I start out in a new sim alone. That first attempt to tp down and put my character out there is always a little hard, I guess because I'm a touch shy when I am in a new place and don't know most of the people.

To my surprise, not too long after I'd tp'ed down and was standing in the Inn alone and wondering what to do next, Nikki tp'ed down to me and started up a scene, just the two of us, and then in the course of events, led my character to meet another character to keep the roleplay going and start up a new storyline of my slaver getting business contacts for stock and supplies she needed. I was so surprised and grateful to Nikki for that bit of kindness, it may not seem like much, but to a person new to your sim, that little bit of help getting started is invaluable and it is so rare to see anyone do that- to my experience, at least.

I ended up having a fun little bit of scene getting my character introduced to Svago, and getting some important info about who she needs to talk to next IC, as well as networking a contact for possible supplies. And it likely wouldn't have happened without that little bit of help. Some folks are self-starters, and can jump in fearlessly anywhere and start roleplay up with anyone, but some of us need a little help. I was lucky enough to find a sim with at least one Admin who seemed happy to help, and that's a pretty rare occurrence these days.
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Re: Svago

Postby Saras » Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:01 am

ImageSunsets in Svago by Saras, on Flickr

ImageJareth Valgard by Saras, on Flickr

ImageMarket Day by Saras, on Flickr

ImageTraining by Saras, on Flickr

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