Storyteller-Driven Events in Turia

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Storyteller-Driven Events in Turia

Postby Jonah Sands » Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:49 am

Looking for something different in Gorean rp?

Looking to take part in living, breathing stories that react to your characters' actions and ideas?

Come to Turia, and sign up for the ST-driven rp events.

Storyteller-driven roleplay was already in the pipelines in Turia, and it seems that I happened along at just the right time.

The team has come up with some excellent simwide plots, and I offered to help out as a storyteller to help bring these plots to life, running sessions for small groups of people in order to help make the plotlines a living aspect of roleplay within the city.

Storyteller-driven scenarios are something that I've done successfully in the past, some of you may even have taken part in the 'adventures', namely those that were around when Hermits Roost was up and running.

The sessions are tailored to the characters who will be taking part, a story that is aimed at free women and/or slaves, would be very different to one aimed at rarii.

These ST scenarios are something that will be new to a lot of people, but very familiar to those who have taken part in tabletop roleplay. For those that are new to the system, I've reproduced something that I posted in the Gorean Forums long ago:

Role of a Storyteller:

The Storyteller (ST) is responsible for narrative flow, creating the scenario and setting in which the game takes place, maintaining the pace and providing dynamic feedback. In storyteller role, the ST is responsible for describing the events of the game session and making rulings about game situations and effects based on the decisions made by the players. The ST develops the plot and setting in which these PCs participate. This is typically designed as a type of decision tree that is followed by the players, and a customized version can require several hours of preparation for each hour spent playing the game.

The ST serves as the arbiter of the rules, both in teaching the rules to the players and in enforcing them. The rules provide game mechanics for resolving the outcome of events, including how the player's characters interact with the game world. Although the rules exist to provide a balanced game environment, the ST is free to ignore the rules as needed. The ST can modify, remove, or create entirely new rules in order to fit the rules to the current campaign. This includes situations where the rules do not readily apply, making it necessary to improvise. An example would be if the PCs are attacked by a living statue. To destroy the enemy, one PC soaks the statue in water, while the second uses his cone of cold breath to freeze the water. At this point, he appeals to the ST, saying the water expands as it freezes and shatters the statue. The ST might allow it, or roll dice to decide. In the above example the probability roll might come up in favor of the players, and the enemy would be shattered. Conversely, rules do not fit all eventualities and may have unintended consequences. The ST must ultimately draw the line between creative utilization of resources and exploits.

The difference between the tabletop roleplay, and the scenarios that I've run on WoD sims is that there is no set system of rules. This is not necessarily a bad thing, a lot of players are intimidated by complicated character sheets and volumes of rules, which is why I prefer, in a Gorean roleplay environment, to run more 'off the cuff' sessions.

Dice would be used in these sessions, as meters don't work well when one person has to represent various NPCs. I realise that this doesn't appeal to everyone, and those who have no interest in using dice as part of roleplay need not take part in the sessions, while still being able to take part in the story through interaction with other player characters outside of the ST-driven sessions.
Some examples of how rp dice will be used are as follows:

Spot/Hear/smell/etc. roll:

If something is nearby that's possible to notice then I'll have a set number that has to be beat to say whether or not the player noticed it. The number can be adjusted depending on each individual. For example, scribes and warriors would notice something visual with greater ease than many other individuals mainly due to their caste training. A panther girl or hunter would have an easier time of noticing or hearing anything within the woods than say someone who wasn't accustomed to being there, and so on.

Dodge rolls:

If a character activates some sort of trap or something is thrown at them then a dodge roll may be needed to avoid consequences.

Combat/Initiative Rolls:

In combat I prefer to use both initiative rolls (highest roll determines who acts/posts first if relevant) and rolls for the attacks themselves. Though to go into the mechanics of RP combat requires a whole other thread.

Stealth Rolls:

To see if someone's sneaking ability is as quiet as they believe, this too is altered depending on the character.

At times I may ask someone to roll the dice for a reason that isn't immediately apparent, this could be for a variety or reasons, and generally would end with me simply giving (or not giving as the case may be) extra information.

Critical Success and Critical Failures:

These are my favourite parts of rp dice. I consider a 95-100 to be a critical success and a 01-05 to be a critical failure.

What happens here?

Well, imagine you're about to fire an arrow at an enemy, instead you roll a critical failure, this could be anything from somehow shooting yourself in the foot, hitting an ally instead or even the bowstring breaking.

A critical success for me could only be avoided by the other participant if they themselves rolled a critical success also, otherwise a critical success is going to land its attack or whatever.

It's impossible to state all the instances where dice would be used, mainly because at times situations may require dicerolls to help determine the outcome. In general though I do prefer to let roleplay simply flow, though the use of dice can sometimes add that aspect of risk that gets the blood pumping.

I don't take part in the stories themselves as a PC, in my experience it's better for the Storyteller to be a neutral party in the story, setting the scene and steering the story in the direction the players wish to take it. If a storyteller plays a character, there is always the danger of them appearing as the main protagonist, and the stars should be the players, not the ST.

I've posted below a few links to successfully run scenarios in a Gorean environment, to give people an idea of how it works.

An Encounter with the Children...

Three slaves, a free woman, a panther and a stiff

Escape from Tramel's Children - Panther Band

Escape from Tramel's Children - Free women and slaves

If you are interested in becoming part of the stories we're weaving, come along, take a look around the sim, and head over to the website below:

City of Turia
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Re: Storyteller-Driven Events in Turia

Postby Tamar Luminos » Thu Jan 15, 2015 3:49 pm

Really looking forward to this. I remember when you did these before, few years back and kicked myself for missing out. Glad I get to participate this time!
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Re: Storyteller-Driven Events in Turia

Postby Serenity.Fox » Thu Jan 15, 2015 3:51 pm

oh i'm so aboard this! BRING ON THE ARRPEES!

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Re: Storyteller-Driven Events in Turia

Postby Harlequin » Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:53 pm

Rather excited about this idea, especially with some good faction RP. Plus who doesn't like a storyline to Do Cool Shit?

Doing Cool Shit is fun!
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