Skilled Work, Without the Worker

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Re: Skilled Work, Without the Worker

Postby Glaucon » Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:44 pm

Anarch Allegiere wrote:I've always imagined publicity to have a major, often underestimated, effect on the opinion of people about a product, service, organisation or person. (Which seems to be where our disagreement lies).

Well, I am not saying that it is bad for large public organization to have a PR person (in reality, even small ones have one and large ones have a whole or several departments plus outside contracters and advisors and so forth). Might be good for there to be at least someone to give their side of the story if there is some issue in the news, for example.

But really... SO WHAT if the people of Hamburg aren't aware of the great quality of their water? So what if the people of Montreal aren't aware of the tough job the local law enforcers face, every day. So what if the hard job of teachers of school X goes unoticed. It is not about earning gratitude or fame for what they do. It is about DOING what they do. About clean water coming out of the tap, about the police keeping the city safe, about teachers doing a good job teaching kids, about trains arriving on time. That is what I am happy to pay taxes for. And if people want to know more, they can ask. If the public needs to be made aware of something, there are the local media, the news. Not page-length adds or posters or slogals or commercials. That is the play-ground of private companies needing to get their products and brands out there. Not for these organizations PLAY-ACTING like they are regular corporations, earning money rather than spending yours.

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