The Bible and Vikings on History Channel March 3rd

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Re: The Bible and Vikings on History Channel March 3rd

Postby Danika Stenvaag » Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:29 pm

Vikings continues to be the best I've watched in long time on history channel. haven't missed an episode yet. thinking about the religious debates on this thread, episode 8 (sacrifice) that aired last sunday touches on that. the Vikings go on their pilgrimage to Uppsala. lagertha and ragnar are struggling with the loss of their unborn child and pray to odin, thor, freyja... very moving. their thrall, athelstan (former English monk), is struggling with his own christian faith. i was moved when he was stumbling around the grounds of Uppsala one night high on some herbs given to him and he falls and a Viking helps him back up to his feet. athelstan says he'll fall once the Viking lets go of him. the Viking tells him he won't fall. the gods will hold him up. and he doesn't fall...

you can watch it here:

i also love the opening intro of Vikings, the music is awesome:
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