Opportunities @ Malignance: Tales of Port Kar

This Forum is for people or homes to advertise for players they need in their rps, or for players to advertise themselves to homes that might need them.
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Opportunities @ Malignance: Tales of Port Kar

Postby Syndel » Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:21 pm

** All housing is free of cost **

- Slaver house (120 prim allowance - Crimson Spear faction): experienced Slaver (s) with a stock of minimum 5 girls/boys who takes seriously the mercantile process of training and auctioning slaves. Paragraph roleplayer. No notecard training.

- Tavern master (Crimson Spear faction)

- Blacksmith (any faction)

- Scribes (any faction)

- Physicians (veterinarians) (any faction)

- Warriors / Mercenaries (any faction)

- Kanda dealers (Crimson Spear faction)

... and anything else your heart desires to play and is logical to the world of Gor :)

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