Memorial for Adamark Susenko

For those we have loved...and lost...
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Re: Memorial for Adamark Susenko

Postby Shjade » Thu Aug 16, 2012 7:39 pm

Oh wow. I don't know how I missed this thread the last time I checked in here.

Oddly enough, for as well known as Adamark was in the SL Gor community, I didn't really know much about him there. (Here?) We met in Salernum, sure, and I knew he got around a bit, but it wasn't where we connected much.

We had our time together via the end of the world.

...specifically, Left 4 Dead.

Long after I'd stopped spending much time trying (and usually failing) to spread my flavor of RP through SL Gor, I was still keeping in touch with the community through the forum here and through a few contacts in Steam, Adamark (who I've always known better as gamedever, his Steam ID) being the most consistent of the latter. I'd actually talked him into try the game and spent months playing 1v1 versus games with him. It just seemed like the most fun and sensible way to teach him the dos and don'ts of the game; co-op play just has things fly by too quickly to register what's a mistake and what isn't when you're being covered by a veteran.

So I crushed him. Repeatedly.

I've tried this method with a few folks and it's usually successful, with some more quickly than others, but I've never had as much fun in the process as with gamedever. We mocked the AI survivors and infected for all the ridiculously stupid things they'd do. We'd review why a particular attack worked out so well or why one whiffed completely, compared strategies and tactics, and just had a grand old time tearing each other apart a few times a day several times a week.

When he got to the point that our matches started having much more even scores, we went out and played more games with other folks, mostly ones I already played the game with, and that was even better. He'd been an avid student. He was a great, reliable shooter at your back, and while he never quite grasped the teamwork element of the infected side of things you could usually count on him to at least land something during a hit. We had a blast.

Then, as Mel said, he just kinda...stopped showing up so often.

I hadn't read his Envy post here on the forum. Our little zombie apocalypse crowd had no idea about his impairment. I always knew he had some kind of defect just from his voice - there are some qualities in a voice that you just can't hide that say, "Other" - but I had no idea how serious it was, so it didn't occur to me that something drastic might have happened to him.

I think it was January when one of the other members of our group linked his obituary to the rest of us.

I may not have known about his memorial service in SL to attend, but that's okay - we held our own. A memorial game. Played through almost the entire suite of campaigns back to back laughing and giving each other good-natured shit, and more than once somebody threw one of those remarks at the proverbial empty chair, and there'd be a pause where it came back to us. Oddly fitting for the atmosphere of the game, I suppose, in a way, thinking about the folks who had been right next to you not so long ago watching your back while you watched theirs. Maybe not watching theirs as well as you should have.

I don't remember how long I was out of it. At least a few months. I don't really socialize all that much, so my almost daily hookups with gamedever had been a highlight. Knowing that they weren't just delayed, that he wasn't just sick, that he was done, over...fuck. I didn't really know what to do with that.

And it pissed me off that someone hacked his Steam ID not long after we made a Steam group memorial for him. >.< But that's a minor thing, really.

He was great fun to be around. I still miss him.
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