GM meter - There is no skill involved?

Is there skill involved in becoming a good GM meter combattant?

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Re: GM meter - There is no skill involved?

Postby Meriah » Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:30 pm

Anarch Allegiere wrote:If a sim lags the lag will be the same for everyone. (This is called sim FPS)

If your computer however isn't as good as someone elses you might have bad cases of "slideshow" action sometimes, where the other person will see his visuals smoothly still. So while you have to try and fight with 2 frame updates per second, the other person will be able to smoothly aim his cursor at you.

Another problem with low personal FPS is that it also lags your input most of the time. If your PC is doing all the effort in the world to be able to keep up with the graphics it has to show (and can only manage to give you a slideshow as result) it'll also delay keyboard and mouse input. So you won't be swinging your sword as much or with as good timing as someone who has a better machine.

So sim FPS is the same for everyone, if a sim lags out it'll cause the same lag / inability to control your character for everyone, no advantages or disadvantages for anyone here. But if it's an issue of your machine not able to keep up with the graphics, personal FPS, then you'll be at a disadvantage against someone with a good machine who can smoothly position, point and time his attacks against you who is stuck in a series of slow slideshow graphics.

I agree here. Even if the sim has slowed down the ability to aim is diminished by lower personal frame rate not sim frame rate. With the the exception of bad lag spikes I don't think sim frame rate is too big an issue.

There have been times where lag has spelled certain disaster for me. In one case I was crossing a sim and got attacked by the town gate guards. No sweat I think! Normally it would not have been bad but I could not move from the spot fast enough to avoid the impending rain of arrows. I was on a treadmill and the arrows kept crawling toward me. The situation got even more amusing because when finally got behind something to hide, the server rewound me and put me right back in front of the arrows. About 5 of them were hanging in the air waiting for me to reappear. Which leads me to the believe that when sim speed is a factor, the advantage is almost always afforded to the defender.
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Re: GM meter - There is no skill involved?

Postby Faust Adrastus » Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:52 am

In raids, it's all about the mind games.

In bow combat, it's a twitch reaction shooter.

In sword combat, it's a bit of both.

There is skill involved, obviously, in all three counts.

GM is simple, but in that simplicity is also nearly endless complexity. Tetris is a simple game, but those who play it at its highest level are akin to wizards.

If you think there is no skill involved in GM combat, then you're simply just not any good at it. Beyond that, you're bitter about not being good at it.

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