Comprimising your Character in SL Gor


Compromising your Character in SL Gor?

Absolutely necessary in SL
Absolutely necessary in SL
Only if the other player is super hawt.
Only if the other player is super hawt.
Only if I'm /really/ bored.
Only if I'm /really/ bored.
Never! You're doing it wrong!
Never! You're doing it wrong!
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Darby Bradley
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Comprimising your Character in SL Gor

Postby Darby Bradley » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:14 pm

I've been thinking a lot about character creation in second life, especially since my return to Gor. The roles here, unlike other genres, can be so defined for other players, which makes stepping outside the norm difficult. As a panther, and a lone one at the moment, I sometimes find myself tempted to engage in scenes that are contrary to the nature of, not just the role I play, but the character I play. I get tempted for a number of reasons.
For example-
1. Someone on sim is asking to play.
2. I run into another player that I genuinely enjoy role-playing with and begin making up reasons to "run into them."

Those are not the only reasons I consider stepping outside the bounds of normal and, even sometimes, overstep plausible panther/other folk interaction but they are the most common.

That leads me to question if it is even possible to remain absolutely true to a character in this kind of environment when so much of your interaction is dependent on other people. What do you think? The poll was for fun but I would really like to hear other people's experiences with this issue. Have you ever really wanted to play with a particular writer, even though it compromised your character and put him/her into situations they would have avoided if you, the typist, weren't enjoying the interactions?
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Re: Comprimising your Character in SL Gor

Postby DarbyDollinger » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:21 pm

I think you've got to think of it as a creative challenge. Working out plausible reasons why you might be involved with another person, either in a one-off scene or just generally.

If they're hot I usually think of something.
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Re: Comprimising your Character in SL Gor

Postby TheReader » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:47 pm

First I would advise ways to get your role up and running, Rp is time consuming and sometimes frustrating I know but as a panther there are ways you can break that. Here are some ideas that I used.

1- Think as if you're a real lone panther. Put youself some daily goals, you need food, you need clothes, How will you acquire them? Will you hunt? Or will you steal, trade or pick some fruits? Do you have anything you can trade? Is there anything you can acquire so you can trade for anything that you lack?
Those might open up ideas and motives for you to go anywhere, you might decide to sneak into a camp, or approach a merchant or attack someone or just roam another sim seeking to hunt a tabuk.

2- Hold your own small camp. If you're allowed rezz a little fireplace and a little tent somewhere you find well hidden. Hold a little camp on your own perhaps you would attract a runaway who would start to band with you. Or you can hold this little camp of yours around another panther camp whom you wish to join. It could start a lot of good rp specially about territorial struggles with them.

3- If you know of a friend whom you enjoy rp with you can arrange an in-role scene. Depending on who they are, say a farmer or a blacksmith, a merchant you can always rp with them. But a warrior would be very far off. Even a FW would be implausible, but a slave migh possibly as well as she urts.

4- Put a long term goal to yourself, say vengeance from your previous master or free companion, perhaps a rival from your back story. Whatever it is try to make it a hard to achieve goal so you would consume a lot of time getting closer to it day by day. This will give you a good sence of direction and character and will open more ideas for your rp.

If you find yourself in a sim that does not have traffic during your online time, then take a journey, wander around several sims, you can run into surprisingly new plots. All under the name of hunting or scouting then you could bring them back to the sim you have decided to settle in.

Hope this could be somehow helpful, have fun!
.. The Reader
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Elle Couerblanc
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Re: Comprimising your Character in SL Gor

Postby Elle Couerblanc » Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:09 pm

I have played the lone panther role and honestly, unless you like sitting at the edge of the sim staring at a prim fire, you will HAVE to make compromises. One can role play by themselves all they want but I think -


Compromise is your only solution I think to keep the drive to create alive.

Now in regards to other roles, I think I make compromises all the time. The Gor from the books is not the gor in second life. In my opinion, playing a slave in particular you have to willing to compromise your idea of who your character is in your head. The role is there to serve the needs of others and often times the players of free roles basically ignore who your character is and is more concerned with how you can add to their character.

This leads me to my next question (and it is just a rhetorically one, LOL), why am I in gor again? LOL.
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Re: Comprimising your Character in SL Gor

Postby Architeuthis » Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:10 pm

Compromising your character deprives yourself and others of the roleplay which would normally result if you were playing things true to character. Having said that its not necessary to be a complete dick/bitch to people OOCly, just play your character truly and try to make it fun for all involved. If someone can't handle you and you're keeping things IC and within the bounds of the story then its their issue not yours.
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Anarch Allegiere
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Re: Comprimising your Character in SL Gor

Postby Anarch Allegiere » Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:32 pm

I'd like to say I never compromise my characters... and their personalities, but sometimes I very slightly do if I feel the person I'm RPing with might appreciate something more over the other...

I've no idea what it's like RPing a panther-girl though, leave alone a lone one. I'd like to say it's much easier for a Red Caste character not to compromise his character, but I often feel that if you'd like to RP a book-correct Warrior instead of a pacified version of them you'd still get a lot of OOC complaining. RPing a proud and arrogant character gets feathers ruffled easily...

I do not expect anyone to compromise their characters for me either. Part of roleplay is the challenge and seeing how interactions between characters can evolve or what storylines could grow from it.
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Re: Comprimising your Character in SL Gor

Postby Sempati » Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:39 pm

Darby Bradley wrote:Have you ever really wanted to play with a particular writer, even though it compromised your character and put him/her into situations they would have avoided if you, the typist, weren't enjoying the interactions?

Since when do we ever have total control of the events in our life, real or virtual? I think too many of us focus on having total control of every aspects of our characters direction and to do anything else, willingly or not, is someone a compromise of the characters nature. That is far too narrow in focus, too black-white to work well for a rational person.

I have done things I would not normally do to play with people. Biggest example for be Ven going to Clearchus, when the old man dislikes outlaws and absolutely hates Trevians (and Clearchus was mostly exiled Trevians). Yet, Ven as a proud Warrior still went to Clearchus and interacted with these dirty outlaws, which was very much against his character and not a normal course of action for him. Except that the underlying reason he was there was to spy upon the fledgling outlaw empire and study the leadership to determine IF a threat existed for civilized places.

On the surface I did compromise Ven's ideals and hatreds in order to play with certain people and enjoyed myself. But Ven's hatred's still existed and he was working towards toppling the outlaw empire if necessary so the core of his character was not compromised.

I know I often ask myself "Does this make sense for Ven to do?" and "Since I really want to play with so-n-so what can I do to realistically make it happen?"
In the past I have used character's wanderlust, a mental breakdown, spying double-agent angle, and currently debating capped and sold by panthers as a slave to further the story and removing the character's choice in matters. Did Verna compromise herself by falling in love with Marlenus, or was she forced into a situation and life happened?
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All Sunday
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Re: Comprimising your Character in SL Gor

Postby All Sunday » Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:02 am

Compromising the character is not somethin I want to do anymore because most of the times what happens is I end up acting innatural therefore I stop enjoying myself for this kind of sacrifice.

I think the better option as suggested is to mold things and make your character fit into a situation, a semi compromise at best. I have seen a panther... she started dressing as a fw to get some rp... then se got enslaved then never saw her again. I know as a panther she sent some im's to men if they could pretend to be scouting. It is not always something I personally like doing because it interrupts a lot the sense of immersion.

I had also the idea of a fake companionship with a man as a free panther. In a sort of promising sharing of common interest of gatherin items and he exchanging his own I would be allowed to be in the city as a regular citizen should someone check up on me.

I think being a panther is hard nowadays and maybe one day I'll re explore the role with fresh ideas but for the moment I roleplay my slave. I am working it out pretty well between the main story with her and the secondary ones (boy feels like some videogame). I have not had to compromise her so far and in fact my character's personality has allowed to act in a way to gather a certain type of credibility over an extended period of constant playing. Patience rather than compromising.
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Re: Comprimising your Character in SL Gor

Postby Glaucon » Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:50 am

I voted never. But it depends on what you mean (and I feel it means several things for the OP):

Compromising your character ICly? As in... having him or her do things in situations that he or she would be unlikely to do in those situations, just to make something happen in RP (for the sake of others, for the sake of the RP story, etc.)? Stuff that would not really make sense for that character? I would be lost if I were to change a particular character to fit the occasion, really. I might use an existing avi/character and START them differently, for a particular scene, though... but then I would really be playing a new character (for that scene), not the usual one. When playing the 'normal' one, I might opt for one action or another, but only if both options would make sense for that character. Things that would not make sense would jar, and I might enjoy playing that character less as a result.

Compromising your character OOCly? As in... taking him or her places he or she would avoid? Having him or her take risks he or she would normally avoid? Well... you can do that easily without breaking your character ICly... by providing them with sufficient reason to do so, OOCly. The panther girl that would desperately avoid coming near a city (something which is probably based on an onlinism itself) but you want her to go near a city anyway? Just use your OOC freedom to give her an overriding motive to come near a city, despite her qualms about it. The prudent FW whose player wants her to be outside the city wall, so she can RP with a dangerous outlaw? Just think up a reason why she would. Maybe she wasn't alone outside the city wall at all, but maybe her escort stumbled, and limped back to the city. Or maybe she did, and he was coming back with some men with a stretcher. Usually, it isn't too hard to think up a plausible reason. Sure, people who confuse IC and OOC may see it as poor excuse, figuring you WANTED to be there. Which would be true. But they don't get it. Just because YOU wanted to be there doesn't mean your character did.

Compromising the 'ROLE/class' of your character? Well, that is not the same as compromising your character. Nothing wrong with it, though some folks in SL Gor might 'judge' you for it, OOCly since there is a kind of unwritten 'law' that the best RP-ers are the ones who stick to the most typical generic character template belonging to their title-descriptor... FW, scribe, warrior, slave, etc... that the best way to RP is to fit the box, and to 'be the box'.

For most players in SL Gor, this is all jumbled up. They cannot separate this stuff. But if you can, you can have a character do a lot of different things while remaining the same character, ICly. You just need to tweak the OOC situation. Most people are capable of doing a lot of surprising things, given the right (or the wrong) circumstances.
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Keiser Koba
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Re: Comprimising your Character in SL Gor

Postby Keiser Koba » Fri Apr 12, 2013 4:11 am

I am with Glaucon here. I voted never. The main reason for it is that I loath anything that is GE-like. I have over the years seen so much BS from people not able to do what's realistic for their characters, that I have developed an allergy towards anything that's not 100% plausible and BTB.

I see it every day. Like for instance the other day the Ubar of Ti came to Ivar's landfall to whine because some of our men had raided his city when there was no men around. When I said I was the Ubar of Torvaldsland and didn't open the gate to invite him in for a horn of mead, he got pissy and taunted me for being a simpleton and walked away telling he would come back another day and ask the real captain how we could defend such lack of honour. I am sorry, but WTF?? Perhaps some guys see an Ubar of a city down south travel up to us all alone as perfectly cool and fun and good RP, but nope, I don't.

I won't compromise Keiser to please my urge for more action. I rather stand alone watching the gate for two hours in my home village than do a non-plausible one-man travel to anywhere just because I'm bored.

Yes, I have become a snob.

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