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Advertising Details

Postby Ceri the Urt » Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:34 pm

Advertising with the Gorums


  • 15 Day Campaign: $1,000 L $4.00 US (67 L / $0.29 per day)
  • 30 Day Campaign: $1,800 L $7.50 US (60 L / $0.25 per day)
  • 60 Day Campaign: $3,200 L $12.00 US (53 L / $0.20 per day)
If you would like to setup a advertising campaign longer than shown please contact to discuss options and pricing.

Advertisement Image:
Your advertisement should be a 110px X 110px image and can be a rotating gif consisting of up to 10 different images.
Acceptable Formats: .jpg, .png, .gif

Due to the fact a lot of people check the gorums from work please keep images G/PG rated. Inappropriate advertisements will be returned for revision.

To start a campaign you can do any of the following:

  • Pay in Ceri Kesten SL
  • Pay via PayPal (below)

Your PM or e-mail should include:
  • Your FULL SL name and the name of your store
  • Your desired length of campaign
  • Your advertisement as well as a SLURL to your in game store or a URL to your blog/marketplace store.
  • Payment transaction # (which you can get from the website under "Transaction History") or your PayPal Transaction ID.

Why advertise with the Gorums?

The Gorums receive, on average, 1.5M hits per month (50K hits a day). Your ad will appear on every page that a person loads due to the design of the forum.

[04:48 AM] Taylor Schroeder: (Saved Tue Oct 04 00:11:12 2011) i want to thank you! i've had my ad up for 2 days, and i've gotten 2 IMs from people!! This is awesome. Direct results!

Want an animated gif but not sure how to make one?
We can make that for you for 200L.
Send your payment to Ceri Kesten in game and an email to with the pictures you wish to have rotating in your gif.
Label them with what you would like to show first to last and we will make the gif and put it up for you!

Advertising already but want to change your image?
Feel free to send us an updated version and we will get it up for you ASAP!

How will I know when my campaign is about to end?
Campaigns start when we post your advertisement. A reminder will be sent via email or board PM 3 days before your advertisement campaign is scheduled to end.

What if the Gorums are offline?
If for any reason the forum goes down, campaigns will be extended to match the hours in which we were offline.

What if my user account gets banned from the Gorums?
If the owner of the ad for whatever reasons gets banned from the gorums the ad will run unaffected until the campaign ends.
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