RIP Andy Griffith

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RIP Andy Griffith

Postby Ceri the Urt » Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:09 am

Andy Griffith dies at age 86.

He will be missed.
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Re: RIP Andy Griffith

Postby Garrgon » Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:23 am

Nope. Nope. Nevermind.
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Re: RIP Andy Griffith

Postby Vylixan » Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:41 pm

Lol and I was wondering who that man was .. but he was Matlock now where is that worship smiley thing.
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Elle Couerblanc
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Re: RIP Andy Griffith

Postby Elle Couerblanc » Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:59 pm

I LOVED as a kid and still actually do love watching Andy Griffith reruns. What a great asset he was to the entertainment community. His legacy will live on I am sure of it though.
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