Journey to the Sardar (An Intro)

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Journey to the Sardar (An Intro)

Postby Garian » Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:39 pm

Snow-topped dark crags loom in the distance several pasangs. During this Se'Var, the snow masks just how dark they are. In a steady stream, many travelers unload at a Vosk dock close to the Sardar. They then join those on the road directed at the holy mountains. The path, littered with caravans and vagabonds, previews the diversity of the Fair.

Upon entry, Merchants are visible as they construct their tents and set up wares. Castes gather in the proper sectors to begin organizing. Some people seem worn from their pilgrimage and stumble towards the inn. Many people weave through the crowd to the bath house, tavern, or latrines. Some are ornery, though restricted to stay in line by the Priest-King’s decree of safety. They begrudgingly deal with their situation, wearily glancing at their opposers. Despite this, the air of the Fair enlivens the mood and the crowds fill with joyous laughs and songs. Since initial wave of visitors increases the demand for these services at this Ahn, some risk it outside the palisade. However, few of them make it inside, unless as predator or captured prey.

Solemnity invades the grounds as Initiates, bound for the holy land, part the crowd. Silently, bystanders watch the long procession until a bright glimmer catches their eye - hovering above the Fair, upon the mountain, ever present is the Golden Circle of Eternity.

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