Isle of Illyros: A New Year

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Isle of Illyros: A New Year

Postby Anarch Allegiere » Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:56 am

The holidays are over and we are once again recruiting and hoping to get the sim brimming with exciting story and adventure for everyone to enjoy.

We are happy to announce that PewPew Zero was so kind to feature us on her blog:

Are you interested in joining?

Before you join, please consider that 'Isle of Illyros' is very different from almost every other gorean sim you might be used to. Our sim rules and approach to role play is heavily geared towards putting a strong focus on epic storylines and a rich lore, which you, the playerbase get to create. While there definitely is room for the more casual family or tavern role play we also bring to you the possibility for storylines involving war, bloodied conflict, murder and political intrigue. On Illyros nobody is safe or immortal and every position of power and influence is attained or attainable through role play.

Applications: Who are we looking for?

To ensure that all facets of gorean life come to life and are possible on Illyros we expect the characters that apply to us to be authentic and realistic. We have an application rejection rate of about 33% to 50%, not because we are elitist or wouldn't gladly accept and welcome every one of you amazing people in our RP community, but because we want to safe-guard the authenticity of the genre.

We commonly reject applications because:
a. They are characters with a bloated history, having belonged to 10 different home-stones and even more different castes
b. They are characters with a bloated and unrealistic background: families who are baker caste, slaver, merchant, warrior, phsycian, scribe all in one.
c. They stray too far from the norm in appearance or behaviour: glowing eye slave-girls, black castes with families, cannibals, secret mermaids, half-Pani/half-Mamba Warriors with panther-girl families, etc.
d. People who show no grasp of role play etiquette, no seperation between IC and OOC
e. There was no effort done towards the application and none of the guidelines were observed

We want to assure that when you find RP on our sim that it'll be an enjoyable and authentic gorean experience and we wish to protect you from those whose unrealistic characters or bad RP etiquette might ruin your storylines.

Applications: Exceptional Characters

While we try to deliver an authentic gorean environment, we also acknowledge that at times characters had exceptional features and we allow for this on a limited basis. Just make sure that you have a very plausible reason and background that explains how your character acquired these traits or skills.

The more exceptional characters we usually preserve for feature roles. Characters so unique, exceptional, powerful or remarkable that they might hold a big influence on the lore and storylines of the isle. We usually have a few interesting feature roles open, and everyone is welcome to apply for them and add their personal touch to them if they see any that interests them. We do however expect the feature role characters to be active as they might be the main pushers of storlines and faction conflicts.

For more information: Click here.

Applications: Excited?

We hope you are excited after reading our approach to applications. And while it might seem daunting and different at first, we would gladly assist you in your application. Just look for one of the 'Mentors' in our open group '[CoCE] General' and they will gladly help you on your way or assist you with all your questions.

Isle of Illyros
Isle of Illyros: What makes us different?

Persistent longterm storylines and Opportunity

There are no limits as to what you can role play on Illyros. The admin team will not stop or invalidate your role play because it is violent or makes certain characters lose their position, power or freedom. Every role is attainable through role play from Ubar to High Magistrate to who owns certain businesses or who conquers the Isle. Unlike many other gorean sims the admins don't seek to permanently hold unto their IC positions of power and people are welcome to try and oust or oppose those characters they do not get along with.

No Role Play Limits & Perma-Death

Controversial maybe for SL Gor, but as our focus is heavily aimed towards a rich lore, storylines and making you feel like your role play matters, we can not limit or protect anyone from the harshness Gor was known for. When a character dies it might have grave consequences and change the entire power balance on the isle. We want people to feel excited again and make them understand that every little choice in their role play matters or can have unexpected consequences. We of course do allow people to FTB certain role play scenes they are familiar with, but the consequences of said scene will be enforced.

Storyline Violence and Dice Combat

Even violence and combat sometimes carried part of a storyline during which many things might happen or change. To emphasize the enjoyment of writing we opted for dice combat, with modifiers to give more well-trained and experienced characters a much better chance at winning without taking away the option for everyone to be able to win from time to time. The use of role play during violence and combat might spark new role play opportunities which people might never have thought possible before, and even allows female characters from taking part in the on-going story.

Large wars, raids and conflict will also be done through the use of dice combat. Allowing players to take on the role as commander or sub-commander of their group of combattants and to decide the fate of those who they conquer and vanquish. But all violence comes with a risk, while some might find glory others might find only honorable death or wounds in battle.

Realistic Setting

On Isle of Illyros we make abundant use of NPCs. Our city is alive and full with commoners, slave-girls and perhaps even more importantly so for conflict: guards. Characters of note on our isle are not unprotected and simply because you run in on someone alone in the streets does not mean the city-guard might not be within reach. Finding the Ubar alone in the throne room does not mean his guards are not there and those who foolishly press their lucky might find themselves slain or wounded by the blade of a guard.

We encourage people to role play that the taverns are full, that the streets are well visited and to acknowledge that people of note would be well-guarded. This does however not mean they are immortal or untouchable. Armies can be raised, faction leaders can be persuaded and wars or raids can be performed against those who are usually well protected. Or more subtle and secretive approaches can be sought to have someone meet his or her demise, stealthy slaver operations, assassinations, poison, backstabbings, etc. are all possible.


For many various reasons, the most obvious our different approach to role play, we can not and do not acknowledge other gorean sims in our storylines and role play. The characters on Illyros exist only on Illyros, within it's own genre. The role play and events from other sims do not carry over here and as such we also encourage people to make new characters and backgrounds if they seek to play on our sim.

Storyline Events
The World of Gor
The world of Gor is alive. Cos is about to declare war on Ar and even other city-states might be secretly plotting their moves against Illyros. This means that sometimes unexpected events might occur, such as Torvie raids. At times expeditions might be made and people are allowed to travel along, to go hunting for panther-girls in the northern forests or to visit the captains of Port Kar, or the opulent palaces and throneroom of Cos.

Celebrations and traditions were an important part of daily life on Gor. As such at times we will focus on those celebrations and festivities, will hold tournaments, hold court, high council meetings, trials, executions or visit a performance at the amphitheater.

If all of this interests you, then hop on over and apply here.

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