RIP Randall Razor, AKA Raze

For those we have loved...and lost...
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RIP Randall Razor, AKA Raze

Postby Ceri the Urt » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:40 pm

(Posted by Dreamkajira Serenity in the Port Kar group)

A Celebration of Life Memorial

Raze (Randall Razor)
some may have known Him as Valin in old Yahoo Go, GCN and on Sl from years ago

Some of you may remember Him as the crazy white haired Master and others as Ubar of Paga always with a quick joke to be had or a sincere warm hug when it was needed.
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Re: RIP Randall Razor, AKA Raze

Postby Anarch Allegiere » Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:47 pm

Sad to hear. I ran into him a lot.

He was one of the few 'old school' dudes that always stayed calm and peaceful.
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Re: RIP Randall Razor, AKA Raze

Postby Pepper » Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:22 am

That's sad. I played with him in the last rp sim I was in. He was a very friendly guy who offered his friendship to me when I was having a rough day in the sim.
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Elle Couerblanc
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Re: RIP Randall Razor, AKA Raze

Postby Elle Couerblanc » Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:00 pm

Randall was always very nice to me so I am sure his presence in this world will be greatly missed.

My sincere condolences.
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Re: RIP Randall Razor, AKA Raze

Postby Darius of Turia » Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:08 pm

Ill miss having him around. He used to be in Turia back when i was the Admin, would always refer to me as Ubar even though i kept trying to get him to call me by my title at the time lol. Great guy, loved to play scout. Will miss him too.
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Re: RIP Randall Razor, AKA Raze

Postby TreatRothschild » Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:33 am

Rest In Peace, Raze.
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Re: RIP Randall Razor, AKA Raze

Postby JackoS » Fri Sep 11, 2015 11:44 am

Really shocked by this new. Rest in peace old man
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Re: RIP Randall Razor, AKA Raze

Postby Victualia » Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:55 am

Oh damn, that is sad. Run into him a few times and he could be fun in RP... hated his hair but the person was great.. R.I.P Raze
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Re: RIP Randall Razor, AKA Raze

Postby Alora » Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:42 am

I LOVED role playing with Raze, he really was an authentically nice guy and super fun to play with, I never worried that he'd take offence OOC, he understood the difference well. Never pulled macho stuff, and was just about having fun with a storyline. One of my favourite scenes was with him. It was the result on a long ongoing story that I started and he wholeheartedly embraced.
It's always awful when someone dies, especially when they are wonderful, I'm sad that I'll never pass him in my Gor travels again. (sorry for the wall of text, I did edit out the unneeded commentary)

Crusader Arado: lady contessa please state the charge and who is bringing it

Contessa Giotto: Yes your honor....The accused of duping my constituent and friend Ute from ore rocks by selling her a tonic that was not only not what it claimed to be but common salt water

Crusader Arado: she purchased a tonic with rocks Lady?

Contessa Giotto: Not just any rocks sir...rare ore that our smithy smelts into steel

Crusader Arado: and what was she told when she purchased this tonic?

Randall Razor says under his breath..."stupid rocks"

Contessa Giotto: May I give an opening statement...or are we going right to the cross examination your honor?

Crusader Arado: of course lady, please give your statement

Contessa Giotto: Thank you....ahem Ladies and gentlemen ...before you stands a man accused of a crime....

Randall Razor narrows eyes at Contessa and tries not to stare daggers in case Crus notices

Contessa Giotto: But this is not as simple as it first appears...Certainly it is a common dupe...a theft but its implications go far beyond that...oh yes they do! First....

Randall Razor flirts back then realizes she said...."first"

Contessa Giotto: This is a case of honor...a healer looking for a cure for the plague...she has the concern of the people at heart and this man breaks that honor, second....

Randall Razor coughs nervously

Contessa Giotto: He is maligning merchants all over Gor by making them look bad...taking thier lively hood away by the mere thought of deciet, and finally, He is making the name of Sais a blight....rubbing it into the ground like a spark cast off from a fire

Randall Razor furrows brow deeply thinking Contessa is too damn good and wishing Amadeus would wake up

Contessa Giotto: Can we let this injustice go unpunished???

Randall Razor: YES!

Contessa Giotto: ummmmummm...NO!For the good of Gor...for the good of Sais...I say JUSTICE!points at the accused

Randall Razor bows properly with a flourishy hand wave to Contessa and gives her his high wattage smile

Crusader Arado: is that all you wish to say in opening Lady?

Contessa Giotto: Need I say more? your honor...smiles

Crusader Arado: i seems adequate lady, looking to Amadeus he says do you have a opening statement brother?

Amadeus Freund: yes I do Magistrate
Crusader Arado: speak it now then

Randall Razor applauds lightly and politely

Amadeus Freund: my client stands before you the victim of a fraud

Contessa Giotto smiles and then looks at the ceiling

Amadeus Freund: in which he was sold a bill of goods

Randall Razor nods looking sad

Amadeus Freund: and unwittingly passed it on to the good lady

Randall Razor single tear runs down cheek

Amadeus Freund: we well show that my client was given certain assertions about the product he sold

Contessa Giotto looks on with disgust

Amadeus Freund: that he had no way of verifying and thus was duped into selling a product that did not work

Contessa Giotto: I object!

Randall Razor shakes head sorrowfully

Crusader Arado: you object to his opening statement lady?

Contessa Giotto: Shouldnt a merchant be certain of his product?

Amadeus Freund: I look forward to showing my client's innocence

Alora Adored bites her lip in confusion she whispered "my Master? Whats going on?"

Amadeus Freund: magistrate this is not the time for her specious arguments

Crusader Arado: noted brother. Lady please remain silent while Amadeus gives his statement

Amadeus Freund: thank you your honor

Contessa Giotto nods

Amadeus Freund: I am finished

Contessa Giotto mumbles to her self..."I bet"

Randall Razor mistrial ? ~to Amadeus

Amadeus Freund: not yet, be quiet raze

Crusader Arado: nods, then we will hear again from the Lady Contessa please call your first witness lady

Randall Razor nods ever so quietly

Contessa Giotto: My first witness is the Gate keeper Hammer!

Crusader Arado: hammer is on the way

Contessa Giotto: Hammer here....or is he attending his the disappearence of his favorite plaything?

Randall Razor whispers: mistrial ??

Amadeus Freund: your honor if the witness is not here lets go to the next witness

Contessa Giotto smiles and taps her foot and wishes the honorable scribe would shut the accused up.....

Crusader Arado: laughs well welcome Hammer

Hamilton Outlander runs his fingers throught his hair, "Glad I could make it.".

Contessa Giotto nods eagerly

Amadeus Freund: looks at the sky to assess the time

Crusader Arado: the lady has called you as a witness hammer in the case of the Majic Exlir

Contessa Giotto looks at the defence to acess the time

Hamilton Outlander nods, "I remember her from last night."

Crusader Arado: continue then lady

Contessa Giotto smiles at hammer, Sir Hammer....feeling well?

Hamilton Outlander smiles I feel excellent.

Contessa Giotto: Tell the court what you bought an elixir for from the accused please...

Hamilton Outlander: I bought some of the elixir from raze's stand.

Alora Adored whispers "um...not magic...miracle tonic"

Randall Razor nods some pleased with that sale

Contessa Giotto: And tell the court what it was for....

Hamilton Outlander: Well, ummm...Do I have to?

Contessa Giotto: Yes sir...please...

Crusader Arado: yes hammer you do please

Hamilton Outlander: Well, It was claimed that it made me better in the furs.

Randall Razor beams

Contessa Giotto: You see...the same liquid was sold as an witness

Crusader Arado: step down brother hammer and take a seat please

Amadeus Freund: magistrate

Alora Adored bites her lip nervously and inches closer to her Master

Hamilton Outlander: Thank you,

Contessa Giotto: Ute to the stand please

ute Sosa: rases her hand "i am here"

Crusader Arado: continue then Lady with your next witness

Hamilton Outlander mutters, "I can't say if it helped in the furs, but it sure helped in the hot tub.".

Toasty Kingmaker: nods vigerously

Contessa Giotto: Ute...take the stand please....

ute Sosa: am here and close enough i think right?

Contessa Giotto: Ute...can you tell the court exactly in detail the proceedings of the sale....

ute Sosa: well i arrived at the docks over there and saw one store open and went in to see and saw the sign in there saying was an elixir that prevented the plague...well i was looking the bottles over and then this man, Razor, he shows up saying it is his store..

Contessa Giotto: Oh?...the Plague?

ute Sosa: and his elixir he is selling... yes

Contessa Giotto: and what is your profession?

ute Sosa: well i am a village healer is all. not no fancy green caste

Randall Razor mutters prostitute

ute Sosa: but was taught by the best..the lady Hope Dreir

Contessa Giotto: And you thought this elixir would help people?

ute Sosa: kicks the man in front of her for his potty mouth

Contessa Giotto: Your honor...couldnt the gag rule be in effect on the accused?

Amadeus Freund: magistrate would you restrain this witness from assaulting my client?

Randall Razor: owwwwww

ute Sosa: i did not know...but i was intigued because as all know the priest kings have killed those that tried to find the cure

Contessa Giotto: So bought the elixir to help people...did you not?

Randall Razor backs away as if cowering from Ute

Crusader Arado: no more talking Raze

ute Sosa: yes i had no coins and gave him my jons rocks...thinking i would analyze the elixir and find out for sure

Crusader Arado: or i will have the balif remove you to the jail

Randall Razor nods obediently hearing Crus

Contessa Giotto: did you find out it wasnt what it seemed?

ute Sosa: i first did some standard analysis, filtration, distialation and extraction..come to such...found nothing but common salt and minerals...then i got some sea water...did the same and got same results

Contessa Giotto: so common sea one would find...say...outside the accused shop on the dock here in Saia for example? raises both eyebrows

ute Sosa: nods, yes

Contessa Giotto: I am finished your honor

ute Sosa: but i really only want my jons rocks back is all she blurts out

Amadeus Freund: stands up

Randall Razor thinks lies lies

Amadeus Freund: now girl

Crusader Arado: first lady Ute you wil keep your hands and feet to yourself

ute Sosa: smiles at the man ignoring his insults

Amadeus Freund: you did an analysis

ute Sosa: yes sir

Crusader Arado: continue with the cross amadeus

Amadeus Freund: but you don't actually know whether this exlir will do what my client says because your never tried it, do you?

ute Sosa: yes sir i did sip it, he saw me sip it before i gave him my rocks

Amadeus Freund: did you have the plague?

ute Sosa: and said was salty and he agreed...all natural he sire i do not have the plague

Amadeus Freund: then you don't really know if it doesn't cure plague

ute Sosa: but i do, i told you

Alora Adored murmured "doesn't cure it...prevents it..."

Amadeus Freund: you didn't give it to a plague sufferer so you don't really know

Contessa Giotto: I object...he is implying my client needed the plague to take the tonic....

ute Sosa: and as a learned man you would know the pk would kill any and have that tried to make a cure

Amadeus Freund: I simply said that she doesn't know if my clients elixir would cure plague

Crusader Arado: overruled Lady i will allow the line of questioning

ute Sosa: the lands are currently free of the plague sir, as your healers all know

Contessa Giotto shakes her head

Amadeus Freund: now you are a healer?

ute Sosa: yes i am a healer

Crusader Arado: make you point though Amadeus

Navid Zuta: "i took it and i havn't got the plague thats 100% effective so far"

Amadeus Freund: magistrate she didn't try it on a plague sufferer so she doesn't know if it won't work. There are ingredients in the exilir she knows not of

Navid Zuta: "and ask the girl i am a pistol in the furs"

Randall Razor almost blurts out "Amen Brother " to Navid but doesn't

Alora Adored nods hearing Master Navids words whispering "Sais was saved from the diseased panther...saved the village"

ute Sosa: shrugs well if you dont believe me have the head of the green here test it or the head of all the caste lady Kailla

Crusader Arado: enough of these outburst!!

Crusader Arado: i wish only to hear the testomony

Amadeus Freund: no further questions

ute Sosa: mumbles to raze, just wanted my rocks back

Crusader Arado: do you have any other witnesses Lady?

Contessa Giotto: no your honor

Amadeus Freund: stands up again

Crusader Arado: brother Amdeus call your first witness

Amadeus Freund: Magistrate, I ask that this case be dismissed

Randall Razor points to Ute and mouthes, liar but never utters a peep

Amadeus Freund: the prosecution has not shown any evidence of a crime

Contessa Giotto looks at the accused and snarls

ute Sosa: mouths bitting his finger off

Amadeus Freund: there is no testimony that my client sold an elixir that did not work when tried

Contessa Giotto: What about Hammer your honor....

Amadeus Freund: he didn't testify that it didn't work

Contessa Giotto: well we didnt talk to any of the ladies he furred did we councelor?

Amadeus Freund: there is absolutely no evidence of the crime, this case should be dismissed

Crusader Arado: it is unclear to this court what it might or might not do at this time....This court needs additional information on the tonic itself. looking to Raze he says, where did you get this Tonic Raze?

Randall Razor nods lookin all victimized

Crusader Arado: answer my question Raze

Randall Razor: why amina supplies me with the tonic Crus...errr Your most honorable magistrate

Alora Adored nodded in agreement beneath the stifling hood

Crusader Arado: brows arched he says, amina brother Shaitans slave?

Randall Razor: yes the clever and wily and wonderful amina....that's her

Crusader Arado: looking over to brother Shaitan he says, brother please bring your slave forward

Shaitan Eccleston jerked the leash and pulled his girl to the front of the stand.

Alora Adored cries out nervously "yes Master"

Shaitan Eccleston leaned down and untied the hood, pulling it from her head, letting her for the first time see where she was.

Crusader Arado: Brother I wish to know about this tonic and where it comes from, the court will leave it to your wish if that testimony needs be given under torture

Contessa Giotto looks down at the hooded girl...

Crusader Arado: if it does then you will administer it

Shaitan Eccleston nodded to the magistrate. "Aye, magistrate, if need be that will be done."

Contessa Giotto thinks Razor fills his own bottles but says nothing....

Shaitan Eccleston looked up to Crus and stated flatly. "I do not know much of the ways of law, but I can atest to being witness to the original exchange of the bottles of so called miracle tonic from my girl amina to Randall, as well as to the talunas of Kalana Woods."

Shaitan Eccleston looked down to his girl. "amina, my girl, what is my command?"

Amadeus Freund: then honorable 2nd sword, tell us what happened

Crusader Arado: nods making note of the admission of amina giving the tonic

Alora Adored looks up to her Master swallowing hard and she whispers "Your word is the law my Master"

Shaitan Eccleston nodded. "Yes my girl, that is correct. Will you lie to me, in any event?"

Alora Adored shakes her head quickly "Oh never my Master, I have never lied to you, or to anyone, I cannot lie my Master, the name you gave me even means faithful and truthful...." she whispered "I have never ever spoken a lie"

Shaitan Eccleston nodded. "Then this so called miracle just salt water?"

Randall Razor crosses his rt hand fingers and thinks hard hoping everyone can read his thoughts..."Me either, I've never lied, ever"

Alora Adored blinks and shakes her head quickly smiling slightly at the thought "Oh no my Master, of course not, that would be silly..."

Amadeus Freund: looks calmly at the slave girl, knowing what comes next

Contessa Giotto lens close to the accused...when this is thru if you get Ute her rocks back I will let you sell the elixir in Gimli....

Shaitan Eccleston nodded again, as he pulled from his belt a length of binding fiber, and a heavy wooden dowel. "My girl, it has been stated that this miracle tonic has been tested and found to be salt water. If it is not, then tell the magistrate what the substance is."

Randall Razor smiles and nods vigorously to Contessa

Contessa Giotto smiles and winks at Razor

Randall Razor beams to Contessa

Crusader Arado: glares at the Lady and says to amina, answer you masters question, if not salt water what is it

Shaitan Eccleston lets the binding fiber dangle in his fingers as he waits for the answer, knowing what will be necessary should the truth not be spoken.

Alora Adored looks up calmly to her Master, ignoring the binding fibre in her complete trust of him "well.....I saved this urt one day from a giani, I nursed it back to health, then one day, it was sitting on my shoulder, and ...well the little bugger peed on me, and it got on a bad cut I had, and wouldn't you know it, it healed up like nothing I have seen before! And I got to thinking, well, my Master is always getting injured, like so many of our warriors, and a few allowed me to test it on them too...and it worked my Master! Remember how well you healed? And well, then Master Raze drank some...well I did tell him it was a topical treatment, but he seemed to think that it made him feel a lot better! And Then, he captured that panther...she was very sick, our very own green said she thought it was the Bazi plague, we were quaruntined...but you know what? No one got sick, even Master Raze who captured her...and she was VERY sick remember my Master? You saw anyway, I started to breed and bottle their urine...and I have gotten a lot of positive response...until now at least..." she dropped her head.

Randall Razor grins widely at amina's testimony

Amadeus Freund: stands up and looks at the magistrate

Amadeus Freund: magistrate we have heard the testimony of the slave, can we be done here now?

Crusader Arado: wait amina are you saying this tonic is Urt Urine?

Amadeus Freund: of course, magistrate

Alora Adored looks up and nodded quickly "Oh yes Master, if anyone had asked me, I would have told them so...."

ute Sosa: shakes her head at the lies

Shaitan Eccleston looked at his girl for a moment and then shook his head, remembering he as well had accidently taken a sip of the proclaimed miracle tonic. "Urt pee"

Contessa Giotto rubs her swolen ankles

Crusader Arado: so you are telling me that people have been taking to drink Urt Pee as your tonic!!

Shaitan Eccleston looked to Crus. "Shall I torture her now, assure what we are getting is the truth?"

Crusader Arado: how could the truth be worse then this if it a lie, shakes his head, no brother

Alora Adored nods quickly "Oh yes Master, like I said, I did tell them it was a topical treatment, but who am I to tell them not to drink it if they wish to? And it DID prevent the bazi plague..."

Amadeus Freund: magistrate you see that my client was deceived by this slave, he may be credulous but his not a criminal

Crusader Arado: sitting back a moment he thinks in shock and says. all rise please I will give my judement

Contessa Giotto: What of My clients rocks....?

Crusader Arado: shuush lady i am getting to that

Contessa Giotto: yes your honor.....

Crusader Arado: hear me now all in attendence.....

Contessa Giotto pulls at her skirt that has wedged in her ass from sitting....

Randall Razor listens carefully hoping to not see the inside of the jail again soon

Crusader Arado: looking to Raze he says, brother i have seen no evidence that you did willingly know you were selling a Urt Pee Tonic, however the lady is right in that you should know what you are selling... I therefore find that you will return the said rocks to the Lady Ute, but shall not be punished futher.....also let it be known that this court deems it necessary for anyone that has drank this elixr be seen by a green immediatly

Amadeus Freund: thank you Magistrate, wise ruling

ute Sosa: claps her hands so happy

Crusader Arado: brother Shaitan

Randall Razor: aye Crus

Shaitan Eccleston: Yes Crus?

Crusader Arado: i cannot allow Urt Pee tonic to be passed about the village, well not at least without its proper labling and factual information

Alora Adored sighs with relief and whispers "If anyone would like a free sample of my tonic, please help yourself, I have a full supply in my pack ((click my backpack))

Contessa Giotto hands Razor her card

Amadeus Freund: claps Raze on the back, told you I'd get you off

Contessa Giotto: when do we get the rocks Razor?

Shaitan Eccleston nodded. "Yes of course Crus. I will see to it that this is rectified."

Crusader Arado: face palms at aminas words, no more tonic amina at least until properly labeled

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