Pilgrim's Grove - Travel Stop Sim - Information & Rules

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Pilgrim's Grove - Travel Stop Sim - Information & Rules

Postby Syndel » Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:28 pm


Pilgrim's Grove is a small hamlet along the Pilgrim's Road heading to the Sardar Mountains where many pilgrims stop on their way to pay homage to the Priest-Kings. Pilgrim's Grove is a rest stop between trade centers along the road that was once envisioned centuries ago by a pilgrim whose wagon had broke down in the vicinity and the distance between the larger towns was dreadfully far. Nowadays, the little hamlet survives from the economy of its inn, small trade post, donations from wealthier pilgrims and, when times are rough, from the caste of Initiates who maintain a shrine along the road.

There is no Administrator or Ubar for Pilgrim's Grove. It is a small hamlet for travelers to rest with no real commerce or industry. Those who reside at Pilgrim's Grove are those who can sustain themselves away from large centers of civilization and wish for a simpler, calmer life. The hamlet is a sanctuary for repast and rejuvenation, carrying a stigma that should any raise a weapon against another within the boundaries of the hamlet, the Priest-Kings will set them alight with the blue flame. This stigma is propagated by the occasional Initiate who comes to tend the hamlet's shrine, crying doom and destruction to those who do not heed the will of the Priest-Kings.


- Respect Linden Lab / Second Life Term of Service (TOS).

- Please dress for a Gor environment before leaving the sim landing.

- Please wear the GM (Gor Meter) before leaving the sim landing.

- Open combat is permitted on the Pilgrim's Road and in the forest. You may fight, capture, kidnap and kill at will.

- Regarding death, nobody is forced to die, but if you'll continue at the Grove, we would suggest some serious and realistic injuries, maybe even with permanent marks to remind you of it.

- The hamlet of Pilgrim's Grove is a safe zone with no combat. The GM combat meter may be removed upon reaching the path that leads to the Grove (not mandatory). Breaking the NO COMBAT INSIDE THE GROVE rule will result in a ban from the sim, which may be a temporary suspension or permanent depending on the severity of the case. Since the sim owners are not here constantly, we ask that any who witness this rule being broken please record the names of the perpetrators along with a snapshot (like Gyazo) of the event.

- No OOC is permitted on the ground.

- AFK only away from public areas, please.

- We respect all sexual diversity presented in the books of Gor.

- Free women are allowed in the tavern so long as they don't behave in a sexual manner and don't expect men to refrain from their usual tavern-y behavior because of them.

Residing at the Grove

Residing at Pilgrim's Grove is a possibility. Please, check our available roles list at the landing point. We will give free residency.


Slaves who enter the Grove without their owner will be considered runaways and may or may not be recollared to be trained and kept; or trained and put for sale. Anyone wishing to claim a slave who is property of the Grove must do so through polite negotiation and with proper documentation proving ownership unless, of course, they are found outside the grove and considered fair game for capture. P.S.: We won't raid back for the animal.

Note from the Owner

Pilgrim's Grove is a transient sim to roleplay realistic travel between destinations and to find a place of peace and relaxation to enjoy while facing the unpredictable wilds of Gor. This is why we offer a hands-off open-combat area that will not be moderated. We welcome everyone to make as much use of it as they desire.

Please don't roleplay unrealistically. While we do not have rules for any specific character type, we do hope that characters from outer regions of Gor do not try to abuse the safe zone to cause discord for the other players. "Just because you can doesn't mean you should."

"It's not in your rules" is not an excuse to try and test the limits of believable, immersive roleplay or the patience of the sim owners. If you think this is a viable excuse for undesirable activity, then you've done something intolerable. We are an open-minded people who enjoy deep aspects of Gor, including its science fiction.

All manner of roleplay style is welcome here, whether it is lengthy paragraphs or a few short sentences. Sometimes people just want to sit around and have a nice conversation without a lot of narrative and that's fine with us.

Pilgrim's Grove is a homestead that can be used by anyone to play scenes that they wouldn't be able to play elsewhere due to prejudice, indiscretion and what not. It's the perfect place to rest, take a bath, eat, gather around the fire and chat, set contracts in privacy, hunt, farm, bring a captive, capture someone, kill, practice combat away from prying eyes, auction a slave, have sex openly and without prejudice, play your Caste without commitment to larger society, a refreshing stop in your travels.

It's true that, most times, the sim may be empty, but feel free to use it. We only ask that the office and second floor of the tavern is left alone as they hold private quarters.

We aren't GE nor BtB: simply Gor.

Available Areas
- Market
- Camp Fire
- Blacksmith
- Inn (no inn keeper, just use any furnished room above the blacksmith)
- Infirmary
- Arena
- Tavern
- Auction Block
- Baths
- Discipline / Interrogation Chambers
- Priest-King's Shrine
- Farm
- Stables
- Fishing Docks
- Woods

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/H ... 97/214/503
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Re: Pilgrim's Grove - Travel Stop Sim - Information & Rules

Postby Saras » Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:56 am

ImagePilgrims Grove by Saras, on Flickr

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