Roleplay Idea: Random Accidents Death

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Random death generator idea.

Poll ended at Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:28 am

Yes - Sounds like fun!
Yes - Sounds like fun!
No - Not interested thanks.
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Re: Roleplay Idea: Random Accidents Death

Postby iJudas » Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:01 pm

I posted 'Yes'. I'd do it. But......

A random act of 'whatever' (that can kill) is no fun unless you've role played up to the point that 'whatever' could happen.

No point in getting a killer paper cut unless you're rp'ing a scenario where it might be plausible.

No point in having an accidental 'boating' accident if you're not going to roleplay hurtling through some rapids or a scene where you're turned over by some river beast.

But I'd play it for shits and giggles anyway; I like games of chance (I lost the last rp game of chance I played (and died)).

No biggy.
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Re: Roleplay Idea: Random Accidents Death

Postby All Sunday » Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:15 pm

I'd love it if only to say "Great, guess I can call it a day now".

I doubt this can be placed next to random killing by bc's... I mean the bc who kills you would rp the kill (theoretically!) and thus give you a dramatic out of scene worthy of your name with Mozart's requiem on the background.

In the end though I doubt this would get much cover... reminds me when playing THE SIMS 2 my character got hit by a satellite... just like that... never happened before... was fun? Yes. Did I get to keep my character? Yeah but I had to play rock, scissors and rocks with the Undertaker.

It would be a nice tool to give psychians rp making the samage taken NONE LETAL... but I would dearly recommend keeping it really low % or it can become annoying.
Hawt Sommer

Re: Roleplay Idea: Random Accidents Death

Postby Hawt Sommer » Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:13 pm

I wish I could have locked this at 100% on the poll. Now that some people see the point I was making, And Now is the time to vote on the other side.

Sure... Random death is ok now. (Unless it's me) :lol:

In perspective, it makes no difference for MOST victims if you spent two days or a week.. .hunting and stalking in roleplay before someone snuck up on them and BAM! Fred is Dead. The Victim is then told: VALID. You then start thinking about what to do (Gee Thanks, that puts a bit of a monkey-wrench in my character's reality)

I used to die in the sims too.. that was awesome catching fire or dieing from a heart attack, getting hit by a bus. Because you can reset and start over and nobody would raise a brow after a game of patty-cake with the grim-reaper!
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Re: Roleplay Idea: Random Accidents Death

Postby Hilda » Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:51 pm

Do not count me in!

I think it kills the story. Is like the lame ending of a bad movie: "and then they all died in an earthquake" or "it was all a dream". A well played death should be able to generate a lot of role play before and after it happens, than just randomly.

There is no talent in randomness.

There is though, talent in improvising. That I don't be thrown with ideas that will change my character's path and to make me juggle with the story, even if it will eventually end up in death.
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Re: Roleplay Idea: Random Accidents Death

Postby Conall » Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:06 pm

I see no sense in it to fall down a scripted stair and to have to stay out of rp for nothing for a day.
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Re: Roleplay Idea: Random Accidents Death

Postby Kismet Reyes » Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:05 am

I'd be all up for it. IF:

people roleplayed gaining injuries during sparring,
dying during sparing,
dying during a raid (when your in the attacking force and win),

but very few do.

I don't get the 'fun' behind a 24h death. when I've faced a char dying I've been left for at least a week trying to figure out what to do next. Start a new av? Pretend I didn't die but was ina comma (can't do that).It's not fun, it is challenging which can be entertaining, but for a person who takes their RP seriously it's a kick in the teeth.. It's an end, and new beginnings for me take time. Back-stories don't magic out of thin air, no two alts are the same.


If I die (on my avie) then there should be IC consequences, if I come back..from the dead then what?

Gorean Vampires? :beg: (I want to be a Gorean Vampire now..)

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