The new makeover thread

A place to discuss what works best, looks best, and loads best when it comes to the world of Bodies and Clothing.
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Aulus Sempronius
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Re: The new makeover thread

Postby Aulus Sempronius » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:13 pm

I desperately need help, good GoreanForum citizens.

Aulus was made as a RP alt for the Imperial Ar sim, a million billion years ago. He is so old that he actually has a last name instead of a resident name. After that sim closed, I played in a sim loosely based on Spartacus: Blood and sand. Then he became a Hogwarts character. But I have not purchased a scrap of clothing for him since before mesh.


He was pretty good looking for the time, if a touch disproportionate. I styled him to look like Simon Woods as Octavius from HBO's Rome. And this is a pretty good composite of the styles I like. Tunics and togas and sandals. I wasn't able to find a pre-mesh cloak I liked, but I do like a good cloak.

If anyone can give me a line on well-textured mesh goods, and especially things that are made with the Signature body in mind, I would be eternally grateful.
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Tamar Luminos
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Re: The new makeover thread

Postby Tamar Luminos » Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:59 pm

I'm not sure about the Signature body...but here's a list of the designers I like making decent stuff for guys to use in Gor, check 'em out and see if any of them have something you like.

The Fallen, Forge, Snatched, PPK, Kahli Designs, Caverna Obscura, Silk Worms has a nice guy outfit or two, Gabriel has some nice modern pieces that might work if you wanted to fashionista it up, avoid Lost Gem because I believe all of their stuff is ripped.

They do tend to skew more towards the "armored, leather pant wearing warrior/fighter" type but there may be a decent toga in there. Hopefully. Good luck!
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Re: The new makeover thread

Postby Qingwen » Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:42 am

These also have a handful of male historical/fantasy costumes. Not all are listed on marketplace - may want to check out the in-store gachas too.


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Re: The new makeover thread

Postby Tantus » Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:19 am

Compatibility is largely irrelevant for men's rigged/unrigged Mesh.

Women's mesh gowns and tops tend to come with a body 'clothing layer' for a tight fit around the bosom. Female avatars do commonly wear these clothing layers/appliers.

There are tight fitting tops for male bodies too, but I've rarely seen these on sale, or in use. Most of anything you buy for men will be a standard item you attach, then alpha out your body parts to fit. Gianni bodies have nice, thin alpha slices down the body and should fit with anything. I'm using a Niramyth body with horribly large alpha slices, but haven't had problems fitting on Mesh clothes which are marketed as TMP or SLINK compatible.

There can be issues with rigged-mesh accessories, like a belt or harness. Then you use the unrigged version for an easier fit. And if there isn't one, you can manipulate the size of rigged mesh by adjusting your body shape. For this purpose, you should copy your body shape to each Mesh outfit's folder, because it'll look real twisted after you're done fitting on rigged mesh!

As always, try on demos before committing to a purchase.

These are some smaller stores, with interesting gear for any theme:
Iroas - The most commonly worn outfits in BTB. For good reason.
Noble Creations - Mainly accessories and some nice furniture too
Krova - Small store, but a hot Witchunter set and masks
FATEwear - A handful of cloaks and robes
PEQE - Quite a few loose mesh shirts in the medieval style
Stitched / Epos - Two stores, whom I think collaborate. Many GoT themed outfits.

Thanks to Arica Storaro's <3 RP event for bringing many of these stores into prominence.

For all men who roleplay, I recommend the monthly <3 RP and TMD events.
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Re: The new makeover thread

Postby Qingwen » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:45 pm

Tantus wrote:Fuck the Gachas!

gachas are cool! My collection of single left bracers, mismatched corsets and accent jewelry shall not be in vain!
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Re: The new makeover thread

Postby Sasi » Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:32 am

Gachas are the evil... But I love them.... I'm a gacha addict..
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Re: The new makeover thread

Postby Adlai » Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:16 am

Any suggestions for where to find a "dad bod" body type? You know... strong arms, strong legs, less than a six pack in the middle?
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Re: The new makeover thread

Postby Tantus » Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:31 am

Only women could endure the struggle of crowded SL fashion events!

Also for the above list:
PFC - Outfits, cloaks and accessories galore!

Adlai , try on demos for a Signature Gianni body, together with demos for third party skins. Although I haven't tested it myself, it seems versatile enough for the look you want. 7 Deadly Skins are compatible with Gianna, which I've heard recommended, but again, I haven't seen the store personally.
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Re: The new makeover thread

Postby Tantus » Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:22 am

I'll post some findings here for the 'Bros' making a new av.
Also with Project Bento on the horizon, expect a new generation of mesh to follow soon after.

Lighting : I always felt that CalWL and similar settings were a gimmick for bloggers and fashionistas! But for the sake of experiment I switched to CalWL for building my last avatar. And everything I thought was matching before was now glaringly mismatched! After some testing I concluded an avatar built under CalWL will work in other lighting conditions too.

Aeros : Thought you had your Aeros perfectly matched? It probably isn't under CalWL. And being that your RP partner is likely using that setting(as many women do), she isn't seeing the same avatar you are.

Omega Appliers : The Omega HUD helps creators fit their designs onto different makes of mesh bodies. They create for the Omega HUD, and the HUD applies it onto compatible bodies. It works for the Head, the Body, and Clothing layers. Some Mesh bodies have better compatibility than others, so if having the widest range of styling is important to your avatar, then factor it into your choice.

Mesh Heads

Samurai HQ - The simplest Mesh Head in the game to attach and go! Very few customisation options and you're stuck with the default skin-tone. It's fairly common. I'd recommend it only as a temporary measure or if you really, really like it and don't mind looking like a clone!

Labyrinth - For anyone who ever wanted that Bruce Willis look! I've hardly seen these in use so they have that uniqueness factor going for them.

LOGO - It comes with a whole lot of options, skin tones, eyes, expressions. But they need more head shapes than the default,

CATWA - Watch the video previously posted by Tamar to see the excess of options included. LOGO and Catwa put the other heads to shame, but both need more shapes to choose from! I think Catwa has only the male Justin-head which seems to be everywhere.

Niramyth - These get a lot of bad press for their sameness. But, there are third party skins out now which give a reasonably gaunt and aged look.

TMP - It should first be understood, a TMP head is over twice the cost of others:
Head = 5000
Skin = 1000
Hair base = 250
Eye brows = 250

It's a minimum spend of 6500L to get started and if you need to change your skin tone, it's 1500L for the new skin, hairbase and brows again. Other heads allow for adjusting skin tones on the fly. They don't make you buy the matching skin, hair base and eye brows for every little adjustment!.

The only advantage to TMP heads is, very few people have the patience to put up with this money-grabbing-bs. And those who endure will form a unique look. TMP has the largest selection of head shapes and skins and it's very unlikley to encounter another avatar with the same combination.

Catwa heads are compatible with Omega appliers to give the widest access of patterned hairbases, tattoos and such fashionable features to customise the hell out of it. However, that head shape is distinctive, it's popular, and no matter how it's customised they all carry a sameness to them. When Catwa release their new heads for Project Bento, I expect they will be the heads to get.

Also, not all heads scale up to the same size. At 100% some are larger and this matters if you're making a tall, Torvie'ish avatar. In a very rough, visual estimate, I recall the sizing as (from largest to smallest):
Catwa / Niramyth > Samurai HQ > TMP > Labyrinth > Logo.

Mesh Bodies

TMP - Should only be considered with a TMP head. I don't think they're Omega compatible so you have limited tattoo/scarring options.

Niramyth - These bodies have higher resolution skins but they go overboard with the muscle definition. It also means they're not compatible with Omega tattoos/scars. One trick to reduce the muscle mass is to buy the Light Skinned body(which has the least definition, and tan it up to your desired tone.

And you can use alternative mesh heads, there's a neck-blender in the package for this purpose. It's not going to be a perfect fit, with glitching at the back of the head needing to be covered with a full head of hair.

Slink - They look similar to TMP bodies to me, the main advantage here is, sandals and some unique footwear and bracers are rigged to fit Slink hands and feet only. Probably a consideration for some, but it's not going to affect your outfits overall if you can survive without bandaged arm/hand wraps.

Signature/Gianni - Similar shape to the Slink / TMP bodies, and it's compatible with Omega appliers. It seems to be shaped better overall, but I haven't really experimented with it.

I haven't tried either, but I would think the combination of a Catwa Head and Gianni body are both easy to get started with, reasonably priced, and presently offer the widest customisation options.
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Re: The new makeover thread

Postby Glaucon » Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:40 pm

I never understood those mesh heads. What's wrong with system heads? It seems to be the part of the system body you could find the least fault with. The shape is fully customizable, and with lots of skins around, you can get pretty much whatever look you are going for. Maybe there is more detail on a mesh head, but... well, how much detail do you need, really? A close-up of that mole on your cheek? Or of those tiny pimples? In terms of the overall detail of computer games in general (and SL in general as well), it really makes little sense to have that little bit extra resolution/detail on the face. The normal head offers plenty of detail unless you really want to zoom in really closely. At which point it becomes more clear that it is really a 3D drawing. But hey, that is what it is, really. Who zooms in that much on someone's face, anyway?

Plus, mesh-heads tend to look ugly.

Male mesh-heads always look the same, making everyone look like that one actor's younger brother. As Tantos said, loads of Bruce Willis's in SL, right now. Sure, some of the faces look good by themselves, but whatever character they have gets lost when you see your fourth looking exactly the same. And that is with the not-so-ugly mesh heads. And don't get me started about seeing the same afro guy walking around, seeing him standing on various places in the same sim simultaneously, wearing different outfits, but having recognizably THE SAME face.

Female mesh heads... aren't great either. Every female player seems to get them, these days, but often, it isn't an improvement at all, in terms of attractiveness. Loads of them look the same. Sure, there may be different models of Catwa heads, but they still look the same, pretty much. Loads of female avatars that used to look great now have that slightly creepy Uncanny valley look. Loads of girls look like they are 14 years old, now, because that is a common look with many of these mesh-heads. Loads have Jay Lenno-like massive chins, because of that LeLutka mesh head's shape. Many have that bloated botox lips look. Mesh heads of one creator nearly always have the same overall vibe. Some avi's using them look alright, I suppose, but for the most part, they tend to look creepy, rather than attractive. Sure... these heads look more realistic, up close. But if you zoom out a little, often, the proportions seem a bit out of whack. Mesh heads tend to look too large compared to the body below. Like big-head dolls. If you look at the pictures of the blogposting fashionistas (fashionistas tend to have skewed ideas about what is nice-looking, just as in RL), you get all these similar-looking doll-faces, showing off the mesh heads. Overall, it just tends to be... less nice. I get it. People change over because they can, and because everyone and their dog does it. But I am just surprised to see friends that had great avi's follow suit and hamper their avatars just because it is fashion.

From a pure 'visual RP' perspective, these mesh heads are a curse. They do take away more 'cartoon resolution' individuality and character and trade it in for staple, non-mod creepiness and disproportionality with more detail and a higher resolution. And just as with other computer games, anyone with sense and taste would prefer a more individualized, unique and character-full look over more zoomed-in detail and pixels per millimeter.

TL:DR? Want to look good? Use a mesh body, but stick with your system head. Screw those Bruce Willis, Justin Bieber and Ivanka Trump faces.

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