Lost Vegas: A Godswar Roleplay

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Lost Vegas: A Godswar Roleplay

Postby Hephaesteon » Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:02 pm

Hello folks! I'm adminning in a new roleplay sim and I know a few who used to be in Gorean RP have wandered over - thought I'd post in case others were interested. We just had our official full opening this past weekend (previously only the outlands/Town/raider camp was open).

The sim lore was written (and the sim is owned by) the same folks who created New Babylon - Lost Vegas is the prequel to that sim, taking place 5 years earlier in the lore. Roleplay is largely paragraph, there is no meter in sim (including no mana meter, which we had last time), and we do have a stats + dice system.

In addition to regular roleplay and sim-wide plots, we also run specific "missions" or "quests." If you love tabletop gaming and you miss your old D&D, you'll probably enjoy the missions especially - so far, we've had folks try to rescue a train (and nearly die in a sinkhole), have their shoes eaten by a field of onions in an attempt to hunt turkeys, get the crap kicked out of them (+ one IC death) on a quest to pillage the abandoned mines, and... much more that I can't talk about, since I haven't been on all of the missions.

The Story

Lost Vegas is a post apocalyptic world with a major twist. Instead of nuclear weapons, meteors from space or zombies, it was Gods that ended the world as we know it. At every turning point in human history, certain humans were given power over the rest. This time there were so many humans on the earth that the Powers given were nearly catastrophic in nature. As the Gods warred across the landscape, billions died.

Now that there are only a few million left, if that, scattered across the globe, they fight to survive and rebuild. Populating the world with them this time, though, are the children of the gods who are not only competing with the humans for resources, but see the remaining mortals as a source of food and entertainment. Worst of all, the Gods still roam with their own agendas, and their confrontations can be felt far and wide.

There are pockets of civilization, cities built by the Gods, or forged by humans just to survive. The area around Lost Vegas is one such area. Lean-tos, haphazard houses and old bunkers have come together to form a sort of ad-hoc city, a town of those who have come together to fight the hardships as a group. They fight to hold these grounds against marauding bandits, slavers and worse : the monsters spawned for battle in the Godswar. Little do they know that the reason the area they are in has water, and thus can sustain them, is that it sits right on the cusp of Lost Vegas.

Hidden from view by the power of the Goddess that claimed it, the city the world once knew as Las Vegas is now lost to them. Only those the Goddess herself allows to cross its borders can access it, no matter mortal, monster or God. Within is a paradise, the center strip of the old cit now a city all in itself. Lush with the fertile nature of its Owner, trees and vines have grown up around landmarks that were once known by many a nation.

Gods, monsters, mortals and slaves rub elbows and work together to keep the city of the Mother running. Who will you be in this land? Mortal, monster, perhaps one of the few immortals?

Come, find out with us.

While our "God" spots are just for admins this time around (given that they have largely OOC responsibilities and operate more as NPC's than regular characters within the sim), we still have plenty of openings for demi-gods, humans both within the city and in the outlands, and created beings and remnant creations of past Gods. -All- of the major leadership positions IC are intended for humans - the sheriff, the mayor, the saloon owner as well as heads of factions within Lost Vegas (the Kripo, who heads the police, and the Casino Overseer who... oversees the casino). Most characters are free but slavery does exist in this post-apoc world, so folks interested in playing a slave would certainly be welcomed as well (we don't have many yet, in fact). Some positions in particular we'd love to see folks take on:
In the Outlands/Town of Paradise
-Dancers (male or female) for the saloon, as well as a cook
-Other shop owners?
-Raiders (who actually raid the town, and live in a raider's camp in the desert)

In the City/Lost Vegas
-Slavers to work with Astarte and the Slaver's Compound
-Policemen (these are not your typical police officers... closer to bad guys than good)
-Ringmaster and MC for Circus Circus
-Bartenders for various establishments in the city
-Drug dealers, brawlers, crime lords and other unsavory types for the Underground

A few pictures of the sim from our Flickr pool:



Blacksmith Sign in Lost Vegas by Tala Laval, on Flickr

Mother and Father by Arwyn Quandry, on Flickr

Ollie - The 'O' by rebelgurlinc, on Flickr

Sending prayers where? by rebelgurlinc, on Flickr

Lost Vegas (first rp's) by gallerskates, on Flickr

Train_001 by akutsuin, on Flickr

For More Info
Contact one of the owners, Alarich Meinster or Kelearis Shenzou, or one of the admins - myself (Hephaesteon in world) or the 5 other folks you can bug from up in the landing zone. We have an open OOC group that anyone can join to ask questions and there are usually helpful folks up in the landing zone as well to assist with applications or answer questions.

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/C ... 8/192/2002
LV Website: http://lostvegas.enjin.com/
Our Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/godswar/pool/
And that was that.

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