It begins! The Warbling Warriors?

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It begins! The Warbling Warriors?

Postby Darius of Turia » Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:38 am

Kegan Ulrik stepped from the alcove with a twisted grin. His hands finished arranging his business and then went straight to Auron's shoulder, giving him a firm smack. "That one. You have GOT to try..." He thumbed over his shoulder just as the sweet thing emerged. "A paga." He ordered of the keep. He wouldn't say much else until he had wet his gullet with good drink and relieved the parchedness (newword) that the grunting and heavy breathing had caused.

Auron Gravus (teirnan) chuckled at his old friend. "Oh, I had her just before you did and I may have her again in a few." He smirked and then nodded to the keep to add another paga to that order. Now that his daughter was not likely to walk in on him and some sweet slut, he was making up for lost time. "Give me a few days here and I will make contact with a business associate I used to know here. Then, we can find some work, and start with our own business arrangements, eh?"

Kegan Ulrik stared at the man behind the counter waiting. And instead of giving over his cup, the fucker put it right beside the keg and poured a second. Kegan blinked and drummed his fingers on the bar. "What was the name of this associate?" Said almost absently as the stink eye got stinkier. When the keep finally put the drink down infront of Kegan a single brow lifted while the rim was brought to his cracking lips. "I don't know if I much like the service in this place though. Women be damned." Never taking leave of the burly oaf across the way. "I keep hearing different stories. Some say that the city is well with Ar, others have said that Darius, the Ubar, has personal issue with the city. I wonder what truth there is, and if maybe perhaps it really is time to put down a few roots and gather around us brothers of Kaelus."

Auron Gravus (teirnan) took his paga too from the keep, but without all the stinkeye. Auron just wanted the damn drink and swiftly. He swilled it back and set it on the bar, "HIs name is Rowan, though its been a few years since I have been in contact." He listened to Kegan's concerns and nodded, "It is best to be skeptical. That is what I have learned in all of this." He paused in thought as Kegan spoke of Kaelus and then rose from his seat, in honor of his home stone, "Perhaps it is time." He raised his paga in the air and grinned to Kegan, though it was only a half grin as the other half of his old, leathery face was paralyzed from battles past. "To Kaelus, my brother."

Kegan Ulrik turned from the bar and swallowed the burning column of strong drink till his toes could feel it. He relaxed under the quick effects and listened with that satisfied glaze overtaking his eyes. "Rowan. I hope he is just a little less skeptical than we. Because my patience for quick coin is running low. I would give his *thumbs to the keep* right hand to find steady wage and solid footing." While also standing he lifted the rough cup in mutual salute and felt an emotional swell where the paga had just doused. "To Kaelus." The word itself made his eyes water while his teeth beamed white behind his stupid grin.

Auron Gravus (teirnan) nodded to Kegan over the rim of his cup and then closed his eyes, feeling the weight of his own tears building. The city of his birth was not just his home. He had pledged his life to it and had bled for it. He had lost far too many to the cause and was not about to give up. He exhaled as his eyes opened, "We will see this through, Kegan, or we will die honoring our home stone. There is not other way." He was starting to get nostalgic and he shook his head and then burst out laughing turning to the barkeep, "Another round!"

Kegan Ulrik had to laugh, it was reaching that point where tears were going to freely flow and not that he gave a shit if they did, but he wasn't a pitiful sort of man who wallowed too long in the memory of the past, so after the toasting it was time to drink. "There is no other way." He echoed solemnly, but then broke out with gusto "We should recount their names, Auron. I'll go first. If I miss a beat, I drink and it's your turn, and so on.. and so on." And the keeps smile just grew 10 sizes hearing they were about to embark on a drinking game. "Caius, Stephanus, Litium, Horatio, Lazarius," And he named a dozen others until finally a short pause and, "... Pug" Smashes his fist onto the bar and swigs the drink down.

Auron Gravus (teirnan) had tears running down his cheeks but he was laughing as well. It was an odd way to be, perhaps, but it was a free way to be. It was the only way Auron knew how to be. He called out, "Pug!?" And then continued with his turn, slapping at the bar, "Lucius, Balan, Gaius, Homer, Antonius, Aquino, Septimus" He paused for a moment and whispered into his cup, "Eliza." And could not seem to recall any more names suddenly so he took a big drink and shook his head, "FUCK."

Kegan Ulrik nodded in succession as the names were given, he stared into the refilled cup and then glanced over to Auron when he paused. A smug look on his face, but then the whisper and his own head fell slightly forward. There was a few moments of nothing, just reflection and recollection and then yet another string of names came from his slowly numbing lips. When it was yet again a moment where he drew a blank he chuckled and tossed his head back along with the cup. It slammed down and he burst into song. Something any man from Kaelus would know, any woman would know, and then mid melody he was struck with an idea, "We need a bard. A poet who will keep the story alive." And then resumed the song while watching his drink being refilled.

Auron Gravus (teirnan) began singing, really badly, with his friend. He held up his cup and yelled mroe than sung really, paga sloshing over the rim as he swayed from side to side. He called out "A bard! YES!" as if that was the greatest idea on Gor. He continued singing the folk song from his beloved home in between deep drinks. And pretty soon, the keep would be so annoyed with the off tune hymn that he would practically shove to girls on Kegan and Auron's cocks just to get them to shut up. He plied them with plenty of paga and had them both in an alcove in no time!
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