The Golden Circle - Recruitment

This Forum is for people or homes to advertise for players they need in their rps, or for players to advertise themselves to homes that might need them.
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The Golden Circle - Recruitment

Postby Syndel » Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:38 pm


There was a new slaver house in Port Kar, said to acquire, by all means possible, the most beautiful women of Gor and turn them into coveted girl slaves fetching no less than ten golden tarns each. However, it wasn't easy neither to purchase their property nor to become one - both the price tag and the discipline inflicted on the chattel were prohibitive for most. Customers and slavers selling property were asked to seek appointment prior to even knocking at the door, and even then a password for entrance was required. The current word that would open it was “Glana”, and those interested in the trading of human flesh and belonging to influential circles, could have heard about it.

The Golden Circle did not breed slaves, but it specialized in training and styling pleasure and display slaves as well as dancing girls. For this reason, most of their stock was made of females, either born free or enslaved. It was also rumored that some of the most skilled, shrewd lure girls were to be shaped there. They insisted that they did not train other people’s slaves, and owners were asked to sell their property to try to buy it back from the slaver, at the slaver’s discretion. A risk few men or women would take.

The owner of the prestigious house was Lance of Port Kar. A man who people knew little of, but who appeared to be thirty years of age or so, perhaps too refined and neatly dressed to belong to the caste of slavers, which he was never confirmed being part of. A lonely man, who spent most of his day within the walls of newly created business and organizing secretive, mysterious feasts in which both free men and women were invited in to check the stock while disguise themselves and behaving as dangerously as they fancied while under the protection and privacy he promised. The only way to get in was to pronounce the password to the guard at the entrance.

During the first days of its creation, and after the first acquisition of his slave Beatriz, it was known that Lance was looking to purchase exactly four more slaves to begin training his first batch, “The Premiere Lot”. Slavers across Gor could learn of this and arrive to Port Kar to offer their slaves, knowing no one would pay more for them than the overly ambitious, proud Lance of Kar. They had of course, to be extraordinarily beautiful –he knew he could easily erase any character flaw.

1. A blond female pleasure slave with a voluptuous body
2. A red haired female dancer with strong, curvaceous legs
3. A black skinned female slave able to read and write
4. A eunuch male slave, strongly built

But that was not all he needed. He was also seeking for a few free men and women to help him out. Word spread of the need for the following positions within The Golden Circle, mostly in the streets of Port Kar. People were asked to send a letter to Lance requesting an interview or presenting themselves at the door and say the words “Inner Circle” as the password for that recruitment.

1. An accounting scribe, ideally from Port Kar who could be his local connection
2. A guard, skilled with sword and longbow to venture into the rencer’s marshes
3. An experienced male slaver to help train and oversee the slaves
4. A low caste woman to cook, clean and go to the market


- This is a place for those with some experience in immersive, paragraph roleplay, lot term plotlines, the ability to organically create roleplay for themselves and separating IC from OOC.
- Slave players will find their characters sold without consensus, but guaranteed that they will be paired with players with the described preferences above.
- There will be no notecards given nor received, of any kind, since we are not here to do that but to interact with each other. So no bills of sale, no certifications, no chores. The only accepted notecards will be letters sent back and forth when needed.
- Lance, when appraising a slave will do it based on looks and ability to write in longer form. While we all see our avatars looking good, only updated ones will be let in (mesh hair, good skin, realistic-colored eyes, realistic body shape, etc). Please accept his decision to buy or hire, and keep it in-character.
- Slave players will not need to talk OOC with no one of the house, or vice-versa, and definitely won’t need to address the free players as ‘master’, ‘mistress’, ‘sir’ or whatever in IMs –in fact, we ask that you keep those to the minimum.

Lance (martin.grantham)

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