Seeking RP! (crossposted from Illyros board)

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Seeking RP! (crossposted from Illyros board)

Postby Tamar Luminos » Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:44 pm

Since I am absolute rubbish at getting RP going, and have limited free time to RP, I need peeps who can hit me up and/or set up times to RP.

Playing a female slaver, visiting the island looking for slaves to buy/sell/train to make money. So if you're playing a slave and want some short term roleplay that's BtB and strictly roleplay only (I do not blur IC/OOC at all), feel free to hit me up, will be looking for short term scenes like purchasing stock that catches my character's eye, training it to her rigorous standards (she trains all types of slaves, male and female, but leaves the sexual training to a male accomplice, of course), and then selling/auctioning them off swiftly to make some coins. She has little interest in personal slaves herself so while not ruling that out, just know it probably wouldn't happen due to various factors (my lack of RP time, for one).

In accordance with playing a slaver, will be looking for various caste types to interact with:
physicians, for the usual slave exams (but will be looking more for people who can actually roleplay it out as an individual scene instead of just checking off boxes on a NC all routine like)

scribes, for tallying books, accounting, certificates of sale, certificates of authenticity for certain slave traits, etc. again looking for people who can actually roleplay out a scene instead of just routine box checking

blacksmith, for branding, purchasing slaver accouterments like cages, cuffs, collars, chains, etc.

other slavers, to buy/sell stock to and from, to meet as caste members to discuss our trade and how to uphold standards, improve our caste, etc. (all IC, of course)

tavern owner, re. renting out or selling stock to serve in the tavern (good RP outlet to offer slave characters who might otherwise be stuck standing around)

warriors, re. renting out stock to serve the warriors, camp followers, care of equipment, cooking, sexual use, any other ideas open for discussion

Those are just a few ideas for RP possibilities with my character, I'm hoping to give any people playing slaves some good RP as well, networking with peeps OOC to set some fun stuff up. I like fast paced, intense roleplay myself, and will admit to getting bored easily with "standing around talking" but know it's a necessary evil for setting up plots and storylines so I'll do my best. LOL I am happy to RP with anyone, new or old, updated av or no, as long as they're able to keep IC/OOC separate, not be a jerk OOC, and have at least a working knowledge of Gor as a RP setting based on the Gor books (or are willing to learn if they don't know!) I'm open to any other ideas and generally happy to roll with just about anything that happens to my character, good or bad- so feel free to shoot me an IM if you see me on sim to set something up, or just walk up and toss out a post!
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