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Postby Vylixan » Fri May 18, 2012 1:29 pm

Wow = yes
Diablo = yes
Skyrim = yes
Guildwars = yes

Oblivion mmo ? = no way. Do not make an other great SP into a mmo. Stop converting the good things from the pas.
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Postby Glaucon » Fri May 18, 2012 1:51 pm

Victor. wrote:Absolutely disgusted by this sell-out of a rather stellar IP.

As Sie mentioned, the Hero engine is freaking disastrous and the complete lack of innovation in this piece is just appalling.

I hope they put shiploads full of money into it before it sinks like the "Costa Concordia" - will be a shot across the bow for any other video game forge yielding to investors demand.

That is the blasted thing: it probably WILL break even. Because they have credit with a large audience and with the gaming press (which seems to have trouble coming up with stories a lot) and because they have a lot of experience building a hype around a new release, there will probably be enough people buying the game and subscribing for a few months to earn back the development costs. In all fairness, it will probably have some quality, even if it is a lackluster unimaginative affair, on the whole. Most likely, they won't hit close to the WoW motherload of shitloads of money, but they have the position to market a reasonably popular WoW or Guild Wars clone number 99 (which were themselves more or less clones of earlier MMO's). Of course, if there was competition from people approaching the MMO thing from a more original perspective, they might get blown away. But it seems that every MMO that comes out and is under development does exactly the same thing. And when everything on the market is the same old crap, your old crap might sell, after all. In Hollywood terms, a tired old remake of a movie that wasn't that good to start with often does well enough at the box office. People think: "Hey, I know that..." And they get curious. Which is why they keep making them.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate MMO's. I loved the WoW style thing for a while. But playing SL Gor for a little while showed me something of how much more interesting an MMO could be. I am still hoping for that group of basement geniuses to challenge the conventions and come up with something new. But maybe those are all too busy making apps or still employed by banks to think of ways to program computers to beat the derivative market.
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Postby Korben Larkham » Fri May 18, 2012 3:58 pm

So freakin' sick of hotbar timer mmo's.

They've been a yawn since City of Heroes, for a god's sake.
It's why I couldn't stand Conan, either.

DCUO at least has some niftiness with the Combos.
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Postby Sie Alcott » Sat May 19, 2012 4:41 pm

I thought I heard them say it would join the ranks of F2P. I certainly would rather pay to play and get a better game than F2P and get less. If you look at Mortal Online and Darkfall you see what someone can do with less resources but more intiative.

For a game that, literally with each new incarnation, made leaps and bounds in gaming it is already huge step backwards. This game was started to be made in 2007. For all that time they didnt even keep standards up with Oblivion. I still play Oblivion and Skyrim both. Morrowind I would play but dont have now.

They still can save this concept but they need to abandon the current rendition. A poor game released by them will be a death toll for The Elder Scrolsl series, at least in the form of a drop in fan base, popularity and sales.
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Postby Mehrunes Unsworth » Fri May 25, 2012 3:49 am

To be fair, every elder scrolls game has had a clunky awkward exploitable combat system, that part couldn't get any worse in MMO form than it already was. Also, at least with an MMO, you don't get the blatant console pandering, and the feeling that you are playing yet another crappy xbox port. Elder scrolls was always storyline, visuals, and just amazing immersive content.

That being said, I wont be getting into another wow clone, still excited about guild wars 2 though, and I wouldn't even put the original guild wars in the same category with the wow clones, as it came out before wow did, and it plays much differently.

I am kinda sad though, I loved the prior games in the series, I hope they keep putting out more of those, but with an mmo that seems a lot less likely.

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