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Re: The Walking Dead

Postby Mynerva » Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:58 am

Elle Couerblanc wrote:
Should Rick step down? Yes, if he can't get his PTSD in check he might have too.

Merle - the jackass I love to hate! I am glad he's back - he adds great inner group tension.

What will Andrea do? Talk about a woman who has the worst taste in men! First Shane now the governor. I believe though she will find her inner warrior and end up killing the governor!

Rick will get it together and stay the leader. No one else could keep Merle in check.

Darryl will finally turn against Merle and kill him.

The governor will be killed at some point and Andrea will find another guy who is all wrong for her - OR she will hook up with Michonne and finally have a healthy relationship.
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