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Crimson Spear - Recruitment

Postby Syndel » Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:17 pm

Malignance: Tales of Port Kar ... /196/43/28


Dyce a.k.a. Marlenus of Ar (dyce.boucher)

Points of Interest and Expertise:
Made up of unrecognized war veterans, disillusioned refugees from the downfall of the Arian Empire and the disciplined evil of the secret side of Gor. Focus in espionage, assassination and commando guerilla tactics.

Ubar's Overall Mood:
Sarcastic and cynical at times, dark and dire at others. Instead of making an attempt to claim authority over others in the city, Dyce - and the Crimson Spear - is set upon making a safe place for the lost and the forgotten. To do this, however, takes pillaging, banditry and the correct application of force.

How power was achieved:
" I was originally born in Port Kar, so I knew her streets and canals well enough for when the revolution began. I admit that I was one of the instigators. Port Kar had always welcomed any stranger with open arms, though whether that stranger could survive her embrace or not was up to fate. When my company and I attempted to find refuge within Port Kar from the chaos of Ar's collapse of its empire, we were refused by certain captains from the council who had taken it upon themselves to oversee the city's growing population. With the wars with Cos, Port Kar was on the mend and the council of captains was weak and these captains refused to permit entry to not tax the city's already failing resources. Turned away from the city I was born, I had no recourse but to take what I desired under tradional custom of Port Kar. By slaying a captain and showing him Thassa, I took house, ships and men under my authority. Others saw opportunity and began to do the same. The council of captains began to see the threat upon them and fought back against those of us taking territory for ourselves, proclaiming that we were legally denied entry and residence in Port Kar. The revolution had begun. Through guile and the correct application of the agents in my employ, I eliminated the majority of my agressors surrounding my new house in the city and erected a perimeter. Bridges were burnt or destroyed, canals were blocked or set ablaze with tharlarion oil, barricades were placed in the streets. Through a long, drawn-out war of attrition, subterfuge, murder and espionage, the attacks began to slowly cease and my men and I could finally call ourselves survivors. That did not mean the strife did not continue, however. Due to differences of opinions, misunderstandings and outright violence, the Council of Captains waned and lost its authority completely as it was swallowed by the men that began expanding their territories in the city. By general acclaim from my men, I was uplifted to Ubar due to the constant strife, though my territories are beset upon from all sides. To keep a calm eye in the storm is the best I could hope for - a sanctuary for lost souls while pressing for supplies and necessities from neighboring factions and destroying upstart captains from having delusions of remaking the council. It is Year 1 of the Swordsworn, dedicated to the men who pledged their swords to the city's new rising powers, and I have carved for myself and those like me a piece of the city to live as we desire. "

Expectations for those willing to align with Crimson Spear:
1. Live beyond your codes and understand your basic humanity.
2. All men will receive fair and equal treatment.
3. Capture by design, kill by necessity.
4. No man of the house will refuse aid to another against an enemy.
5. Free Women will be treated with respect only if they are deserving respect.
6. Restrictions of slaves will be treated with respect.
7. The house's interests are your interests - maintain them.
8. Understand that just because you may offer a service does not mean we are obligated to embrace you. This house is made up of combat veterans in majority who have learned to trust each other on the field of battle along with their supporters and those whom they deem of good character.
9. Seek the approval and vouching of someone already a member. Do not attempt to go straight to the Ubar alone. If you do not show willingness or ability to command respect and trust from the rest of the house, then it is not a place for you.

* All non-combative ones are suitable for free women as well. Except, of course, assassin.

• Strategos - This is the direct representative of the Ubar of the house, effectively second in authority only to the Ubar himself. (filled)
• First Sword - This is not a position of authority. It is a position of skill. The current First Sword may be challenged for his position once per week on Saturdays. In case the First Sword cannot be present during that time, then he may be challenged at the next best opportunity, but not before. A minimum of one week is given to the First Sword to maintain his title.
• First Spear - This is a position of both skill and battlefield authority. It is a leader of a squad of nine men. Usually it is awarded to who is the most accurate in casting the spear. This position may be contested every two weeks. (For realism's sake - if you wish to contest for this position it is suggested that you own a throwing spear - an LR Weapons spear for example.)
• Spear - This is the title for Warriors of the house who will serve in a squad.
• Sword - This is the title for non-Warriors of the house who serve in a martial role.
• Spymaster - This is the intelligence and espionage master of the Crimson Spear and serves directly beneath the Ubar and the Strategos as part of the house's inner circle. They may have any number of spies serving directly beneath them.
• Bird - The Birds of the house are the spies that work beneath the Spymaster.
• Shade - A member of the Caste of Thieves employed to the Crimson Spear.
• Scrollmaster - This is the keeper of information for the house. House rolls, maps and other administrative information are handled by the Scrollmaster who serves at the pleasure of the Ubar and Strategos.
• Coinmaster - This is the chief merchant of the house who handles the exchequer, salaries of the house members, budgets for house upkeep and more.
• Quartermaster - This is the keeper of the house's materials who maintains lists and tallies of supplies in activity and in reserve. Works in tandem with the Coinmaster.

• To join the house: you must spar - no matter if winning or losing - being sword brothers matters.
• If you are a woman and want to join, you must add to the house with skill somehow. It must be an active skill. Not something that you say you do when you really don't.
• The house is a brotherhood and functions much like a dysfunctional family: strangers insult one, they insult all.
• You can insult your own if you wish and laugh over paga after.
• All internal conflicts shall be resolved through sports spar, after which the loser concedes and shuts up with no further bad feelings. If women are involved, they must find a champion to defend them.
• Respect the belted sluts of your comrades and see that they are not violated on the streets if you're witness of attempt. Property must be defended from every form of theft.
• Protect the affiliates of the house in their moments of need and strife.
• If you're a former warrior, don't let the port lead you to forget your codes, but do not permit your codes to supersede your basic humanity.
• If you're an assassin, don't let the affiliation with the house sway you from yours. Sometimes you might need to kill a comrade and that's fine.

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