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Re: " The Following"

Postby Victor. » Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:46 pm

Oh man, The Wire. I miss that show :( Might have to re-watch the entire thing again, though it's kinda hard to watch if you know who ends up how etc. etc.

I found the latest season of Dexter kind of odd, not because it's overly messy, I mean it is - but that doesn't bother me much, simply because of you know, the noose pulling tighter around his neck. Still way better a "Serial Killer" series than "The Following" because one wasn't really forced into liking Dexter Morgan, or told by the narrative that he's that charismatic fellow who has that immense power over people - he just kind of was a likeable fellow with a great sense of humour with a mission that seemed like something people could secretly relate to (the whole vigilantism-hue).

Coming back to that show:
The chess moves Carole makes from his prison cell just seem pulled out of his arse sometimes and not truely planned in anticipation of the cops way to do things. They rely too much on chance or good-will to really be part of a master plan, does that make sense?

Will see how it developes.
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