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Re: InWorldz - A new hope?

Postby Tamar Luminos » Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:12 pm

I checked it out, after reading Berry's excellent post about it. It was interesting, kinda fun- viewer's similiar if not identical to Firestorm, the one I snagged that has the mesh viewer. I picked my (gawdawful) newb avatar (not a lot of choices, and they look like the SL ruth's of 2008, but hey, newb is newb, eh?) and logged into a welcome area, which looked like most SL welcome areas, gazeebo, few signs, nearby club, etc.

I set out to try to un-newb my av. This was more difficult than I expected due to the fact that their 'marketplace' analog was difficult to sort (a search for "mesh clothing" or "mesh hair" didn't yield anything) and mesh items appear to be difficult to find in world, though I was able to finally track down some decent hair (Damselfly has a few mesh hairs that look alright), and an outfit or two (DE Designs was the only one I could find with nice looking mesh stuff and they only had a few items that were rather overpriced in my opinion- 500 for just a dress seems a bit much.

Newb av

Also, it was nigh impossible to find a good skin, Redgrave was the only recognizable store I could find and they didn't seem to have much of their recent skins and the ones they did have were drastically overpriced (Bella for 4500!). I ended up with a decent, non-newbish look, but it was difficult to do and expensive and also not nearly as nice as what I could make in SL, so it's hard to say I'm sold on it just yet.

$10 dollars and 2500Iw's (InWorldz vers. of Lindens) later

Think I ended up spending my money on:
2k Vista AO
15k Redgrave skin
400k Damselfly mesh hair
300-400 Redgrave eyes (I forget how much)
500 mesh outfit (cat ears and tail, came with fishnets and a bodysuit but I ended up wanting to look a bit more casual)
and I had a little left over.

My excursion was before the 2 new sims of good SL designers opened up there (examples- Magicka, The Loft, Boom, Birdy, SySy's, Bilo, Essences, Auxiliary, ect.), which should help make creating a decent looking avatar a bit easier, but I don't know if they'll inflate their prices like the others I saw there (especially given they don't have to pay upload costs, one big perk of InWorldz.) And I don't know if they'll have the customer base in IWz to make it worth their while for long term, but it's good to see people trying something new.

I would LOVE to see a virtual worlds platform get picked up and really give SL some good competition- the prices for land/sims is almost obscene, $1000 just for set up, $300/mo for tier and 15k prims, especially vs. the other, less popular options. InWorldz offers sims for a $75 set up, $75/mo tier for 45k prims.

There were a few people on most of the sims I checked out, not many, 2-3 maybe, and there was a list of RP sims (the few I checked out were empty at the time I was there, US daytime).'s interesting. It was fun to check out, bit like going back in time to 2008 when I first stepped into SL and was all excited and thought everything was new and fun and everyone looked pretty awful compared to today. LOL System clothes, flexi-hair everywhere. But still, wish someone would take enough of a bite outta LL to make them reconsider their ridiculous sim prices. So gotta say, I hope more people check out InWorldz, even if only for a trip down memory land and a laugh at all the old stuff. :)
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