Rules, Policy and Regulations.

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Rules, Policy and Regulations.

Postby Ceri the Urt » Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:18 pm

Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech suggest you can openly discuss kiddie porn, pro-drug use as well as pro-hate crimes--all of which are against the TOU of the host of this site. Instead, "discussions fitting the spirit of the related forums within the content restriction of the respective location" as better, and more accurate wording.


Ownership of words/copyright
Your words anywhere on the site belong to you as long as you can edit it. Once the ability to edit has been removed, it becomes the property of You as the author are in no way limited in your reuse of content provided.

Other members as well as site guests fall under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. For further information, click the copyright button at the bottom of any page.

1. No posting of any members confidential RL information without the members explicit permission to do so. This includes: RL name, personal contact information, sexual orientation, gender, additional avatars (alts) in SL and additional accounts in these forums. Disclosing your own personal information, either by forum post or profile information, is consent for others to repeat it. Disclosure in any other medium, including Second Life, is not considered consent for these boards. Veiled "hints" or guesses about any of the information above will be considered a breech of this rule and the person will be reprimanded for it.

2. No Racial Slurs or Derogatory comments will be tolerated.

All Warnings and Bans will come directly from me,unless I am unable to get to a computer and the problem must be addressed asap. Then a mod has the right to issue a warning and/or a temporary ban until I can review the situation.

Bans will be issued after a meeting with the mods to review the issue. Bans are the absolute LAST resort of a bad situation. They will not be given for any specific complaint or breech in rules. They will be determined by the severity of the complaint, how long the issue has been going on, and how previous reprimands were handled.

Flags will only be responded to if they breech these rule, and only if the person who flags the post is the person who was the victim of the offence.
Example: If Jane calls Jack an idiot, and Jack laughs it off. I don't want a flag from Larry yelling because Jane insulted Jack.

The board is an OOC medium unless otherwise specified on the forum. NO ONE should attack ANYONE in SL in RP because of something said here.

That being said. You CANNOT Bribe, Blackmail, Threaten the staff. Myself and my staff are neutral parties. Contrary to popular belief, we do not play favorites. I have banned friends for breaking the rules here and I am not shy about doing it again. No one gets preferential treatment.

We are not the police. We cannot decipher if a log has been tampered with or not therefore we will not make any judgement calls that pertain to someone being harassed or stalked either in SL or on the forums unless it is done in public and is blatantly obvious.
Stalking as defined by the boards is someone who is obsessively posting to a person with threats of violence.
Stalking is NOT someone who posts to your posts with an opposite opinion even if they do this with more then one post. This is a public forum, everyone is entitled to write a response to every post.

Finally, We are all adults here, but the people who actually look like adults are ones that do not resort to petty name calling, taunting, or whining. Getting the last word in an argument does NOT mean you won. It simply means people are tired of listening to you. Know when to walk away. It does not make you weak, it makes you smart.
Don't raise your voice, Improve your Argument.

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