Roleplay pressure?


How do you experience pressure when playing a central part in a storyline?

1. I'm very prone to burnout
1. I'm very prone to burnout
2. I'm not too fond of having other people depend on me for roleplay
2. I'm not too fond of having other people depend on me for roleplay
3. I like having other people depend on me for their regular roleplay
3. I like having other people depend on me for their regular roleplay
4. I never feel pressure or experience burnout when playing a central part in a storyline for a long time
4. I never feel pressure or experience burnout when playing a central part in a storyline for a long time
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Anarch Allegiere
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Roleplay pressure?

Postby Anarch Allegiere » Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:18 am

I very often come across or get told about people who are the central part in a storyline who eventually get burned out from the pivotal role they play in all their storylines. Commander, Slaver, Master, head of the family, etc.

How do you deal with the idea that people are waiting for you or depend on you for roleplay?

Do you often feel as if there is too much pressure on you when you keep a companion or slaves in roleplay? Do you get bothered with the idea that you might have to roleplay them at least a little bit every day? Did you overcome this feeling of pressure eventually?

Is there a way to prevent this burnout? Should people be mindful of this and try to create their own roleplay and take initiative themselves in finding it instead of depending on a central person for it? Or what else could they do?

Other thoughs?
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Re: Roleplay pressure?

Postby Cassie » Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:38 am

Seems a great topic... gor wise very male oriented but not entirely either due to the aspects of free women taking at least in SL head caste roles.

I have burned out from such roles, mostly playing a male character and as I asked a natural dominant guy if he felt that pressure he said that for him there was no pressure at all.
I am willing to undertake the fact he might be a TYPE of dominant and not that being dominant equals being able to take leadership 24/7 on all.

I do feel pressured to be forced somehow to make stories and prepare a setting for these people who are under my RP accountability but OOC wise it makes no sense. A part of me believes it's my fault, and for those who feel in similar spot, to not have OOC spoken about it to my companion or slave of my concerns as a player. The fact is I feel like I should keep a sort of male dignity to an OOC lenght to not blow my cover.

The result as for many I suppose is walking away from it.

As for your last question. Yes, people should ALL make up RP ideas and not leave all to leaders... not only it gives the GAME MASTER of the situation time to breath but also enjoy himself the in a more spectator position.

Even if Master and Slave are totally loving their time with one another over and over again and the Master is more than happy to provide... an initiative from the slave in my opinion would be welcomed and show dedication to your rp partner.

My solution would be a better OOC communication and not let the dominance role affect this. Some slaves really do think the man wants to really do it all.
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Kismet Reyes
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Re: Roleplay pressure?

Postby Kismet Reyes » Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:24 am

“I very often come across or get told about people who are the central part in a storyline who eventually get burned out from the pivotal role they play in all their storylines. Commander, Slaver, Master, head of the family, etc.”

Initially when I read this my first thought was that I don’t take pivotal roles and now-a-days I guess don’t. However I suppose in the past I have. I don’t like the idea that other people are –depending- on me for roleplay. The only time I feel an obligation to roleplay is when I have a captive, and only then on the basis that I have forcibly removed them from their chosen roleplay environment. Roleplay should be at least a two way thing, and along with that you shouldn’t expect to get more out of it than you put in. If you stand around waiting for roleplay to come and find you, you’re much less likely to find any.

I’ve never had a slave, wait scrap that. I’ve never had a slave that required me to be around in order to roleplay. I have however roleplayed as a slave, and when I roleplayed as such I don’t think I’ve made those who’ve played my owners feel obligated to roleplay with me. If my owner was around when I logged in then sure we might scene, he/she might also already be in rp elsewhere or not in the mood to rp. At which point I entertained myself however I chose.

I don’t ‘deal with the idea that people are waiting for me or depend on me for roleplay’, I blatantly ignore the idea. I find roleplay enjoyable, I don’t find pressure enjoyable. If I played with people that put pressure on me to roleplay, that’s gonna suck all the pleasure out of writing.

I suppose this is why the people I tend play with are more the instigators of storylines than those that feed off them, but don’t put much back.

“Is there a way to prevent this burnout?” I don’t know, when I’ve taken a break from SL Gor, I havent nesisarily taken a break from rp. I’ve just moved genres for a time.

“Should people be mindful of this and try to create their own roleplay and take initiative themselves in finding it instead of depending on a central person for it?” YES.

“Or what else could they do?” I’m not sure there’s anything you can do to stop another person from suffering from burnout. You can’t control how another person feels or deals with pressure, (real or imagined). Entertain yourself & be entertaining.

“Other thoughs?” One of my friends once said that roleplay is like a ball. The best roleplayers pass it back and forth, bouncing off each other. It’s a team game and the only way to win is to enjoy the game.
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Re: Roleplay pressure?

Postby Glaucon » Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:38 am

It is a good topic. And I suppose that 'pressure' to RP (to play a pivotal role or perhaps to continue a role or to continue living up to certain expectations by others) is one of the main things keeping some people away, or afk, or chases them to alts. Male players especially, I suppose. The big SL commitment issue, which pertains to people but also to RP and places.

Nevertheless, I picked the third option. I don't mind having continuing RP with my character playing a role in a place or in on-going RP. However, only up to a point. I keep my commitments fairly limited, and I know that I may always want to not play SL for a time, so I do avoid long-term commitments.
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Re: Roleplay pressure?

Postby TheReader » Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:23 pm

@ Op
From my experience, I could go on with my role for a several months without burning out or running out of new ideas for rp, but lately I realized that at the duration of one year I completely burned out and I lost all passion for my role and Gor in general.

The main reason for this sort of burning out, specially to my role which was people oriented and a very intense one was that my character did not evolve. This is mostly a sim limitation, some sims would not have room for a plot to evolve the character beyond their actual status. For instance, if a sim has an Ubar, it's likely to stay this way for as long as the Ubar wishes to remain. But if that same sim had a coup plot cooking, and an attempt. Lots of characters will face a sever change in their path. Either they'd evolve and rise to power or devolve and escape to become outlaws or get killed if caught. Dramatic changes that are out taken by roleplayers is something that has been missing from most sims that I have seen. A panther En would ever be the En, unchallenged. Same thing.

This is the scenario that happened to me, the role became an errand and my plot became a routine my story repeated itself day by day with the few differences of the additions and innovations I made. Those creative additions to my roleplay did not push my role anywhere new, it simply supplied the narrow circles that I had to abide to.

Second reason for burnout is "rp-leeching", being in a central character for a while is no problem for me, but finding that some roleplayers would depend on me for their own roleplay is consuming. Meaning that sometimes you'd find that other roleplayers would come to you with absolutely nothing to offer in rp but a "Tal" and a little comment about the weather and they stick around you so as to get into an intriguing discussion or an uprising conflict. For instance if you're a slaver training your slave, you'd find someone hopping in your kennel adding up instructions to your training slave. And mostly because such roleplayers lack creative ideas they tend to give the wrong instructions. I found that those characters drained me most, their rp is a demand not an addition to the scene and their contributions require a lot of fixing later on.

Bottom line, A role with potential to evolve or devolve, in a sim that allows that is one good factor to escape burning out. A community of roleplayers that do not depend on the central roles to the limit of wearing them down reduces the chances of those rpers loosing their interest or their enjoyment.
.. The Reader
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Re: Roleplay pressure?

Postby Frida » Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:37 am

I often see people aiming for a high position and when they have it, you rarely see them in actual roleplay any longer.
It can be head of caste as a physitian, or the head slaver who when 4 or 5 slaves arrive, full of energy to rp have no clue what he is to do with them and then vanish to a skybox with only one.

Being the leader even in a roleplay demands that you have some skills in being a leader. As a leader you have people IC being dependant on you, you need to give orders, you need to follow though if your orders are not met. You need to be the one telling others what the rules are, how you wnat things done, be the inspirator and lead the way - I unfortunately see a lot of people not cabable of this before they apply for a leading post or take like one fc and a handfull of slaves in their house.

No matter how talented and inspiring the other players are around you as a leader, no matter how good they are in creating their rp you need to IC be able to stand up and lead the group.

A lot of people burn out from this, i have seen several already and they now sit back and talk and talk how bad Gor has become....

Of course if you have the skills to really lead, be inspiring and creative and people around you just sit there and do nothing, its a true burn out as well!

The main thing is, as Kaitlin also states, to choose your role wisely and to choose your partners even more wisely. Do not engage in a FC or a job untill you know it is right, that you feel it gives you energy and you get back in return of what you give.

And as for taking upon a head of caste role, i would demand the right to pick and choose who are to be in my 'house' or not. It is so darn hard to work hard in bringing some standards in game and then some 'i play as i wish' persons who sort of spoil it all, so you really have to work up hill.
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Re: Roleplay pressure?

Postby Shjade » Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:33 pm

#2 for me. Sometimes I'm in the mood for being at the eye of the proverbial RP storm and I can make that work, but most of the time RP is one of my ways to relax and let off some steam. Making it into a regimented, consistent thing where I have to show up at X place to play my part in Y story day after day is the opposite of that.

Knowing that about myself, however, I don't aim for positions that are critical to ongoing RP. I'm not going to shoot for the top-ranking position when I know I'm likely not going to be in the mood to command from my new caste position next week and would rather just take a nap. It'd be selfish as hell to get all grabby-hands at an important role just because oooo I like that title I want it when I know full well I'm unlikely to fulfill the needs of the story for that position.
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