Clearchus Woods - OOC Auction

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Clearchus Woods - OOC Auction

Postby Anarch » Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:00 am

We've decided to put out some OOC auction boards in our skybox, as to help or encourage people to get out of their shells and to get to know eachother or those people they always would've loved to roleplay, but never had the chance to. There's quite a few gorean-forum goers and superb roleplayers on the sim so far.

The other most important purpose is to use the lindens it raises as prize money for a RP event which will be organized and started very shortly, in an attempt to bring people together to create a longterm epic storyline, and while winning roleplay is done through writing good stories (which will be unavoidable), we'll sweeten the deal to make roleplay feel even more rewarding.

Admittedly I don't know if OOC auctions are still in style, and so far only my ugly mug is on the boards and that of one other dude, but we didn't advertise them much yet. Anyhow come take a look or perhaps even put yourself up for auction.

Come to the skybox and pick-up a copy of the rules, and thank you for supporting our efforts to create more room for large epic RP storylines in SL Gor again.

The OOC Auction is planned to end on Friday 26th at 3PM SLT. Happy bidding until then!

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